Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 4

Derek just stares at his daughter stunned he didn’t even hear his phone, he didn’t reach to get it, which is when Skylar sighs and takes his phone out of the pocket checking the caller ID before answering. FBI Director.

She sighs deeply before answering, “Hello, this is Agent Skylar Sheats speaking. How may I help you?” She puts her fake helpful accent on.

“Ah Skylar, just the person I need. Why are you answering Derek’s phone, is everything alright?” The male’s deep voiced concern.

“Everything is fine, Director. He just can’t make it to the phone at the moment, maybe you can leave a message with me and I will make sure that he receives it.” Skylar suggests helpfully though she knew what they wanted, they wanted to hire her, they seemed to find her very talented.

“No, no it is alright, it is you that I would like to hire anyway, we need someone protected, you are the best person for the job because no one will suspect you because of your age, how old are you now, 15?” The director questioned.

Skylar rolled her eyes, she was pretty sure he had her file laid out right in front of him, so he knew for a fine fact how old she was. “13, sir.”

“Really? You come across older than that, you are very professional for your age but you are still a kid which is why you would fit in perfectly. How about I send you all of the details and you can have a talk with your boss and you can get back to me?” The director had high hopes, he needed her skills in America right now, if she came over he would have a chance to try and give her a job.

“Of course, I will talk to Director Sheats about it as soon as I get the files,” Skylar replies watching Derek who had started to wonder around the room. He would normally snatch his phone from anyone that answered his calls but he trusted Skylar, she was his daughter, after all, she knew to be professional which she was being so he didn’t mind in the slightest. What he was more interested in is how the hell did she get all of this information? Some of the information he didn’t even know.

He was pulled out of his thoughts from his daughter walking beside him, handing him his phone back which he accepted and slid in his pocket, “That was the FBI director, he wishes to hire me again. Someone needs protecting, he is sending the files over.”

“Of course he wishes to hire you that is the only reason he calls us, for you,” Derek speaks though he seemed distant.

“Why does he always call you if he wants to hire me?” She questioned confused, they had her number but they always rang Derek.

“Because I am the director and you work for me, I need to make sure that I prioritise your work schedule, make sure you aren’t needed here before sending you off to aid someone else. Plus it is up to me if you go or not.” He talked as if he was recalling it as if he spoke it every day of his life. That is when Skylar realised something was wrong.

“Is everything ok?” She questioned worriedly that she had made a mistake in showing him the room.

“How long have you been working on this Skye? How did you even find the time to do all of this?” Derek turns to look at her, staring her in the eye willing her to tell him.

Skylar sighs deeply moving to sit at the desk. “3 years, I didn’t plan on going after them, I was just going to become an agent so that I could make my parents proud of me.” She looks at her hands taking a steady breath, “They were always helping people, you know? Anyway they could, even if it was just knocking on your door to make sure that everyone was ok if they needed help. Helping OAPs crossing the roads, helping with shopping bags. That was just a little stuff. I just…I wanted to be like them. I wanted to help people. So I went on the missions in memory of them, every person I help is for them.”

Derek looked at her stunned, she is being extremely open today, and it is very rare. He stays quiet though, she seemed to want it out in the open. Skye looked up at him “Then on a mission, everything changed…” She stood up and walked towards the right-hand wall with all of the people in, “I saw him.” She points to one of the guys that had deceased under it.

Derek looked at the person and frowned he never knew the guy was dead, how did she know. He was about to ask but she was talking again, “I…I remembered him from the cell, it…it isn’t something I could forget, the people or the faces especially the ones that tortured me trying to get information from my parents.” Tears started rolling down her face, “each punch to the gut or the face, each cut he made me look him in the eyes so he could watch the pain flash in my eyes.” She whipped her tears away with the sleeve of her arm before continuing. “When I saw him in the alleyway he was terrorising a child a bit older than I was maybe 14 or 15, I walked over to him and pushed him away, he looked at me and he didn’t even recognise me.”

She looked at Derek in the eyes hard and filled with hatred, “He tortured me for months and when I was stood in front of him he didn’t even recognise me!” She shouted out of frustration, she took a deep breath trying to calm down before continuing once again. “I had to show him it was wrong to mess with me, so I punched him, I made him look me in the eye, which is when it clicked who I was. I kept punching though just like he did to me. I did nearly everything he did to me except I killed him not just for myself but for my parents. That…That is when I realised I needed to get justice for my parents. Not only get justice for my parents but to keep this country safe. They need to be eradicated, Derek.” Just then her computer pinged, her walls were up yet again, as she makes her way towards the computer “That will be the files. Let’s see what he has for me this time.”

“Wait, you’re considering taking the mission?” Derek questioned. Then he mentally cursed himself as he realised Skylar used the email as a way to change the subject. He could only thank himself for teaching her how to smoothly change subjects.

“Of course, you’re the one that taught me that we are here to help anyone as long as it is in our power. Do you need me here like?” Skylar sits down and logs into her emails.

“No, but I want to talk about all of this.” Derek looks at Skylar knowing she will just dismiss it.

“Well it isn’t going anywhere, it will all be here when I get back.” Skylar instantly replied knowing she already spoke too much.

“We…when we get back, you think I am going to leave you in the care of some FBI agent? No, I am coming with you, I will also make sure you eat and sleep.” Derek makes sure his voice is stern to remind her that he is her father as well. Skylar just rolls her eyes at him. “Skylar Elizabeth Sheats, you will not roll your eyes at me, I am your father as well as your boss, and it is my job to take care of you. Why are you making it difficult? You are better than this!” He was mad at her because she knew all of this, she knew what she had to do and that he had a lot on his plate as it was he didn’t need a troubled teen as well.

Skylar looked up at him and sighed deeply, “I…I am sorry. Do you know what day it is today?”

Derek frowned was it her birthday? Did he forget about his daughter’s birthday? No…it must have been something else. Her birthday is in June, it is May now. Derek slowly shakes his head.

Skylar smiles softly, “I guess I understand why you wouldn’t remember, I mean all the missions roll into one right? My parents died 5 years today. All day I have been trying to think of happy memories, I mean I know there is many, I just couldn’t think of them because all I can remember is that creep saying, ‘then I don’t need either of you’ before just stabbing my dad over and over before he turned to look at my mum and he said ’Don’t worry, I will look after your daughter.’ Then he just sliced her throat so effortlessly, I just watched the blood drain out of her body, I felt it hit me I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. Then you all came in. If we all stayed quiet just a few more minutes then you could have saved them too.”

Derek froze, a few minutes sooner that is all we needed to be. If Damian wasn’t late then we would have saved her the grief of losing her parents. “Skye…I am so sorry, I’m sorry we were too late if we were quicker than-” but he is cut off.

“I don’t blame you. I know you did everything you could, I know you got there as fast as you could because that is who you are.” She smiles at him sadly, “They done it for me, they sacrificed themselves for me to give me more time. They could see I wouldn’t make it much longer, I mean you saw the state I was in. So they did what any parent would do. I may have lost my parents but I found my guardian.” She looks me in the eyes. “I couldn’t have asked for a better-adopted father, trained me to be strong, to take care of myself so if anyone ever hurt me like that again I would be able to deal with it. Please do not blame yourself for my parent’s death.”

Derek’s eyes widen, is she serious? Doesn’t she blame him? He was too late to save to save her parents and she doesn’t blame me, she doesn’t blame anyone. No scratch that, she blames someone but not the right person. She blames herself when she shouldn’t. “Skye…we were late because Dam-” again he was cut off, “Dad, I don’t want to know the details, I am already trying very hard not to kill Damian. You know bullying me is one thing but nobody interferes with my family. If I know the details about how he is linked with you all not reaching me in time then I will kill him, his blood will be on my hands. Do you understand? I will not be able to stop myself. Now please can we just see what the mission is, I really need to away from here for a while.”

Derek gulped hard out of fear, he knew that she wasn’t joking when she said that she wanted to kill him and the more that he thought about it the more he agreed with her, she needed to get away from here. He walked around the desk, resting on the back of Skye’s chair to look at the computer screen just as she clicked the file open. He started to read the mission file.


Location: FBI HQ, Washington D.C

Mission Type: Undercover

Time Undercover: Unknown

Head Agent: Skylar Sheats

Teams: SPA, Security and Tech

Brief Description: A group of criminals are killing wealthy families for their money. They have killed a total of 3 full families, they are moving onto the fourth, the Fielding. They need protection from the group; more specifically, Theodore Fielding.

Additional Information: New identification will be provided upon arrival along with complete mission files.

Print Name: Trevor FayersRank: Director

Derek turns to look at Skye who was grinning, “What are you grinning about?” He questioned, he didn’t understand how any of that got her excited.

Skye turns to look at him and smiles, “I love going undercover! It is the best type of missions! I am so going on this mission, call up Director Trevor, I wonder if he will send a jet to collect us again. That jet was sweet.”

Derek just watched his daughter stunned, she was never this excited about a mission. She normally just got on with it. This was completely new and confusing. He just shook his head before pulling his phone out.

“Director, its Sheats. I have had a discussion with Skylar about the situation and I will be sending her your way. Of course, I will be joining her along with some of my team.”

“Ahh, that is great news, I knew that I could count on the SPA to help us out. I will send a jet out to pick you and your team up. I cannot wait to work alongside Skylar once more.” There was typing on the other end of the phone before he speaks up again, “The jet will land at 08:00 hours.” Before he hangs up.

Derek turns to look at a hopeful looking Skylar, “He is sending a jet, and it will land at 08:00 hours.” Skylar squeals excitedly, Derek raises his eyebrows this is the girliest she had ever acted. “Now, I want you to pack then sleep. You will need your rest.”

Skylar salutes then walks to quickly pack, most of her clothes were exactly the same, black, black and even more black clothing. She was packed within 10 minutes, once packed she flops onto the bed grinning excitedly.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day.

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