Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 5

Skylar wakes up rolling onto her side to look at the clock that shone 05:57. She climbs out of bed and walks towards the bathroom, flicking the light on she walks over to her shower turning the water on, she turns away from the shower to shut the door and lock it, she turns to look in the mirror and she looked like hell. She knew why though, she hadn’t slept much in days. Skye stripped her clothes off then stepped into the steaming hot power shower, she let the water hit of her for a few minutes before washing her hair and body.

After a long 45 minute shower, she turns the water off stepping out grabbing her blue towel, wrapping it around her. Skye unlocks the bathroom door and walks into her room to see her best friend sitting on the bed.

“Hunter! Ever heard of knocking?” Skye exclaims wrapping the towel tighter around her.

Hunter turns his head to look at her, he just shrugged, “Come on, when do I ever knock? Also since when have you had such long showers? Don’t tell me you’ve turned into a girly girl? I cannot be dealing with a girly girl you.” He walks over to her set of draws and grabs her clothing for her before throwing them at her.

Skye is so close to him that she is not even bothered that he was in her knickers and bra drawer. She just rolled her eyes and walked back into the bathroom to get ready, once she puts her clothes on she hand dries her hair with her towel as she walks back into her bedroom.

“So what are you doing here, Hunter?” She asks with her eyebrows rising up. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see him, they rarely did get to see each other because they were both so busy, it was just extremely early, he is very rarely even up at this time.

“Ouch SJ, that hurt my feelings.” He puts his hand over his heart, sniffling. SJ was the nickname that Hunter gave her when they first met, he was so lazy with names that he just gave her letters, S for Skylar and J for Javier which was her surname before Derek adopted her. Skye rolled her eyes and waits for the real answer, “Ok fine, I am going to Washington with you, so are Mason and Axel, and of course Derek.”

“Really? All of us are going on a mission together? Derek never lets us all go on missions together!” She exclaims excitedly, all her friends would be going on a mission together, the people she trusted most in the world would have her back. She sits on the bed to put her combat boots on tying them in a double knot.

Hunter laughs at her reaction, “I am glad that makes you happy.” He just watches her as she grabs the towel again drying her hair again.

“Does this not make you happy? I mean come on, we get to be in America together! I mean sure we won’t get to see each other often but we can call each other.” She grins dropping the towel on the floor and shaking her head, droplets of water spraying in each direction.

Hunter gasps as he gets wet from her hair, “SJ! You are going to pay for that!” He shouts, standing up quickly trying to grab her but she is already out of the bedroom, she runs through her apartment, to her front door. She grabs her keys and coat. Leaving the apartment with Hunter hot on her heals. She uses the stairs running up them taking two steps at a time, as she runs up the stairs she ties her hair up in a wet bun. Once her hair is up she slides her coat on. She runs up 6 flights of stairs to -4 before opening the door running down the corridors dodging a single person that was in her way, these corridors were never very busy at 6:50 in the morning.

She sneaked a glance behind her to see Hunter falling behind a little, she laughs and runs down the corridor, and she bumps into someone, “I am sorry.” She speaks quickly before trying to run around the person, but the person grabs her arm tight, tight enough to form a bruise, that is when she looks up to see Damian.

“Where are you going in such a hurry, kid?” Damian smirks at her, she just tilts her to the side then spins her whole body around to cause Damian’s arm to twist, and then she kicks his kneecap, causing him to scream out as he falls on one knee, releasing her arm, which she uses to punch him in the nose. She hears a satisfying crack, nose pouring out of his blood.

Hunter was now behind her breathing slightly heavily, he was worried every encounter that SJ had with Damian ended in a fight of some kind whether it be a shouting fight or a physical fight. “Are you alright, SJ?”

Skye turns to look at her and she nods, “Yeah I am fine, let’s go before my-” she is cut off by a voice shouting, “Skylar Sheats, my office now!”

“Shit.” She mutters under her breath, she turns to look at Hunter, “Will you be able to take my bag to the car please?”
Hunter nods though her looks at her worriedly, “Sure thing, I got you covered. SJ don’t worry, Derek can’t punish you Damian started it.”

Skye just nods, walking towards the lift where Derek was waiting for her, they both just stayed silent waiting for the lift, Derek stood with his arm folded. Skye just leaned against the wall beside of the left waiting till the PING was heard that indicated the lift had arrived.

They both walked inside the lift Derek pushing -11, Skye just rocks back on her heels before sighing deeply leaning her head against the back of the lifts. The silence was awkward and she hated it, she didn’t know if Derek was seriously angry or not, how could he be angry at her but not Damian, it was seriously unfair.

The lift doors open and they both walked out, Derek walked to his desk sitting on his chair, Skye walked and sat on the opposite side of the desk waiting for him to speak. “What am I going to do with you, Skylar? You can’t just pick a fight in the middle of the corridor.”

Skye’s mouth hung open, “Pick a fight? I didn’t pick a fight, Hunter and I were messing around and he was chasing me and I ran into Damian by an accident, I apologised for it. I tried to walk around him and he grabbed my wrist. He had no right to grab my wrist.” She sat back with her arms folded as she stared at her father angry that she was the one getting the blame.

“Skye, you are an agent you should not be messing around in the first place,” Derek states, though Skye could tell that he disagreed in his own mind.

“Oh, so I can’t have any fun what so ever with my friends? Can’t I soak them with my wet hair? Can’t I chase them down the corridor? Can’t I laugh? Can’t I smile? Is that what you want for me, dad? you want me to be miserable? Why didn’t you just leave me where I was then if you didn’t want me happy?” Skye knew it was a low blow at bringing that up but it hurt to think that she couldn’t have any fun, tears stung her eyes standing up she turned away and walked towards the stairs.

“I didn’t dismiss you, Skylar,” Derek spoke up, frustrated with himself that he hurt her like that, he knew it wasn’t her fault, he knew that she should have happiness but being her boss as well was hard, very hard.

“We have a jet to catch, sir,” Skye replied, deciding to burn off some steam and running up the stairs all the way up to -1 where the car would be waiting.

By the time she reached the top she was breathing heavily, she walked into their garage, well car park. Where she spotted Hunter, Mason and Axel, she forced a smile and walked up to them.

“Did you use the stairs from Derek’s office? Are you insane?” Hunter spoke up worriedly, looking at her, he could tell that she upset and stressed over something but he wouldn’t question it in from of everyone.

Skye rests her head on Hunters’ shoulder breathing heavily, she felt him stroke her hair, “I had to blow-off some steam, is my bag in the car?”

It was Axel that replied to her, “Yes Skye, I just finished packing the car. So I won’t ask about Damian because he a jerk and he isn’t worth our breath so I will ask about America instead. What is it like? You are the only one of us that have actually been there.”

Skye looked at Axel to Mason then Hunter, “None of you have been called by the FBI? Well, America is hot, much hotter than here so I don’t want you complaining about the heat. You need to drive on the right-hand side of the road not the left, it’s weird at first but you get used to it. The FBI HQ is big, probably a bit bigger than ours but it isn’t underground it is above ground. They sleep there in case any emergency happens. Oh, they are cocky people, most FBI agents don’t like outsiders. America is a very nice country, though we won’t be able the only ones with guns, in fact, a lot of the population will have a gun, so don’t piss anyone off.”

The three men before her salute, “Yes, madam.” They all say in unison causing Skye to chuckle shaking her head, she instantly stops laughing when Derek nears them.
“You can joke around about it but she is very serious, Americans can carry their own weapons, whether it be guns or knives, they will use it if you provoke them. Now come on let’s get to the airport. We are running late already so Skylar you are driving.”
Skye smirks because she knows that the males wanted to drive and they probably were arguing over it before she came to the floor.

“How does SJ get to drive?” Hunter whines like a child as he climbs into the back of the car.

“Because she is the best driver and she knows the shortcuts,” Derek responds which causes Skye to erupt in laughter. “Plus, we are in her car.”

“Yeah, boys so behave.” Skye teases through laughter, she turns the engine on, the computer welcoming her.

“Good morning Skye, where are we heading today?” Rover, the cars computer spoke in a monotonic voice.

“Good morning Rover, we are heading to the airport, what is the quickest route?” Skye replies, everyone else was quiet as she drives her was through the carpark to the main exit for the car.

“The quickest route to London City Airport would be to take Newham Way and turn off at A112, the reason being A1020 is closed and traffic at Woolwich Manor Way is very slow,” Rover reports before falling silent.

“Thank you, Rover.” Skye replies then put her foot down taking Rovers route, putting her foot down over taking car after car.

That is when the males were complaining again, “How come Skye has the better technology? Her computer tells her the quickest routes and everything.”

Derek sighs getting frustrated. “Skylar is always doing solo missions, think of the computer as her partner since she doesn’t want a partner of her own.”
Hunter frowns deeply, “SJ, I thought your computer said you were to go on Newham Way, you went passed the turn in.”

Skye smirks and glances in the mirror to see the men gulping hard. “I would put your belt on if I were you, I thought we could take the exciting route.”

Derek was just as excited at Skye but not for the same reason, Derek had never used one of Skye’s routes. In fact, no one but Skye ever used these routes and that is only because she is the one that knows the location of each and every one of them.

“Oh my god, you are going to kill us SJ! There is too much weight in the car!” Hunter shouts terrified of what would happen.

Skye just laughs, putting her foot down on the accelerator, changes to 6 gear just before reaching the ramp, she quickly slams the wheel left. She snuck a glance in the mirror to see the men with their eyes squeezed shut. The car started to tilt backwards so she puts her foot down on the accelerator so it tilts forwards but before it lands in between two cars. She swerves into the fast lane.

Skye starts singing a song that she thought related to the situation they were in; she sang with a smirk,

“You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’

And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive”

Mason who was sat behind her kicked her seat, “Don’t sing Bee Gee’s after nearly killing us!” which just caused Skye to burst into laughter, Derek joining in.

“It isn’t funny Skye!” Axel spoke up too, with a hand on his chest trying to calm his racing heart down.

“Come on SJ, how can you joke about something this serious?” Hunter raised his voice, which just caused Derek and Skye to laugh harder at their reaction.

“Oh god, I am actually crying from laughter. Even Derek is laughing,” Skye says between laughing, over taking a car even though her vision was blurry from tears. “You all have serious trust issues, do you really think I would kill you all?”

Skye takes a deep breath trying to calm her down as she takes the junction onto A112. Just as she had calmed herself down she looked in the mirror to see Mason, Axel and Hunter with their arms folded glaring at her which just set her off again.

“Did you not find it exhilarating? I found it very exhilarating.” She spoke with a smirk on her face. She made a few more turns then parked up at the airport. “See we all made it in one piece with time to spare.” She said as she took her seatbelt off and climbed out of the car, walking to the boot of the car opening it taking the bags out.

As she puts the last bag down Hunter tackles her to the ground, tickling her causing her to laugh and wriggle. “You think you can scare me like that and get away with it?” He says with a grin on his face, Skye laughs harder as he tickles her more.

“Stop! Stop!” She begs between laughter, trying to push him off her but she was laughing too hard that she couldn’t find the strength to do it.

“Say you are sorry, SJ,” Hunter smirks as he pins her hands with one hand and tickles under her arms with his free hand.

“I am sorry, SJ.” She says bursting out with laughter at Hunter’s face.

“That isn’t what I meant and you know it!” Hunter play shouted ticking her more causing her to wriggle more.

“I am sorry, Hunter! Just stop! I am going to piss myself!” Hunter stops though he had a grin on his face, he stood up and held his hand out for her to grab.

Skye reaches his wrist wrapping her hand around his, she felt his hand wrap around her wrist and he pulls her up. Skye playfully pushes him, “You are lucky I love you, Hunter. That is all I am saying.”

“Aww, I love you too SJ!” He says in a baby voice, laughing when she punched him in the shoulder.

“The jet is coming in so stop being a pain in the ass, we are on a mission now.” Skye’s voice turned serious, it was easy for her to switch her emotions, she could be whatever emotion necessary, she could have easily become an actress.

Derek was by their side with Mason and Axel now, “She is right, I didn’t bring you along to laugh and joke around, Skye will be undercover, Hunter, I want you on computers, Mason and Axel, I want you two alternating out in the field, I want someone out at all times; 12 hour shifts. I will help Hunter with technology. Let’s move.”

Everyone grabs their bag and walks through the airport using the side exit to skip all of the security, walking towards the FBI jet plane, just as the stairs open, two men in black suits walking down the steps. One wore a pair of black shade glasses, the other didn’t.

“Skylar, good to see you again, I see you brought friends.” The male with no shades spoke, that would be the director of FBI.

“Director Trevor always a pleasure. This is my team; Hunter, Axel and Mason. You already know Derek.” Skye speaks pointing to each person as she says their name. “They all have their specialities and we are the dream team.”

“Skylar, we have talked about this before, please call me Trev. Why don’t you tell me their specialities when we are on the jet then? I see that Derek is letting you take charge of the mission.” Trev turns to look at Derek then looks back to Skye before turning to walk back up the stairs into the jet, Skye follows him and everyone follows her into the jet.

To say the jet was luxury would be an understatement, the seats were beige and leather, there were two beds on one side and two 3 seated sofas on the other side with two tables on either side in the middle leaving an ally in between.

Skye could hear gasps from behind her she turned her head to see her best friend’s eyes nearly pop out of their head, they were in absolute awe. Skye smiles and walks to sit at the table knowing that is where the in-flight meeting would be held. She shuffles along to the window seat so Derek could sit beside her which he did, Trevor sat opposite her with the mystery man sat beside him.

Skye was eyeing the mystery man trying to figure out what he was doing here and why she was getting such a weird vibe from him.

Trevor looked at Skye to see her glaring Sean down, “Skye, this is Sean, he will be assisting you and your team any way he can, he is at your disposal.”

“I don’t like him,” Skye speaks honest, leaning back turning to look at Trevor. Derek nudged Skye and gave her the eyes to say that was rude and unacceptable. “What? He is already judging me because of my age and gender I can see it in his eyes.”

“I still do not understand why you would bring a child to this type of mission, Trevor.” Sean finally speaks, Skye just smirks as if to say ‘I told you so.’

“I already told you why Sean. Now you will respect Skylar and her team, they are here to help and trust me they will help.” He pauses to look at Skylar, then Derek then their team, to see that everyone was sat at both of the tables listening to Trevor.

“Let’s get this meeting started.”

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