Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 6

The meeting started once they when they had taken off and they were high in the sky heading towards their destination, Washington. Trevor leans forward his attention turning to Skylar, “Why don’t we start with you telling me what your team’s specialities are?”

“Hunter is our technology expert, anything that has wires he is your guy, he can hack into literally anything. He also works alongside our inventor so he knows how all of our newest technology works, he is my second pair of eyes when I am out in the field, he will hack into CCTV and guild me where I need to be.” She smiles a little at Hunter who was grinning at how she introduced him, she just rolled her eyes and looked back to Trevor. “I believe he has brought some new toys with him. Hunter, what have we got with us?”

“Well, we have a new upgrade on your contact lenses, since you are going undercover we thought we could finally use the upgrade we have been discussing. This device will be able to tell you not only if they have a weapon but what the weapon is, if coms are spotted then the information will automatically be sent back to me where I will be able to determine where the receiver is. We also have coms upgrade where the coms will work with the contact lenses. We will be able to see and hear through the contacts, so we will know when you need assistance or if you find something suspicious without you having to speak.” When he is finished he nods to Skye to say he is finished.

Skye turned to look to Trevor whose eyebrows were drawn up impressed with the technology that they had, the FBI didn’t have technology that good. “What if you are hacked?” Trevor questioned seriously.

Derek of all people laughed, Skye nudges him in the ribs, “I’m sorry, Trevor. Hunter answer the question.”

“The software that we made would be very difficult to infiltrate. As soon as the software is tapped into I will get a notification, I will manually change the IP address. If they somehow get in the software unnoticed then there are hundreds of firewalls and passwords that they would have to pass. If they get a single password wrong they start at the beginning and the passwords will automatically change as would the IP address. If and that is a big if they manage to hack our system then both SJ and I will be alerted, all information will be downloaded on a portable hard-drive before it will shut itself down and reset itself to its factory settings with brand new passwords and firewalls.” Hunter explains all of the SPA agents nods as they understood each element of what he said.

Trevor and Sean, on the other hand, didn’t understand a word of what the Agent just said, it was like he spoke a completely foreign language. They both just nodded their head, “Right,” was all that Trevor could think to say.

Hunter looked at Trevor with slight confusion, “Did you not understand that? I thought I made myself pretty clear.”

Skylar speaks up though she too thought that Hunter was easy to understand, “Hunt, not everyone understands your technological language.”

“You all do, though.” He muttered back, unsure of himself all of a sudden. He never thought he was difficult to understand, his team always understood him, why couldn’t the director of the FBI?

“That is why we are a team. We understand each other’s language.” Skye replies with a soft smile which automatically makes a smile spread across his face.

“Thanks, SJ.” Hunter sounded more confident of himself again.

Skye turns to look at Trevor again who was smiling at her, “You’re a good leader to your team, Skylar. I can see why Derek would trust you leading this mission.”

“On the document, you sent me it stated that I was the leader. I may be the leader of the mission but that doesn’t mean I lead the team.” She states, folding her arms across her chest.

Trevor raises his eyebrows again impressed, “That is very honourable, knowing where you stand. Most people would jump at the opportunity of leading the team.”

“That is the problem, there should be no leader in a team or in a partnership. In SPA everyone is an equal, we all listen to each other contributions. We learn each other’s languages so that we can support each other so that if Hunter needs help with an idea we will be able to give him ideas. Then Hunter needs to know field language so that he and Keith can make technology that we ask for. It is all one big circle, we give and take. If you need back up then they will be there in a heartbeat, they will drop everything to be there for you, not because you’re a leader but because we respect one another as an equal. We are there for each other through ups and downs, we are not just a team we are a family.” Skylar rants on, she always hated how people thought that leadership meant power because it didn’t.

Trevor and Sean just stared at her for a moment before Sean speaks up, “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

She tilts her head to the side narrowing her eyes, “This is the problem in the FBI, everyone just looks out for themselves, they just want to get to the top.” She shakes her head, “What is the point in being at the top if you don’t have the respect? Sure, you may be at the top but no one will have your back because when you were making your way up you were trampling over your coworkers, screwing up their lives. Where I am, I know everyone in my team will have my back, I know that the 4 people sat here will be by my side in a heartbeat if need be, doesn’t matter if it’s 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning they will be there with no complaints. Can you say that about your team?” She was on a roll when it came to her rants, she has been on the plane for 10 minutes and she already remembers why she doesn’t like working for the FBI.

She watches as Sean opens his mouth and closes it again, “It is their job to be there,” was the answer that he came up with.

Which caused all of the SPA team to laugh, “That is the only reason they are there?” Derek questions worriedly. “Our team is there because we care about each other’s welfare, we are protective of one another. We trust each other, our team works so well because we never doubt each other, we know that they are there. Most of all, we never doubt or question each other’s abilities.”

“So you think that the 13-year-old can complete this mission? This very important mission and you are just going to let her lead the mission?” Sean questions Derek who just leans back in his chair before he could answer Skye was talking.

“I will complete this mission but not alone, everyone in my team knows what they need to do, they all have a role to play, so when the mission is complete it will not just be my victory it will be a team victory. As the saying goes, there is no I in the team. Everyone in my team seems to understand that, my team is very dependable, without my team I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.” Skye has always been very protective of her team so when someone questions what they have and their ability then she is easily pissed.

Derek smirks, “There is your answer, Sean. Skye can complete the mission because we are here, why do you think we are here? She needs a team she has 100% faith in and that team is us.”

Sean opens his mouth to speak but Trevor speaks up, “Sean, enough. It is fascinating how their team runs and works. Skye, you say everyone has a role to play, you only told us what Hunter does. What does the other three do?”

“We actually all know how to work Hunter’s system, we all agreed that it was important that we all know how to use it just in case Hunter is down. So Derek is doing shifts with Hunter, they will both be watching over us whilst we are out in the field, day and night, 12 hours shift each. Mason and Axel are other field agents, they too will be doing shifts, they will be nearby me most of the time in case I need back up, and they will take out anyone that I cannot take out for undercover reasons. They will also be doing follow up leads that we may encounter during the mission.”

Skye look at Trevor and Sean to see them both confused again, She raises her eyebrows shocked at how they are even in the FBI never mind Trevor being Director. “To simplify it, my mission is to protect this, Theodore Fielding. Mason and Axel’s mission is to find out and deal with the people that are murdering the families. Think of Derek and Hunter as our guardian angels who are always watching over us, looking out for anything that we might miss. Which could happen, after all, we are only human. They also keep us all linked together, if I find a lead then I will tell Derek or Hunter whoever is on duty and they will tell Mason or Axel and vice versa.”

“We only called you yesterday, how did you plan all of this so quickly?” Trevor frowned deeply, no one could work that quickly, even if they didn’t get any sleep they wouldn’t be able to do that.

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we knew that I was undercover and we knew that Hunter was working tech. Derek is better with tech than Axel and Mason as they are both mainly out in the field, so it just fell into place really.” Skye explains then adds, “Most of the time we don’t really need to talk about who does what, we know our place.”

“Yet, you, Derek and Hunter are the only ones that have talked, I thought you listened to each other.” Sean narrowed his eyes at Skye as he let hatred hit his voice.

Skye looks at Axel then Mason, they both look at her then Sean before they both shrug at the same time and speak at the exact same time, “You haven’t asked us a question.”

“So you are telling me you have nothing to contribute? So basically you are unimportant in the team?” Sean’s says harshly and rudely.

Everyone in the SPA team snaps their eyes to him, they let Axel and Mason talk though, “We are just as important as everyone else, as Skye said, we have a mission of our own. You may have hired Skye but she has passed the most important part of the mission onto us.” Axel spoke up, turning to look at Skye they both nodded at each other in understanding.

Mason then speaks up, “Axel and I do not only have our own mission but we are Skye’s back up if she needs any, you think we cannot contribute but we are very much contributing and if you were smart you would have seen that. Like Skye said, we are a team, we all bring something to this team.” He smirks at Sean’s shocked face, it was obvious that he didn’t see how important they were in the team.

Skye turns to look at Trevor who had just been watching the whole argument with interest and fascination, “Trevor, sir, I think we would like a new, partner.” She looks to her team see if everyone agreed to see everyone was nodding their head in agreement.

“I didn’t say he was your partner, I said he was your assistant,” Trevor replied confused at what they meant.

Surprisingly it was Mason that spoke up again, “Did you not listen to Skye? Anyone that is part of our team is a partner, we are all equal here. No one is beneath us. It’s a shame really, we would have treated him like an equal if he wasn’t such a jerk.” Everyone in the team snickers at the comment.

“Oh, how about Special Agent Zion Hearns? I liked him, I learnt a lot from him too, he treated me like an equal last time I am sure he would fit right into our team, maybe he can partner up with Axel or Mason out in the field.” Skye suggests, looking at Trevor to see he had a serious hard face, he turned to give Sean a glare to show he wasn’t happy with how he treats his guests.

“Of course, I will get in touch with Hearns as soon as we land,” Trevor replies nodding his head in agreement that Sean would not work well with the team.

“How about you just give me his number and I will call him right now?” Skye smiles, she actually loved working with Agent Hearns, they got on like a house on fire.

“We are God knows how high up, you won’t be able to call from here” Sean grunts, really hating the British people.

“Don’t worry about my phone call, Hunter will work his magic, won’t you Hunt?” She turned to look at Hunter who was grinning at her because they both knew fine well they could call this high up in the sky. In fact, everyone in the team knew that they were all smirking or grinning at Sean’s stupidity.

Trevor pulled his mobile phone, flicking through his contacts until he finds Agent Hearns, he hands his phone to Skye who types the number on her mobile device without looking away from her phone she catches a small square device that Hunter threw to her.

Skye plugs the device into the charger slot giving her full mobile service, she glanced up to see Trevor and Sean staring at her, Sean had his eyebrows raised in surprised as he looks between Hunter and her, without even looking up Skye is talking, “We have been working together for 4 years, we know what each other need and when we need it.” she directs her voice towards Sean, she finally looks up and smiles.

She hits the dial button putting the phone to her ear, she lets it ring a few times before he picks up, sounding tired and groggy, “Special Agent Hearns.”

“Zion, hey, sorry to have woken you, it is Skye,” she talks with a soft voice that only the people in SPA hear so everyone in her team looked at her in surprise. Trevor and Sean, on the other hand, looked surprised that Skye and Zion were on a first name basis, Zion never let anyone at work call him by his first name.

“Skye? Hey! How have you been? Getting into trouble as usual?” his voice suddenly sounded wide awake, she heard movement.

“Ah, you know me too well, Zion. Life isn’t fun without any trouble though.” she chuckle a little before continuing to say, “I have been good and yourself? How is that girlfriend, Riley, isn’t it?” Skye could feel the eyes of everyone in her company staring at her so she decided to stare out the window.

“Everything has been good on this side, and Riley is very good too, so Skye what can I do for you?” Zion questioned curiously through the phone.

Skye was sick of the stares she says, “I can feel you all staring at me, you know? Sean, don’t you have to sleep or something?” she snaps, turning her head to look at him, he scoffs and moves away from the table.

“Sean? You are with Agent Sean?” the voice on the phone sounded annoyed.

“Yes, he is highly rude and insulting, which is why I requested you instead, what do you say? It will be like the old times and you’ll meet my team.” She smiles knowing that Zion couldn’t resist working with her again.

“You requested me, huh? Damn, I must be good. Of course, I will help you. I cannot wait to meet this famous team you always talk about, I hope they are as good as you say.” Zion chuckled before Skye heard more movement on his end.

“Don’t worry Zion, my team is better than I told you. I mean come on, I only work with the best. Anyways, I will let you get back to sleep, we land in Washington at 13:00 hours. Will you make it to the landing?” Skye was smiling knowing for a fine fact he would be there for her, they were actually really close, closer than most FBI agents. He was like her older brother.

“Of course, Skye. I wouldn’t miss it. Goodnight, oh and try to get some rest on the flight.” Zion always looked out for her, he knew about her sleeping and eating problems, they were partnered on a mission for a few months so it was obvious that he was going to find out.

“Yes dad.” she says sarcastically, when she hears Zion laugh, she laughs along, “I will, good night Zion. I’ll be there before you know it.”

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