Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 7

Sitting in the same chair for several hours gets very achy, that is exactly what Skye had done, she had already read through the file three times, she knew it inside out. To her right Derek was asleep, light snores leaving his lips with his head tilt back against the headrest, she looked across to the other side of the plane to see that Hunter, Axel and Mason were also passed out in their chairs.

She let out a soft sigh as her bladder suddenly felt like it was about to burst, she took her belt off, carefully and quietly lifting herself onto the table, it was lucky for her that Director and Sean both took the beds as this would be classed as very unlady like; though Skye had never been lady like, especially since she started SPA. She silently slides across the table landing on the balls of her feet on the plane floor.

Skye stretches her arms out then touches her toes to stretch her muscles, she had sat down for way too long, she glanced around to see everyone was still passed out, she walked to the planes bathroom, she had completely forgotten how nice it was, she also forgot that it had a shower. After using the toilet she decided to have a long shower, letting the hot water soak her scarred body as she washes her hair and body, after half an hour she jumps out putting her clothes back on before drying her short dark hair, which didn’t take long at all, just as she brushes her hair into a side fringe she hears a quiet rapid knock on the door. She walks to the door unlocks it opens the door then walks back in front of the mirror.

“Here you are, I was beginning to worry, when you didn’t come back after a while.” Derek spoke up, looking at the bags under her eyes in the mirror, he supressed a sigh before asking, “Have you slept any?”

Skye shook her head, before turning to look at him as she had finished her hair, “I tried when all of you slept but I couldn’t, I have read over the file again to make sure I know the case inside out especially since I want communication to be minimal when I go undercover.”

“Skylar you should really get some sleep, you need your senses high for this, you cannot be distracted by the lack of sleep you have had, you should take a sleeping pill.” Derek tried to reason, he knew that he was the father and she was underage so technically he could make her but he hated using that over her especially since she lived independently, sure she lived under the same roof as him but she cooked, cleaned and looked after herself. Though at the minute she was doing a poor job.

Skye looks at Derek sighing deeply, “How about this, if you make arrangements for everyone’s Bugatti’s to be brought over to Washington I will take a sleeping pill right now and sleep for the rest of the way.”

“Why? You cannot drive it when you are undercover?” Derek’s eyebrows draw together trying to figure out what his daughter was thinking.

“After we close this case I can kick all your asses in a race.” Skye grins with excitement, she knew the best road for the race and she was so excitement.

Derek smiles at the excitement, he hadn’t seen it much and now it just seemed to keep happening, he loved watching her eyes light up. “Alright, deal.” He holds his hand out to seal the deal, Skye reaches out and shakes his hand, before walking out, she pulls her bag out, searching through it to find her sleeping pills, the ones she very rarely took unless completely necessary. She looks at the two pills in her hand for a moment before chucking them in her mouth, she swallows them without water, she puts the pills back in her bag.

It didn’t take long for the pills to kick in, she felt Derek sit next to her, she leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder and she was soon fast asleep.

Derek looked over to Skye when he felt her head on his shoulder, he couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face to see she was fast asleep, he gently reached up to stroke her soft hair, he moved her ever so slightly so he could kiss her forehead. “Sleep well, Skye.”

He was too scared to move in case he woke Skye up so he sat as still as possible for a few hours until he heard movement across the other side of the plane. He turned his head to see Hunter stretching trying not to hit Mason in the process, that was one thing that Derek loved about his team, they always knew when to mess around and when to be serious and not disturb people.

Hunter turned to look at Skye expecting to see her wide awake so when he sees her asleep his eyes widen, he looks to Derek whispering, “How did you manage that?”

“I promised I’d bring all our Bugatti’s over so we could race after the mission.” He replied in a hush voice turning to look at Skye when she moved a little but she settled into her sleep.

Hunter grinned at the agreement, “Oh yeah, that is one hell of deal.” He agreed in a hushed voice.

“Why is everyone whispering?” a voice interrupted the convocation in a loud voice which causes Skye to stir groaning at the interruption of her sleep. She sits up rubbing her eyes to see that Hunter and Derek are glaring at Sean.

“What is going on?” Skye murmured in a tired but quiet voice so she didn’t wake anyone up.

Derek throws his hands up in anger, “Well done you idiot.” He hissed somehow in a quiet voice. “Can’t Skye sleep without you interrupting it?”

“What did I do?” Sean questioned confused as to what he had done wrong.

“When people are whispering, they are doing it for a reason so why in god’s name would start talking loudly.” Derek speaks through gritted teeth though his voice gradually getting louder.

“Derek, you will wake up the others, its ok, at least I got some sleep, right?” Skye spoke up in a hushed voice, looking from Derek to Sean back to Derek.

“You needed more than a couple of hours sleep.” Derek looked to Skye sighing softly.

“Aww, can the child not sleep?” Sean teases which causes Skye to jump up with such speed that Sean didn’t even notice the fist that was gliding into his face with such force that sent him on his back.

Everyone that was asleep is no longer asleep, everyone looks between Sean and Skye, the SPA team grin at Skye with pride even though Mason and Axel didn’t have a clue what happened whilst Trev glared at Sean.

“Sorry for waking everyone, but I believe we are going to land soon.” Skye spoke with slight poison in her voice, she kneels by Sean adding, “Don’t tease when you have no idea what I have been through, I hope I haunt you like I am haunted by people I loved.”

Hunter grins at Skye but soon saw her knuckles, which whipped the grin of his face. “SJ, your knuckles are bleeding.”

“Her knuckles? She popped my nose.” Sean complains holding his nose that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

“You deserved it.” Hunter instantly replied before turning his attention to Skye. “Come on, no arguments let me see to your hand, sit down.” he indicated to the seat next to him, Skye sighed dramatically sitting next to Hunter.

Hunter takes her hand gently, before grabbing his bag, taking out some antiseptic wipes and a bandage, as he sees to her hand, Sean had stood up groaning. “You have serious problems, kid?”

Skye only smirks, “You don’t even know the half of it, anyways I was taught to stand up to myself. Are you saying I wasn’t brought up right?” she tilts her head knowing if he said the wrong thing Derek would step up next.

“Sean I-” Trevor tried to intervene but Sean was already talking, “Your parents seriously need to get you help, special help. I don’t know what they were thinking of letting you into such an organisation.” Sean snaps his hands in fists.

Skye just turns to look at Derek. “Dad, do you think I need special help?”

“No Skye, I think you are perfect just the way you are,” Derek replied in a deadly calm tone, a tone that terrified those around him.

“Y-you’re her father? You look nothing like each other.” Sean stuttered terrified though he dug himself into a bigger hole.

“I adopted her after I saved her on a mission, she didn’t have anyone so I took her under my wing, vowed that no one would ever hurt her, again. I do not believe she has ever been hurt since she has been my daughter. Have you Skylar?” Derek questions Skye though his eyes were staring daggers at Sean.

“No, you taught me well, I am strong now, I can handle myself now, no one can hurt me now. Anyways, I know my team would kick ass if I got hurt, they are my brothers and my dad, one big family.” Skye explained, leaning back into her seat as Hunter finished up seeing to her hand, once bandaged he brought her hand to his lips and kissed the bandages.

“Your all good now, good hook by the way, you really put your force behind it.” Hunter praised with a smirk on his face. “Hey SJ, are all FBI agents like him? if so I totally didn’t sign up for this.”

Skye laughed softly, “No, Zion is nothing like him, he is serious but chilled at the same time, he also very nearly beat me in a race. I beat him by the tiniest bit.”

The SPA’s team’s mouth dropped, “He nearly beat you in a race? No way, I don’t believe it.” Hunter shook his head in disbelief.

“You don’t want to believe it because it means he is a better driver than you.” Skye nudges him with her shoulder.

“No, no one ever comes close to you, how did he nearly beat you in a race?” Hunter replied defensively with his arms folded.

“I blamed it on him knowing the road better but he made it clear that it was because he had the driving skill, he said I was top notch for a kid.” She chuckles, “He always calls me kid when he wants to annoy me, he always ends up on his ass when he does.”

“You assault an FBI agent?” Sean speaks up in an authority’s voice.

“No I train with an FBI agent, I keep him on his toes, I ensure that he doesn’t underestimate people, to expect the unexpected at all times, it’s a good lesson. I do it to these lot all of the time. I also give them unplanned training.” Skye turns to smirk at Axel who was sending daggers at her. “How was your last unplanned training session, Axel?”

“What does she mean but unplanned training? How is she allowed to go wild in such a serious organisation?” Sean spits angrily, his hands in fists.

“I don’t go wild, I just want to ensure that my teammates know what to do in certain situations is all, even face their fears of lifts for example,” Skye explained her reasons behind why she does what she does.

“That was not funny, Skye! You know I hate lifts so why did you give me that situation?” Axel punched her shoulder playfully.

“What situation might this be?” Trev spoke up with interest, he was fascinated by how a 13-year-old kept the team in shape.

“Oh, if you are on a mission, following someone or on undercover work but they suddenly find out about you, so they turn the electrics of when you are in the lift, they will be at your location in 5 minute, what do you do? How do you get out of the predicament you are in? I mean everyone gets involved with it, we make it look like the situation is real, kind of like a simulation but real life, the person we are testing thinks it is all real, that lives are at stake.” She explains sitting back in her seat, shuffling to get comfy. “It is a great training exercise.” She adds turning to look at her team members who nod in agreement.

“I am certainly a better agent because of them, the thing is you never know when you are going to be hit; the order is completely random the time of the day and how close each hit is different, I don’t even know how Skye finds the time to do it all.” Derek speaks up, “You should consider it for your agents makes everyone less cocky and more focused when needed.”

“Agents always need to be focused, it is their job, and you call these pranks training?” Sean turns a hard gaze to look at Skye.

“Pranks? Did you just call my training methods pranks? How about we go to the stats shall we? Hunter, laptop please.” Skye commanded politely though her eyes stayed on Sean. When she knew 48 seconds had passed, which was the exact time it took for Hunter to set up, she started talking to Hunter again. “I started this training a year and a half ago, so let’s go to two years ago, how many people were injured in let’s say a 3 month period on average.”

Hunter types away on the laptop after a short minute, he spins the laptop around, “In 3 months, 19 agents were injured, 2 years ago.”

“Alright, now the last 3 months how many injuries did we have, including my gunshot wound from a couple of days ago.” Skye turns to look at the screen as Hunter changes the dates, she heard Sean snort at hearing the gunshot wound but she decided to ignore it.

“Including your gunshot wound, there have been 5 injuries in the last three months. So instead of 6.33 injuries a month there is only 1.66. Hey, they are some good stats, good work SJ!” Hunter raised his hand and Skye slammed her hand into his making a slapping sound.

“I bet those 5 injuries were her,” Sean muttered under his breath but Derek heard and his head snapped to glare at him, instead of fighting him though he turned to look at Hunter.

“Why don’t you bring up Skye’s stats up, since she started with us 4 and half years, how many missions has she been on?” Derek questions folding his arms across his chest.

“Dad, do we really have to do this?” Skye groans knowing her stats were higher than anyone in the organisation.

“You have learnt many things from me, now you need to learn when to let your achievements shine and speak for itself to some people that like to doubt you. Hunter, how many missions?” Derek turns to look at Hunter to see him swallowing hard, he hated being in the middle of Derek and SJ.

“SJ has a total of 503 missions,” Hunter reports, everyone turning to look at Skye who just sinks in her seat.

“503 missions, how many has she failed or needed assistance pulled in for?” Derek questioned next turning to look at Sean’s shocked face, Derek couldn’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

“That would be 5.” Hunter instantly reported back.

“5! Let me look at that laptop.” Skye spun the laptop around, “Hey, my car broke down for that October 2016, which does not count, I was tired, I had just worked 53 hours straight and I couldn’t be bothered to walk to my second car so I called for a pick up, I had completed that mission.”

Skye scrolled down the screen, quickly reading the other notes before pointing out another error. “As for January 2017 I planned that kidnapping, it was part of my plan to get inside to get the information, I clued you all in so technically that was a group mission, I did need assistance for the other 3 though.”

“I am stood correct, 3 assistants.” Hunter turned to look at Skye smirking as she punches him a little too hard.

“I thought you would at least make me look better than I really was, not worse,” Skye replied, pulling the pet lip at him.

“No, not the pet lip, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to degrade you! Please forgive me. Pretty please SJ.” Hunter pleaded fluttering his eyelashes at her which caused her to burst into laughter.

“Of course I forgive you silly, I always forgive you even after you put a whole jar a chilli flakes in my food.” Skye reminded him and the whole team broke into laughter at the memory. “That wasn’t funny it was hot.” She tried to speak without laughing but the laughter soon broke out of her lips too.

Suddenly the cabin is talking throughout the plane, “We are about to land. Please head back to your seats and remain seated until we have landed.”

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