Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 8

After landing Skylar walked to the pilot’s cabin like she did every time, “That was a lovely smooth flight as usual, thank you.”

“Always a pleasure, Miss Sheats.” The pilot replied, Skye smiled then nodded before leaving the jet to see Zion standing next to his sleek black car. She couldn’t help herself, she found herself running towards Zion.

A smile broke out on Zion’s lips as he moved away from the car a little knowing what was coming; within minutes Skye was leaping into Zion’s arms, he spins her around laughing before setting her down.

“I have missed you, Zion!” Skye smiled happily, Zion’s hand ruffled her hair which was swiftly moved his arm suddenly pinned up his back not enough for it to hurt.

Zion totally forgot the speed of Skye, “I am sorry, I will not do it again, Skye.” He felt his arm being let go in seconds. “You have grown a lot since the last time I have seen you.”

They both had completely forgotten about the company they were in; everyone stood next to the jet with their mouths hanging open. Skye just continued the convocation, “Of course I have grown, I am 13 now, you have grown a lot too, is that a gray hair?” she squints her eyes as if trying to examine it.

“Oh, that’s it!” Zion playfully shouts, he pulls her to him, one arm wrapping around her keeping her pinned as he tickled her.

She squealed with laughter, “Let me go, Zion!” she wriggled in his hold squealing more.

“Are you sure there is a gray hair?” He quizzes her, trying to convince her it wasn’t one but he had temporally forgotten what she was like.

“This close there is defiantly more than one.” Skye replied through her laughter.

“Oh, really?” He laughed with her as he moved his hands to tickle under her armpits as he knew that was where she was most ticklish.

Skye screamed louder with laughter before she slipped her leg between his scooping his leg underneath him causing him to fall backwards, there was something she had forgotten though, he was holding so she fell with him landing on top of him with a thud.

They both laughed hard, “Oh my days, Skye I almost forgotten how much fun we have together.” Zion chuckled as he let go of her, she rests her hands on his chest to push herself up, she reaches her hand out offering help up.

Zion reaches for her hand, “Ah, wrong.” Skye pulled her hand out of his grasp and grabbed his wrist his hand automatically grasping hers and she pulled him up.

“We should go meet the others.” Skye smirked before running behind him and jumping on his back. “Piggy back!” She hollered, Zion’s arms grabbed her legs holding her up, he walked towards the team, he wasn’t embarrassed at all by the way he was acting with Skye, after all she was still a child, she had to have fun some time.

“You going to let this childish behaviour stand?” Is what they were greeted with by Sean questioning the Director.

“Officially the mission hasn’t started therefore if we wish to get reacquainted then we shall.” Zion replied before Trevor could speak up he snuck a peek to look at Skye who was still on his back to see she was grinning at the reply.

“He needs to get the stick out of his ass.” Skye whispered in Zion’s ear and he burst into laughter, releasing both of her legs to let her down, when she is beside him, he hold his hand up which Skye slapped in a high five.

“What did the little twit say?” Sean hissed storming towards Skye, he was sick to death of this child, the one everyone loved she got away with everything and she probably wasn’t even talented.

Zion moved to stand in front of Skye on instinct to protect her not because she was weak, she was far from it but because she was a child.

“Zion, I got this.” he heard the determined voice of Skye behind him.

“I never doubted you but Agent Sean should have more respect of a guest of the FBI or does he feel threatened by a 13 year old child?” Zion replied loud enough for everyone to hear.

The SPA team snigger at what is said which just seemed to piss Sean off some more, he stormed faster towards her, Skye grabbed Zion’s wrist pulling him out the way. “This is my fight.”

“Enough, Sean!” Trevor shouts which caused Sean to shrink back, “Is this how you treat your own children? You put doubt in their mind all of the time? No, I do not think you do, you should be encouraging Skylar not putting her down, you are back to the desk job.”

“What? How is that fair? She started it, and I get the punishment? How is she not off the case?” He exclaimed temporarily forgetting who is talking to.

“Go to my office and wait until I arrive, I have to show our guests to where they will be staying.” Trevor snaps before turning to look at the group before him, “Please accept my sincere apologies for Sean’s behaviour.” He spoke to them all though he was looking at Skye.

“Do not worry about it Trevor, you cannot predict the actions of your detectives.” Skye smiles softly before looking to Zion, “Zion, this is my team, you have already met Derek then we got Hunter, Mason and Axel, everyone this is Agent Hearns.” Skye quickly introduced everyone before yawning tilting her head back closing her eyes.

“I thought I told you to get some sleep on the flight?” Zion folded him arms across his chest staring down at Skye.

“I tried and I got a couple of hours but then these lot started arguing with Sean .” Skye explained before turning to walk to the car, “Are you driving or do you have a driver?” She questions as she opens the back seat door turning to look at Zion raising an eyebrow waiting for an answer.

“I am driving and don’t say a word about my driving because you drive like a maniac.” Zion sends a warning look at her, when she opens her mouth.

Instead she pouts, “my driving is not that bad.”

Hunter snorts in disagreement, “Not that bad? You flew across a road and onto a motorway, like you have a death wish or something, not only yourself but you had us in the car with you!”

“I knew exactly what I was doing, I had done that jump many times before, it is one of my get away route, it isn’t my fault if you crapped yourself.” Skye snapped back tiredly, climbing in the car sliding along to let everyone else in, over the next few minutes everyone was sliding into the car.

Skye sat with her head tilted back against the headrest with her eyes closed, she didn’t realise how tired she actually was, she didn’t even know who was sat next to her until she heard Hunter’s soft voice, “Sleep SJ, I got you.” She felt an arm wrapping around her shoulder gently pulling her towards a body. Skye let Hunter pull her closer to him, she rests her head on his shoulder, even with her eyes closed she knew that eyes were on her, though she was too tired to even care.

Skye briefly heard mutters from Trevor, “Why SJ? Where does that come from?” Trev was curious about the nickname, Skye’s initials were SS , weren’t they? Skylar Sheats? That is her name isn’t it? Should he have looked into her more? To find out more about her? he first recruited her from word of mouth but had he put the FBI and their information in jeopardy?

“You don’t know? I thought the FBI knew everything about everyone that they recruit? So you don’t know Skye’s history and you just let her into the FBI?” Hunter replied tilting his head to the side careful not to move too much as he knew how light of a sleeper Skye was, just the slightest movement could wake her up.

This information causes Trev to gulp hard, she is a criminal, she must be the way that he is talking about it, her history. “No, I hired her because I heard that she is brilliant, that she is one of the best, if not the best field agent.”

“You think it’s something that she did but it’s not, it’s what she has been through. ‘J’ is her old surname, she changed it as soon as she could because it haunted her. It took us about 6 month to realise it was her name, that haunted her. I was the one that finally figured it out, I mean I had called her SJ from first meeting her. At the beginning she was only comfortable with me, so one night I started to wonder why, she wasn’t even that comfortable around Derek, I soon realised why, just like the FBI we use the surnames, or we used to until we realised that Skye’s haunted her. As soon as we stopped using it she relaxed a little and opened up, the nightmares stopped.” Hunter explained, being extremely careful to say Javier because Skye would have nightmares if she heard the word.

“Well, what is it? Her name? What happened to her for it to cause her so much fear?” Trevor frowned trying to think about what could have happened, Skylar seemed fearless, nothing bothered her, ever. How can anyone be afraid of her own name.

Skye turned whimpering a little which caused Hunter to turn his head to face her, very gently stroking her hair, whispering very gently, “It’s alright, SJ. I will not let anything happen to you.”

Everyone except Zion who was driving watched them, watched how careful and caring Hunter was with her, as soon as Skye settled down he lifted his head up, looking at everyone before turning to face Trevor, “We shouldn’t talk about this anymore, it is important for the mission that she gets her sleep.”

Derek had always had an inkling that Hunter had feelings for his daughter but he never really seen him act on it until now. He had always noted how protective Hunter is of Skye, he made a mental note to himself to have a talk with Hunter to find out his intentions with Skye.

Trev though bluntly questioned, “Do you like have feelings for Skye?” he was curious, would it work out? Both of them going on missions they would rarely get to see each other? Would they become reckless? How would it work?

Hunter looks at him through widened eyes, though he never tried to hide his feelings no one had ever asked him about it, “Do I like it? What sort of question is that? If you had watched SJ grow into who she is now well you would understand why I have them. She is amazing , always looking out for others , inspiring and strong. She will help anyway she can even if it is an inconvenience to her. She would come back from a 38 hour mission and see that someone needs assistance and she will go and assist them no matter how long it took. “ he paused for just a moment until a memory came floating to the surface of his mind.

“One evening, I remember because she had worked two missions simultaneously , she worked” he paused trying to remember how long she worked “ uh if I remember rightly over 49 hours straight, she came back at the same time as myself and Mason who had went on a duo mission, she noticed both of us were injured, we could see how exhausted she was but she insisted that she helped us, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She said ‘the more you argue the longer I have to wait to get to bed’ that made us both shut up, I mean SJ is one of the best first aiders and she knows it but she is modest about it . Anyway she tidied us up which took around 20 minutes each , she went to bed straight after. That was the first and last time that she slept 25 hours straight. We made sure no one would interrupt her well needed sleep. I have feelings for her because she is amazing. You hire her you just thing ‘oh she is good’ but you don’t just get an agent you get a partner, a family member that will watch your back that will assist and protect wherever and whenever. I could give you many stories about when she inspired me but we would be here all day. She deserves all the happiest in the world.” Hunter looks down at her with protectiveness and love though he would never let her see how strong his feelings for her are, he didn’t want to ruin their friendship, he would rather have her friendship than nothing at all. As long as he had her in his life, he would be content.

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