Hoody and His Gyal 19

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Calla meets Hoody in the car showroom when Hoody is buying a new car. Calla and Hoody meet and start to see each other, But its a bit of a strange start to a relationship!

Mystery / Thriller
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Callas Story

Saturday morning, Calla woke in her hotel room and lay in bed for a while smiling to her self and feeling contented. She yawned, stretched and looked up at the ceiling thinking about Hoody. This was the first time she had feelings for someone else since her husband Liam died just over 3 years ago. After a while, she had a shower, dressed, checked her phone a couple of times and went down to the restaurant for a croissant and lemon tea, with Hoody permanently in her thoughts.

When Calla finished picking at her food, still in her daydream over her new friendship. She checked out the hotel and left around 8 o’clock. As she went to drive off, Calla realised she had left her suitcase in her room. Quickly she ran back into the hotel, collect it and eventually drove off to go and see her son Jaxon.

Jaxon stays with her mom and dad in Liverpool when she is working away from her home in Manchester.

Calla has a lovely 4-bed house which she has had for some years and lived there with her husband Liam. But sadly he died in a tragic car accident when he was rushing to get to the hospital to see the birth of baby Jaxon. Calla had terrible mental problems with the new baby and struggled to cope with it all at first.

Liam, Jaxon’s dad was on a life support machine for some time. They placed baby Jaxon in his father’s arms when they reluctantly turned the machine off. Sadly Liam never got to meet his son.

Calla arrived at her mom and dad’s house and spent a couple of hours there chatting about different things. “Will Jaxon be ok to stay another night mom? I have to attend a party tonight and I might as well stay in the hotel again if that’s OK with you!”

“Yes, no problem, you know we love having Jaxon stay with us.” She said smiling at him.

Calla couldn’t stop thinking about Hoody but thought it best not to say anything to her mom and dad for now in case it fell apart. Calla discreetly checked her phone a number of times waiting for a message. As she placed it on top of her handbag it bleeped and when she looked a warm glow and a smile appeared on her face when she saw it was from Hoody;

“What you doing?”

Calla text back;

“I’m at my moms’ just having a catch-up. What are you doing?”

Her phone beeped again within seconds;

“Waiting for you enit.”

Excitedly she texts back;

I’ll be there as soon as I can.

She sat holding her phone waiting as it beeped again;

OK, can’t wait to see you again! X

As Calla lifted her head with a slight grin, her mom asked, “Who is he?”

Calla smiled again, “Just someone I met on the photo shoot this week!”

“Will he be at this party tonight?”

“No, I wouldn’t think so!”

“Well if he is, please be careful!”

Calla gathered a few things together and took Jaxon for a ride to the shops to buy him some clothes and shoes. They put the shopping bags in the car and then had something to eat in Nandos.

After they had eaten, they went to the park and played for a while, and Calla kept checking her phone to see if Hoody had tried to get in touch. While she watched Jaxon playing on the swings she sent Hoody a text;

“Hope you are missing me as much as I am missing you!” XX

Calla watched the screen with a smile on her face waiting for a text back, but the smile slowly slid away when he didn’t reply.

Calla put the phone back into her handbag and pushed Jaxon on the swing for a while and eventually took him back to her moms’ house.

Calla got changed and left about 5 o’clock. “Dad, can I borrow your car, it’s a bit rough where I’m going tonight?” Her dad laughed, “Yes, of course, the keys are on the hook by the door and if its that rough be careful.” he said bouncing Jaxon on his knee. Calla thanked him, said goodbye to them all and drove over to see Hoody.

She parked the car in the car-park and went up the stairs to his apartment and Hoody was standing on the balcony in a vest and shorts. As she approached him she was unsure if she should kiss him or not. She slowly walked towards him trying to read his body language. “At last!” he said. Hoody held his arm up and she moved closer to him and noticed a large brown mark on his shoulder as she kissed his cheek. Just then the door banged open at the end of the landing and a man dressed in black leather and a red crash helmet appeared with a parcel. He lifted his visor and asked, “Are you Hoody?”

“Ye bro, that’s me enit!” The man passed him the parcel, turned and left. Hoody walked into the apartment and placed it on the worktop, grabbed a spliff from the cupboard and went back out to Calla. “You OK?” Hoody asked.

“I am now!” Calla replied. “Why didn’t you text me back earlier?”

“Sorry, my phone is on charge enit.”

They stood talking for a while, but Calla had only one thing on her mind, she couldn’t think of anything else. They talked, laughed and joked before they went back into the apartment.

Hoody opened his parcel and pulled out another hooded top rolled up. As he unfolded it on the worktop he removed a small brown parcel from the centre, pulled a key out the knife drawer, unlocked the cupboard above his head and placed it in there locking it back up again and replacing the key.

“It’s just another top I ordered from the internet enit!” he said to Calla folding the Jiffy bag in half and tucking it in a draw.

As Hoody prepared the meal he had made earlier, Calla opened the wine and laid the table. They sat and talked as they eat and were really enjoying each others company for a while but Calla still had one thing on her mind and she couldn’t let it go.

Time passed so quickly and Hoody convinced Calla to stay the night as it was quite late. He told her to sleep in the other room and asked her if she was ok with it.

“Yes.” She said and was quite relaxed about it. But she still had the job of telling Hoody about Jaxon her son and wasn’t sure how he would react.

“How do you feel about children?” Calla asked.

“Yo!!” Hoody said, putting his hands up in front of his face. “We ent kissed proper yet. You is a bit hasty enit?”

Calla laughed out loud nervously and said “No, I mean, do you get on well with children or do you have anything to do with them?

No, I don’t see any luckily, I don’t have much time for them really.

Calla was upset at his answer and didn’t know how to go on with the question she'd asked.

As they sat talking some more, Hoody’s phone rang. “Yo Johnson, What’s up…?” “Ye...!” “Come get me Enit!” Hoody closed the phone and said, “I’m really sorry; I have to go see someone.”

“But its 9.30 at night?”

“I know, its night work enit.”

“How long will you be?”

“A couple of hours maybe, I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Calla wasn’t happy, she stood up, grabbed her keys and stormed out of the apartment shouting and yelling. She slammed the door and stomped all the way down the stairs; she climbed into the car and drove off at 100 miles an hour.

Hoody wasn’t sure what was wrong with Calla but he had to get ready. He left the apartment grabbing a mask, some gloves and went down to the car-park confused and waited for Johnson to pick him up. Hoody didn’t know what he had done to upset Calla.

While Calla was driving, her phone rang a few times and she ignored it. After a while, she pulled over and answered it.

“What…?” “I’m going home; I’m not sitting in all night waiting for you…!” “What you doing this time a night anyway…?” Calla sat looking through the screen as Hoody explained. “I know it’s your job, but I don’t want to be alone in a strange place…!” “No, I’ll come back in the morning…!” “I will stay at the hotel tonight and be back first thing.”

Calla closed the phone and carried on to the hotel, booked in and went straight up to bed.

When she woke on Sunday morning, she left the hotel and drove back to the apartment. When she arrived, there were police cars and vans everywhere. She managed to find a space and parked the car. As she got out and was locking the door she could feel someone standing behind her?

“Hello, do you know someone called Steven that’s lives in these apartments?”

“No, I’m sorry,” Calla said and turned to walk off.

“He is my son and I haven’t seen him since he was 9 days old!”

Calla stopped and turned back. “What did you say?”

The woman stepped forward a bit closer.

“I’m looking for my son, I gave him away when he was a baby and I have tracked him to this apartment block!”

“What did you say his name was?”

“Steven, well that’s what we called him when he was born that is until I gave him away!”

Calla stood looking at the woman and was unsure what to say or do.

“It has taken me ages to find him; I have traced his footsteps from the beginning when I illegitimately sold him to a family in Coventry for £200. You see we were extremely poor in those days and our GP found a family that would pay for a baby as they couldn’t have one of their own.”

Calla stood looking at the poor desperate woman as she went on.

“My other son and I pushed the pram for 12 miles in the rain to a house in Coventry because we didn’t even have the bus fare. I took the cheque, left Steven there and we walked all the way back home without saying a word to each other. We were so tired when we got home we both fell asleep sitting on the settee and when we woke in the morning we carried on as though nothing had happened. We have never talked to each other about it from that day to this.”

Tears rolled down Callas face as she stood listening to the woman unravel her tale.

Calla wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and was still unsure what to do or say. “Why don’t you go and come back, later. Where are you staying?”

“In a hotel, it’s just around the corner,” she said pointing.

“I don’t know what to say to you but… we could talk again and maybe I could help you, but I really need to get going.

The woman’s head dropped. “Look, go to the hotel and I’ll come to you in a while and I will see what I can do to help you.”

With that Calla turned and hurried up the stairs and eventually got to the door. She knocked hard looking at the apartment next door that was sealed up with tape and a policewoman guarding it.

There was no answer, so she knocked again. Calla pulled her phone out of her pocket and phoned Hoody. “Hello, where are you…?” “Ok, how do I get in…?” “Well hurry back!” Calla looked under the mat and found the key. Nervously she opened the door and went in locking it securely. Then she made herself a coffee with her hands shaking and wondering if it was really Hoody’s mom.

Calla eventually calmed down and sat waiting, when suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Calla answered it thinking it was Hoody. The woman was standing there again. Calla stepped out and put the door on the latch.

Calla walked away from the policewoman holding the woman’s arm. “It’s the Grand Hotel!” she whispered.

Calla nodded, “I know which one it is.” She said looking over the rails for Hoody’s car. “I can’t do anything yet. You see the man I am dating has no family, but I need to talk with him first. You need to.” The woman interrupted her. “Does he have a brown birthmark on his right shoulder!”

Calla froze, staring into the woman’s eyes. Cold shivers went through her body as she realised it could be Hoody as she seen a brown mark yesterday when she approached him.

“Look, go back to the hotel and I will come to you in an hour or so. I haven’t been seeing this guy for long and I don’t know much about him at the moment, but he has told me he has no family.” Calla started to fret in case Hoody came back and looked over the balcony again. Calla wanted to talk to Hoody first and if he wanted to meet her, the choice would be his.

“Go to the hotel and I will meet you there.” Calla stepped in and closed the door as the woman walked away. Calla paced the floor, worried about saying anything to Hoody about her.

Twenty minutes passed and Hoody opened the door. As he looked around the room, Calla walked in from the bedroom. “Didn’t know if you was still here, I didn’t see the spider in the car-park enit.”

“What’s happened next door? It’s taped up and the police are standing outside?” Calla asked.

“The bag head shoot his boyfriend and the parrot last night apparently and then tried to top himself.”

Calla let out a sigh of relief, “I’m so glad I wasn’t here on my own then!” she said.

“I was back 15 minutes after I talked to you on the Phone enit. I got straight in the shower and when I came out, there were bizzies everywhere. I missed it all!”

Hoody could see Calla had something on her mind and she was upset. “What’s wrong?”

“Get yourself a spliff and come outside, I need to tell you something.”

“No way, there’s police are all over enit!”

“OK,” Calla took a deep breath, “When I was in the car park 30 minutes ago, a woman confronted me and said she was looking for her son. Hoody looked confused as he sat on a stool by the breakfast bar.

“She said, she has been looking for her son called Steven for years and she has traced him to these apartments.” Hoody started to shake his head. “It could be anyone in these flats.”

“She said he has a large brown birthmark on his shoulder!”

Hoddy was still shaking his head. Where is she?”

“I told her to go to the hotel up the road and either I would go and talk to her or you would if that’s what you want!”

“Naa you go, tell her I don’t want to see her at the moment. I’ll think about it enit.”

“OK if you’re sure.”

“Ye I am! Get her phone number though enit.”

Calla left and walked to the hotel and as she entered the lounge she could see the woman sitting on her own. As Calla approached her she lifted her handbag off the floor and put it on her lap. Calla sat opposite and explained the conversation she had with Hoody. “I have talked to my boyfriend and yes he has a brown birthmark on his shoulder but he said that he didn’t want to meet up with you yet and he needed some more time to think about it all. It’s obviously come as a shock to him after all these years.” Calla found it odd that the woman wasn’t even a bit surprised, in fact, she found it a bit strange and wasn’t happy with the situation at all. The woman had a strange look about her as she sat staring at Calla with her teeth clasped together, she looked evil. Then the woman opened the handbag. Calla stood up as the woman pulled a knife out and a blade shot out the end. She held it up in the air. “I watched you and him on the docks yesterday laughing and joking, strolling along like you didn’t have a care in the world.” Calla was stunned and totally confused.

“Well you tell that fucking bastard I’m coming for him now I know where he lives!” Then she stood up and ran off.

Calla was shaking as she ran over to the security officer by the main entrance and told him what had happened. The guard ran off looking for the woman and Calla left quickly and ran back to the apartment. When she got back to Hoody and told him what had happened he went mad and was extremely angry. As he calmed down he asked Calla “Was she about 40, quite attractive with short black hair?”

“Yes, who is she!” Hoody stood thinking for a while and said, “I went out with her daughter years ago enit, she was at her mates’ party, I didn’t go and she overdosed on something. That nutty woman, her mom, blames me because I wasn’t there looking after her!” Hoody explained.

“You need to let the police know, she said she knows where you live now!”

“Don’t worry I will go and have a chat with her, she harmless.” Hoody said as he walked off for a shower.

Calla sat and started to think about everything that was going on. She thought this wasn’t the kind of romance she had in mind. She sat thinking hard on her own. It’s been nothing but hard work from the first hello and we haven’t even kissed each other yet, she said to her self.

As Hoody came back into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist Calla stood up “Hoody, I need to go and have some time on my own, I’m having a hard time with this relationship, it’s been explosive from the word go.”

“I know babe, and that’s why I wanted to take you out and away from it all today enit. We can get to know each over a bit more.”

“Look!” she said, “I might as well tell you what I was testing you on yesterday!”

Hoody’s eyebrows dropped and he looked puzzled.

“I have a son, he is called Jaxon. He is 3 years old and his dad died in a car accident on the day Jaxon was born. If you don’t have time for kids then we might as well end it now!”

Hoody looked even more confused “What you mean?”

“You said it yesterday, you don’t have time for them!”

“I meant, I am busy all the time enit.”

Hoody sat down at the table “Wow I never thought!” he said.

Calla sat opposite “I like children, but I ent thought about having one full time.” he said with a smile.

“I am going to go shortly and pick him up to take him back home with me to Manchester. We can talk on the phone for a couple of days and I will come back on Wednesday. If you want to meet him maybe in the park or somewhere would be great. But it will give you time to think about it all and give me time to have a rest from this hectic weekend I’ve had.”

Hoody sat in deep thought. “Why don’t you bring him back on your way home now enit?” Hoody said hesitantly. Calla looked at Hoody. “No, I will take him home, for now, you aren’t ready yet and it’s getting late. As I said this has been a hectic weekend.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. “I’m going to go; you are in demand today and as you said a busy man. I’ll ring you when I get back home.” Calla collected her things and Hoody walked her to the door and as he opened it two police officers stood there holding there identity badges up and said: “We are interviewing neighbours about the shooting last night, can we come in?” Hoody opened the door a bit further the police stepped in as Calla stepped out and walked away from the door and along the landing to the end. She turned and looked to see if Hoody was still there and disappointedly opened the door to the stairs.

Calla collected Jaxon and made her way home to Manchester thinking about Hoody and the unfortunate weekend, but she still had feelings for him even though it was a disaster from beginning to end. Calla couldn't stop thinking about him as she drove home with Jaxon fast asleep in his car seat next to her. When she got home she put Jaxon to bed and texts Hoody;

I'm coming to Liverpool on Wednesday with Jaxon. It would be nice to see you in the park. X

Calla fell asleep waiting for a reply.

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