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I know you're twisted, but baby, I'm twisted, too Nova Williams had a dark traumatic past and was still slowly healing. She meets a mafia man by the name of Xavier Knight who’s been secretly watching her for years. Nova’s past seems to be catching up to her and now she has to confront the one person who made her life a living hell, her psychopath of a sister. Xavier was a cold blooded killer, a side he never wanted her to see but in order to protect her, he has to let the beast free. She was his obsession and he’d be damned if he let any harm come to her.

Mystery / Romance
Lonely night
4.5 19 reviews
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This book is recommended for 18 years and older but i know some of you don’t care.

Please do not read if you are under the age of 15.

This book contains violence, extreme language, sexual content and mental illnesses.


Please do not leave negative comments or anything like that. This is my first book and it’s not going to be all that great.

Please understand.

I am not an expert on mental illnesses and I don’t mean to demonize them or offend anyone. I know mental illnesses are something you should not use for entertainment but i mean no harm.

Thank you.

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