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Movie night

It’s now Friday and Nova is getting ready to go to the movies with Xavier. She felt nervous and excited, this was her first date ever.

Nova played with her fingers and looked outside and grinned when she saw snow flakes falling from the sky. She always loved the winter time and never understood why people hated the beautiful season.

Nova wore dark blue skinny jeans and a black sweatshirt from adidas, and a pair of brown uggs. Feeling completely and comfortable she sat at her desk and checked the time.

5:30 pm

Nova sat there wondering what movie they were going to watch. Romantic? Action? Scary probably? Hopefully not.

Nova began to feel uneasy when she realized he would probably want to watch a scary movie. She’d embarrass herself if they watched a scary movie. She’d cling onto him and probably make him think she was desperate.

She looked at the time again.

5:56 pm

Nova sagged her shoulders and sighed. She was overthinking, she always had questions running through her little head that pushed her over the edge.

Her phone buzzed letting her know she had a message.

Xavier: Coming to pick you up. What’s your address?

Xavier smirked when she replied. He knew where she lived. But she didn’t need to know that. She still didn’t know about the break in or the threat and Xavier wanted to keep it that way.

He’d scare her away if she knew how obsessed he was with her.

Xavier wanted to watch a scary movie, she’d be hiding her face in his chest. It was something she does when she gets scared. And boy was he going to take advantage of that. He was going to enjoy it and soak himself in her scent before the night ended.

Xavier pulled up to her house and texted her. Soon she came running out and Xavier thought she would slip on ice. She had a big smile on her face, warming Xavier’s heart.

She climbed into the car and looked at Xavier with a big smile.

“Hi.” She greeted him quietly.

He chuckled, “Hi darling.”

She buckled herself in and Xavier backed out of her driveway.

“What movie are we watching?” Nova asked looking out the window.

“A scary movie, if that’s okay with you.” Xavier said sparring a glance in her direction.

Damn. She thought, of course he’d want to watch a horror movie. She jinxed it.

“That’s fine.” She smiled at him.

They pulled up to the movie theater and parked the car close to the entrance. They got out and walked close to each other. Xavier picked the nun and paid for the tickets which Nova insisted she’d buy her own.

“What do you want to snack on?” Xavier asked her.

“Hmmm I want...sour patch but I’m paying for our snacks.” Nova replied giving him a look which made him swoon at how adorable she looked.

“No, no. I got it.”

“But Xavier I-“

“Darling, let me be a gentleman.”


Nova hid her face in Xavier’s chest when the scary nun popped up on the screen. She looked up at Xavier who was watching her.

“Sorry.” She whispered nervously.

Xavier shook his head and smiled.

Xavier and Nova drove home in complete silence. It wasn’t uncomfortable, surprisingly. Xavier pulled up to Novas house. They both looked at each other and didn’t say anything.

“I had a good night.” Nova said.

“I’m glad. I’d like to take you on another date, how about ice skating?” He asked.

Nova nodded, “I love ice skating. Thank you for tonight and goodnight.”

Xavier watched Nova get out and walk to her front door making sure she made it inside safely. He was wishing she would kiss him or something but it made him happy that she didn’t give a kiss on the first date. Usually girls would kiss and tell but she wasn’t like those girls.

One day she will kiss him and he can wait.

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