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A note


Nova shot right up from her peaceful sleep and looked around the room with wide eyes. She slowly crept out of bed and was breathing fast. She gulped and opened her bedroom door, carefully looking out into the dark hallway.

She walked down her stairs slowly and quietly. She opened her closet that was right by the stairs and pulled out a metal baseball batt and tiptoed to the living room. She held her batt up with two hands ready to hit whoever or whatever was inside her home.

She walked into the living room and a gust of wind blew into the living room. Nova looked at her glass door that was shattered all around the ground and a rock with a note attached into it.

She walked to her closet to retrieve shoes and slipped them on. She walked over to the rock and snatched the note.

I’m coming for you soon baby.

Novas eyes widened when she looked outside and saw a dead rabbit with its head cut off hanging underneath her deck. She stepped back and dropped the note breathing fast.

She ran to the house phone but cried when she realized the house phone was cut off. She ran upstairs to her room and snatched her phone calling the one person she could think of.


Xavier woke up to his ringing and rolled over with a groan. He picked his phone up and scrunched his face in confusion when he saw who the caller was. It was almost five in the morning why was Nova calling?


“Xavier S-someone smashed my glass door and left a note and t-there’s a dead rabbits head hanging from my deck!” Nova cried out into the phone.

Xavier sprung out from bed in a hurry with his phone pressed to his ear by his shoulder as he pulled on some pants.

“Okay Nova listen, I’m on my way lock yourself in your room and sit tight. I’m going to call the police. I’ll be right there.” Xavier said pulling his sweatshirt down and slipping his shoes on.

“O-o-okay.” Nova choked out.

Suddenly the line was cut off. Xavier swore and rushed to his car keys. He ran into his garage and jumped into his car and back out while the garage door was opening. He pressed the button to his gates and almost crashed his car when he sped off into the night on a mission.

He called Marco.

“Dude it’s-“

“Get the fuck over to Nova’s house. Someone fucking broke her glass doors and left a note. Bring all of my most trusted men.” Xavier ordered into the phone and hung up.

He pulled up to Nova house and hopped out his car without hesitation. He ran into the house and called out for Nova. She came running down the stairs in only her silky shirt pajamas and a silky tank top. If right now was a good time Xavier would have gone hard at the sight of her but right now he was worried.

She jumped into his arms and sobbed into his shirt. He wrapped his big muscular arms around her and carried her out the house and into his car.

Nova didn’t question anything. She sat in the seat sniffling and enjoying the warm car. She watched Xavier run to the other side and climbed sliding into the car. He looked over at her and backed out the driveway.

“Your staying at my place.” Was all he said and gave her a look that said ‘not in the mood to argue’ and drove to his home.

Nova just nodded and stared out the window and let out a breath of relief that she was not harmed.


“You can stay in this room. I’m right down the hall and my friend Marco is right across the room.”

Nova smiled at Xavier and swallowed nervously.

“Thank you Xavier, I appreciate it.” She said and hugged him, surprising him.

He smiled down at her and wrapped his arms around her, “Anything for you darling.”

They both let go and Xavier smiled once more at Nova before walking down the hall to his room. Nova went into the room she was staying in and closed the door with a sigh and leaned against it.

Why didn’t she just stay at Jessica’s? Why did she feel safe with him? Why?

Nova walked over to the bed and slithered under the covers. What was Xavier thinking? Did he regret letting her stay? Why did she let him take her to his home without questioning his actions?

Nova closed her eyes and exhaled. She was extremely tired and right now wasn’t the best time to question herself so she let herself fall asleep without hesitation.

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