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Naughty dreams

“You look different from the rest of us. People always ask mom and dad if you were adopted.”

Little Nova looked up at her older sister who was leaning against the door way in Nova’s room. Nova clutched her teddy bear to her chest and stood up, taking steps back.

“They’d ask how we ended up with a disgusting freak like you.”

Tears started forming in Nova’s eyes but she shook her head and clenched one of tiny fists. She wasn’t going to let lily have the satisfaction. She wasn’t going to let her beat her down.

Nova dropped the teddy bear and took a step forward and glared at lily, “I’m not going to let you push me around anymore.” She stated angrily.

Lily laughed, “And what are you going to do? All you can do is cry and cry.”

“Shut up!” Nova shouted.

Lily only laughed more.

“Leave me alone or else...” nova trailed off thinking.

Lily scoffed, “Or else what?”

Nova huffed and stood up straight with a fierce look, “Or else I’m telling mommy and daddy about those pictures you took for Tommy!”

“You little bitch.” Lily said and launched forward with her fists raised at Nova.

Nova screamed and scrambled towards the door but lily had grabbed ahold of her and slapped her.

Nova kicked and screamed as lily carried her forcefully to the closet. She opened the closet door and shoved Nova inside with a sinister smile and slammed it shut.

“No! Please lily! Let me out!” Nova sobbed out banging on the door.

Lily leaned against the door laughing sinisterly, enjoying her sisters sobs.

Nova cried in the dark with her eyes closed. Afraid of what she’ll see if she opened them, like glowing eyes. She listened to her sisters laughter and brought her knees to her chest.

“I’m okay, I’m okay.” She cried silently.

Nova woke up with a tremendous headache. She laid still, just staring at the ceiling with a blurry vision. Her body was tired and sore. She hadn’t gotten any sleep since the incident at her house and her body was beyond exhausted.

She sat up slowly and pressed her back against the bed board while her hands massaged her pounding head. She let out a shaky breath and closed her eyes.

Nova glanced around the room for her phone and eventually her eyes landed on her smartphone that was on the nightstand to her right. She grabbed it and groaned when it didn’t turn on, it was dead and she didn’t have a charger.

She laid back down on the bed and rolled over to her left side and closed her eyes.

Smut warning•

“Fuck. Shit. That feels so good Nova, don’t stop.” Xavier growled out.

Nova giggled and ran her hand down Xavier’s bare chest, and licked his cock with her warm tongue.

She shoved his whole length in her hot warm mouth and hummed, earning a moan from Xavier. She bobbed her head and Xavier grabbed ahold of her hair and thrusted into her mouth, the tip of his cock hitting her throat.

“Fuck baby, you like it when I fuck your warm mouth? You like sucking my big fucking cock huh baby girl?” Xavier grunted out and Nova moaned while he still thrusted into her mouth.

Xavier threw his head back in pleasure when he felt the familiar feeling at the pit of his stomach.

Just as Xavier was going to cum in his dream he woke up with a pillow hitting him in the face. He snatched the pillow and glared at Marco who stood there smiling innocently.

“Did ya have a nice dream there buddy?” Marco asked smirking.

Xavier groaned in annoyance and threw his head back, “Shut up.”

Marco sat on the edge of the bed with the stupid little smirk on his face that Xavier wanted to punch.

“You were moaning and rolling all over the place....must have been a nice ass dream, was Nova giving you a good time?” Marco teased.

“Fuck off.” Xavier grunted out, “Did you find out who broke into Nova’s house?”

“Ahhh yes well you see, I couldn’t find anything. Sorry boss but I did install cameras outside and around the area.” Marco explained.

Xavier nodded without another word. Which meant he was angry and Marco was nervous.

“I’m sorry Xavier. We’ll catch him and we’ll cut his balls off, or her....i don’t know I’m not judging.” Marco stated before standing up and leaving the room not wanting his friend to get angry but stopped and looked at Xavier with a smirk, “Was she kinky?”

Xavier threw a pillow at the door that was quickly closing. Marco was full on laughing on the other side.

Xavier got up from the bed and walked to his bathroom to brush his teeth then walked to his closet. He pulled out a black suit and got dressed. He sprayed a little cologne on himself before walking out his room, satisfied.

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