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The truth

Nova stood silently, staring at the wall. A buzzing noise snapped her out of her daze and she let out a shaky breath. She watched the silver doors open with anticipation.

A nurse greeted Nova, along with some guards, they led Nova down a empty hall. Nova caught the nurse looking at her with pity and she ignored it. Everyone knew about her psychopath of a sister and they always pitied her.

“She always talks about you.” The nurse said and stopped walking, so did the guards.

Nova stopped and stood still, not knowing what to say or think. ‘Maybe coming here was a bad idea’ she thought but quickly shook that thought off. She needed answers. She waited till she was 17 for answers and she needed them now.

“I must warn you, she’s become very hostile. Seeing you will probably fuel her and she’ll try to harm you so for your safety you can’t be alone in a room with her.” The nurse explained, “it’s not too late to turn back.” She added.

Nova shook her head, “I have to do this.”

The nurse nodded understandably and they continued their way. They stopped a white door and the nurse used her badge and typed in a code. The door popped open with a click and they all walked into a room. They stopped at a window, on the other side of the window was another room.

Nova gulped once she saw her sister on the other side sitting at a metal table. Her sister looked tired and sick and that made Novas heart clench but Nova knew better. Lily could manipulate anyone with her looks.

“I’m ready.” Nova stated.

The nurse opened the door and she went in with the guards. Nova walked into the room and approached lily cautiously. She pulled the chair out from the other side of the table and sat down, lily watched her and that made her feel uneasy but she couldn’t let lily see that.

“I didn’t think you’d come. Mom and dad never visited me and I’m sure they would have never let you either. I do love surprises.” Lily taunted.

“I need answers.” Nova said.

“Ask away.” Lily said clasping her hands together, her hands had been bounded together by a chain.

“Why?” Nova asked.

Lily raised her brow, “Why what? I’m afraid your going to have to be a little more specific.”

The room was silent. The guards stood at the door and the nurse also stood there watching.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Nova asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You took everything from me.” Lily said with her teeth clenched.

“I didn’t take shit from you.” Nova snapped.

“Little Nova got tougher huh?” Lily taunted.

Lily sat up straight and looked Nova straight into the eyes, “Do you really want to know the truth?”


“Your not Johns daughter. John and Elizabeth’s parents had an agreement, they were forced to marry each other. Elizabeth was in love with another man but she broke it off with him and never saw him again. One year later she had me then four years later she ran into the man she once loved and they reconnected. Then boom, there you were.” Lily said watching Novas reaction.

“Your lying.” Nova gritted out.

“No, go home and ask Elizabeth.”

Nova stood up and looked at the nurse who understood what she wanted. As soon as the door opened Nova stormed out of the room, Lily’s laughter slowly fading.

Nova stood outside her parents bedroom with her hands inside her pockets. It was now or never. She lifted her fist up and knocked. She heard her mother say ‘come in’ and opened the door. She walked in stood at the end of the bed and looked at her parents.

Her “father” turned the tv off and her mother placed her book mark on the page she left off and closed the book. They waited for Nova to speak.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me?” Nova asked.

“Tell you what honey?” Her mother asked confused.

“Why didn’t you guys tell me that Johns not my biological father?”


Nova licked her dry lips and curled into a ball. The wind picked up and cooled her hot sweaty body, the cold breeze comforted her.

Nova had never completely gotten over the truth about John not being her real father but she still considered him her father since he was there for her. Some part of her heart ached that she never got to meet her real father but the other half was content because she still had John.

Her mother wouldn’t tell her anything about her real father, the only thing she would say was that he was her first love. Nova didn’t know if he knew about her or if he didn’t. Or if he was even alive.

Elizabeth made her promise she wouldn’t go looking for her father and Nova swore that she would never break it. She loved her mother dearly and honored her. Losing her mother to cancer was the hardest. Her mother was strong, even on her death bed.

Nova got up, walked to the window and gazed out at the stars.

“I miss you mom, I miss you so much. I love you.”

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