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So hot

“So we agree that Noah Centineo is the hottest guy ever right?”

“I-I- what?”

“So yes?”

“No. The hottest guy that has ever existed is Luke Hemmings. You need to get your eyes checked Jes!” Nova exclaimed.

“I think the fuck not. You can’t be my best friend anymore. Traitor, that’s what you are. You smelly pig.” Jessica scowled playfully.

“Smelly pig?” Nova snorted unladylike.

Nova waited for Jessica to reply but figured she was playing the silent treatment.

“The silent treatment? C’mon Jes, you can never keep your big mouth shut for a second.” Nova said with a ‘are you serious’ look.

But Jessica still didn’t reply so Nova was left with no choice.

“Wanna watch Shane Dawson?”

Jessica perked up and looked at Nova with a defeated look. Nova giggled, earning a glare from Jessica but that only made her giggle even more.

The two girls grabbed some blankets, some ice cream, and turned off the lights in the living room, and sat down with a huff.

“Shane Dawson marathon here we come.” Jessica sang.

Nova shoved a spoonful of mint chocolate ice cream in her mouth and hummed. (My favorite ice cream flavor btw)

Nova’s phone binged and she looked down at it and grinned.

Xavier: Be ready tomorrow at 5 pm. We, miss cutie are going ice skating. Invite that crazy friend of yours.

Nova: So demanding but ok

“We are going ice skating tomorrow with Xavier and a friend of his.” Nova informed Jessica.

“Is his friend cute? Like Noah Centineo cute?” Jessica asked.

“I thought you said Noah Centineo was hot?”

“Hotter than Xavier.”

“Yeah I don’t think so Jes. Xavier is out of this world kind of hot.” Nova paused, “why did you bring Xavier up?”

“Cause you think he’s hot.”

“So hot.” Nova mumbled.


Short chapter sowwy :D next one is going to be kind of eventful.

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