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Let’s start the game

Fast breathing filled the room, her heart pounding fast that it hurt, her shaky hands grasped a picture frame. She blinked her tears away and scanned the photo. She admired her mother’s smile, a small smile on her own pale face as she remembered when the photo was taken.

She flipped the picture frame and removed the back. She swallowed back a sob and pulled the picture out with sweaty hands. There were words on the back of the photo written with a black marker. She peered down at the words with a sombre expression.

You can break me without touching me, or even seeing me. What am I?

Nova plopped down on the couch confused as ever. What kind of game was this? Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she quickly whipped it out. It was a message from an unknown number.

Unknown number: I see your not quite grasping the idea of the game. If you solve the riddle, you find out where to go next. I’ll walk you through this first part and after that your on your own. Solve the riddle then tell me what you come up with.

Nova read the riddle over and over, she was completely blank. A headache started to form. She was thinking too much. She flipped the picture over and ran her fingers over her mothers face. Then it hit her. Why did lily write the riddle on the back of her mothers picture? The last picture ever taken of her mother before she got sick?

“Something you can break without touching or seeing it. C’mon Nova, think.” She murmured to herself.

A promise.

Her mother always made promises but she never broke them.

Then it dawned on Nova. It wasn’t the promises her mother made but the one promise she made to her mother. She was going to break that promise and it sent her into a whirl of emotions. Her heart clenched with guilt but she reminded herself that it was for the best. She would understand and tell me its okay if she was alive. I have to do this for my friends safety. Nova unlocked her phone and typed fast.

Me: a promise.

Unknown number: DING DING DING! We have ourselves a winner.

Me: You want me to go back to that house

Unknown number: Correct. I thought you would have been happy to go back but I guess not. Did you not enjoy the memories we made together in that house? I’m hurt.

Me: Just tell me what I’m supposed to do when I get there.

Unknown number: There’s something hidden in the attic. A box of letters Elizabeth never wanted you to see or find out about. Don’t tell your friends anything and dispose your phone, I left you a new one at home along with another clue or riddle.

Nova chucked her phone and paced the room. She never wanted to go back to that house. That house was supposed to be apart of her past. She couldn’t quite understand why John still lived it in but it might have been because it reminded him of Elizabeth. They did live there ever since they had gotten married. That’s where they had fallen in love.

She smashed her phone to pieces, “Guess I’m going back to Minnesota.” And with that, Nova rushed up to her bedroom and booked a flight, and packed.


“Flight 378 to minnesota is now boarding. Flight 378 to minnesota is now boarding. Thank you.”

Nova sighed and boarded the plane. She gave a fake smile to the flight attendants that greeted her and lead her to her seat. Nova was praising god when there was a flight to minnesota at 10 pm with not very much people boarding. And because of that, they had first class seats open for everyone and the price was very low.

She watched as people boarded the plane. Time was going by slowly and it didn’t help when her nerves started acting up. She laid back and closed her eyes, focusing on her breathing. Her eyes snapped open when the flight attendant announced to buckle up and walked around checking the seatbelts. When everything was set the plane started up and off they went.

Nova stared out the window. She was leaving New York and her friends behind without an explanation. Jessica was definitely going to shit her pants and involve Marco, and sure enough he would get Xavier involved.

Nova laid back down and closed her eyes once more. This was definitely going to be hard to explain when its all over. If it even ends at all.

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