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Leather journal

Nova stood in front of a big grey house. She inhaled the cold air and removed her hair from her face. She couldn’t believe that she was back.

The house looked nice on the outside and the inside was just as nice. Johns car was parked in the driveway and all the lights were off except the lights in the kitchen. What was Nova gonna say? ‘Hey sorry, where’s that letter my mom wrote for me. Don’t ask how I know about it....’

She was just going to have to come up with a good lie and hope John wouldn’t ask too many questions and catch onto her lie. Telling the truth might seem easier to others but Nova wasn’t stupid and sure as hell knew lily would kill her own father in a heartbeat. Lily was a monster.

Nova took slow and steady steps to the door. She raised her fist and pounded it against the black door two times, and took a step back. The door swung open and a look of surprise and excitement took over John’s natural face expression.


Back in New York, Jessica was freaking out. She nearly had a heart attack every time she’d call Nova and it’d go straight to voicemail. She took it upon herself to go to Nova’s house and screeched when she discovered her best friends phone smashed and all her clothes torn all over the bedroom.

She called the police but they told her that Nova was a grown adult and probably just had a fun night, and would be home soon. Jessica called Marco and asked if maybe Nova was with Xavier but no. Now Xavier, Marco and Jessica sat in Nova’s living room.

“The cops won’t help.” Jessica stated.

“Cops are lousy.” Marco said with a snort.

Xavier was deep in thought.

“I know Nova wouldn’t just up and leave. At least not without an explanation. It’s not like her.” Jessica sighed.

Xavier spotted a letter that was crumpled on the floor. He picked it up opened it, “Who’s Lily?”

Jessica perked up from her spot with wide eyes, “I don’t know. Why?”

“Marco i want you to hack into Nova’s messages, someone doesn’t want us to find whatever’s on there.” Xavier ordered Marco.

Once Marco left, Xavier turned to Jessica.

“I’m going to ask again and only once.” Xavier paused with a very serious face that had Jessica shifting in her seat nervously, “who is lily?”

“Why do you want to know who lily is?” Jessica questioned.

“Because, this lily has Nova and if you want to find your friend, your going to need to tell me. Don’t lie and say you don’t know because your whole body movement just told me you know who lily is.”

Jessica jumped up, “lily has Nova...?” She said horrified.

Xavier watched Jessica, she was panicking and that told Xavier whoever this lily was, she was bad news. Xavier was calm and collected. He didn’t know what the situation was but he was sure he was going to bring Nova home unharmed. He couldn’t let himself panic because then he would do something reckless or something that would get Nova hurt.

“Jessica you need to tell me everything about lily.”

Jessica nodded and sat back down, and with that she began the story, “lily is.......”


“Hey dad.” Nova greeted a shocked John.

He stepped out and swooped Nova into a bear hug, “Nova. Oh I missed you so much.”

He stepped back and welcomed Nova inside. She followed him to the kitchen, the smell of Johns delicious coffee had her smiling. She always used to wake up in the morning for school and smell the aroma of coffee that John would make to wake everyone up.

“It’s late. Why are you up drinking coffee?” Nova asked.

“Why are you up traveling so late?” John asked jokingly.

“I missed you and...” Nova trailed off and took a seat at the table.

John prepared a cup of coffee for his daughter and placed it in front of her, he looked at her questionably and sipped his coffee. Nova played with her hands and glanced at her father.

“Dad.....I know mom left me a letter.”

John set his cup down and looked down at the table, “Uhm how did you know?” He asked.

“I can’t go into that right now but I promise i’ll tell you everything soon. I-i really need that letter.” Nova said.

John walked out the kitchen without another word, leaving Nova in silence. He returned four minutes later with a leather journal and placed it on the table. Nova watched him.

“Your mother wanted you to write your memories down in this journal like she did when she was pregnant with you. As you grew older and older she continued to write everything down. And when she got sick she knew she wouldn’t be there to do it so she made me promise that I would give you this when you came back home. She left you a message.” John explained, his eyes were watery and held so many emotions. Nova’s heart broke at the sight.

Nova grabbed the journal and glanced back at john. She flipped it to the first page and smiled.

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