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Welcome home

Xavier sucked his breath in at the new information. How the hell did he not know? He knew everything about her and even read all her files, and it never mentioned a sister. He, of course heard about a girl that tried to kill her own sister from the news but he never expected it to be Nova.

Marco came back with his computer and set it in front of Xavier and Jessica. He sat in between them and showed them what he had found.

“She’s going home.” Jessica said.

“She’s already at home. I checked her bank statements and she booked a flight to Minnesota at 12 am and arrived at 10 pm.” Marco informed them.

“What do we do? Do we go to Minnesota?” Jessica asked.

“Well by the time we get there, she’ll already be gone. I highly doubt she would stay for long.” Marco pointed out.

“We go to Minnesota and retrace her steps.” Xavier finally said.

“Look Xavier, I don’t think we should interfere. Lily said she’d kill anyone Nova loves if anyone found out. Jessica is on the hit list, your on the hit list and anyone Nova knows is on the hit list. I don’t think she would want you to put yourself or anyone else in danger. Think this through.”

“I don’t give a fuck about me.” Xavier muttered, “We follow Nova. I’ll have my men guarding everyone Nova knows, me and Marco will take a couple men with us to find her.”

“Then what? What are you going to do about lily?” Jessica asked.

“I’ll fucking gut that bitch.”

“Well that’s nice.” Marco chirped.


I remember finding out I was pregnant with you, I had cried for days and felt so happy that I was going to have a baby from the man I first ever loved. You started growing and I would spend my nights talking to you and singing songs that my mother sang when she was pregnant with me and I hope you sing the same songs in the future when you are pregnant. I loved you from day one and i’ll always love you. Don’t forget that.

Tears trailed down Nova’s pale cheek. Her smile was bigger than ever and her heart was filled with sadness, and happiness.

“I miss her so much.” Nova whispered but John heard it and rushed to her side.

He hugged her and she laid her head on his chest, sobbing, “Shhhhh. I know, I know. I miss her too.” His voice cracked.

Nova calmed down and John left to give Nova some space and time. She flipped to the last page and pulled a picture out. A picture of her mother and another man kissing. She placed the picture on the table and focused on the letter.

Dear my precious daughter,

I know I left you with so many questions but I did it to protect you and I hope you understand. I couldn’t let you get hurt because you were my everything and still are my everything. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t protect you from your sister in time, i should have known.

I didn’t tell you much about your father because he’s a dangerous man. He is mafia man and if anyone knew about you, you would be in more danger. He knew about you. He wanted to come back but it wasn’t safe. He loved you and still does, he was so damn happy that he was going to have a baby. A baby girl.

He wrote letters everyday, expressing how much he loved you and wanted to hold you one day. I know i can’t be there to protect you for long, you have every right to go and find your father but please don’t. I can’t bare the thought of you getting hurt because of the type of business your father is involved in.

Please keep that promise you made me. I love you so so much.

Nova dropped the journal and sobbed into her hands. She felt extremely guilty. Guilty because she forgot about that promise and being guilty. The guilt was going to end up eating her alive.

Nova wiped her tears away and stood up. She made her way into the living room where John sat on the couch staring at nothing. She stood there watching John, it was like he was in his own little world and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to interrupt him.

“Dad.” Nova called out.

John snapped out of whatever trance he was in and turned his head to look at Nova. She walked over to him and stood in front of him.

“I need to go into the attic.” She said.

John’s eyebrows furrowed, “What for?” He asked but it hit him, “Oh, you want to see those letters. Okay.”

Nova stumbled into the dark attic and turned her flashlight on. The dark and dusty room was filled with boxes and old furniture, it was like a maze and finding this box of letters was going to take long. Nova opened a box that was filled with books.

She went from box to box, huffing in frustration when she couldn’t find what she was looking for. She walked across the room to a small window and looked outside. She looked to her right and saw a white sheet covering something. She pulled the sheet and shined the light on a trunk that was locked.

“The key.” Nova muttered to herself and took off the key like necklace off her neck.

She pushed the key into the lock and twisted it, and it opened with a pop. She removed the lock and opened the trunk slowly, the sound of creaking made her shiver. Nova pointed the flashlight inside the trunk and gasped.

There was a bunch of letter, almost filled to the top.

Nova reached inside and digging around in there. Her hand landed on something cold and hard, and she grabbed it. It was a small phone. The phone lily left for her. She turned the phone on and the screen turned on, revealing a message.

Unknown number: Welcome home

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