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{ Nova’s POV }

“Hey Nova, why can’t you just get yourself a sugar daddy? Screw looking for a job.”

I gasped and looked over at my best friend, “Jessica!” I scolded her.

The blond headed girl bursted out laughing while I sat there scowling at her. She immediately stopped when she saw the look on my face. She sat up from my bed and smiled innocently at me.

“I mean, look at you Nova. Your a babe!” Jessica said dramatically.

I shook my head and looked down at my computer. If anything, Jessica was a babe. She had straight long blond hair and tanned skin, dark brown eyes, she had a body of a super model.

And me? Well I was nothing special. I look boring with my black hair and big green eyes. I have a big nose and a bunch of freckles scattered around my nose, and I don’t have perfect tanned skin. Nope. Instead I have pale skin like Edward Cullen from Twilight. It’s pretty tragic if you ask me.

“Nah I don’t think so.” I laughed.

“You really have to stop putting yourself down.” Jessica said with a huff, “You know what? Let’s go to the movies!” Jessica squealed, “And Jason is definitely coming with us! Did you know he has a thing for you?”

“No I don’t like him that way and plus, he doesn’t like me like that way either.” I muttered.

I stood up from my bed and walked downstairs with Jessica trailing right behind me.

“Let’s just have a Supernatural marathon!” I suggested making my way into the living room.

Jessica didn’t say anything, she just followed me. I glanced at her and sighed.

“We can go out to eat. I am hungry.” I said.

“Where do you wanna go?” She asked.

I walked to the living room closet and pulled out my jacket and boots.

“We can go to that Italian restaurant if you want?” I asked getting ready.

“YES.” Jessica said getting ready.

“Okay. I’m driv-“before I could finish Jessica interrupted me.

“No no no. You drive like a mad woman.”


Jessica laughed loudly earning some looks from people. I giggled and covered my mouth so I didn’t drool or anything. We sat there laughing and giggling like middle school girls. Finally we both sobered up and ate.

“What do you wanna do for your birthday.” Jessica asked.

“Nothing.” I replied and shoved a meatball into my mouth.

“Really? Your turning twenty and you don’t want to do anything?” She asked raising a perfectly shaped brow.

“I guess I just want to spend time with my closet friends and family.” I stated.

Jessica was about to say something but stopped when she looked behind me. I looked at her confused.

“Xavier Knight just...walked in.” She said still staring behind me.


She stopped and looked at me, “Xavier Knight is a gangleader. A sexy one too.” She said smirking.

I turned around and gasped, Xavier Knight. The man I bumped into the other night. He sat down with another guy and looked around the restaurant.

I looked at Jessica and gulped.

“Jessica that’s the guy I ran into the other night.” I said blushing. Of course I told Jessica about it, I didn’t tell her his name tho.

Jessica gasped, “No way.”

I nodded my eyes and looked down at my plate. I quickly shoved another meatball in my mouth and looked back up at Jessica.

“He’s staring over here.” Jessica stated smirking.

Suddenly Jessicas smirked dropped, “he’s coming over here omg.”

“Hello Nova.” A deep smooth voice greeted.

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