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Xavier glanced around the restaurant, looking for her. His friend Marco sat across from him checking the waitresses out. Marco glanced at his friend and scoffed.

“How do you even know she’s here?” Marco asked leaning back in his chair.

Xavier gave his friend a blank look, “I put a tracking device in her jacket the night I bumped into her on accident.

Marco mumbled to himself about Xavier being an obsessive stalker. He wasn’t wrong.

“Found her.” Xavier said watching his girl talk with a blonde.

Suddenly the beautiful green eyed vixen turned around and locked her gaze with Xavier. She looked away quickly and Xavier let out a low chuckle.

Xavier stood up and walked over to Nova and her friend, Marco trailed behind him smirking.

“Hello Nova.” Xavier greeted.

He watched as the green eyed vixen looked down at her lap and played with her hands, one of the things she does when she’s nervous.

Nova mumbled a small “Hi” and looked everywhere but him.

The blonde leaned forward with a big smile, “Hi I’m Jessica.” She greeted them.

Marco pushed Xavier aside, “Well hello Jessica, I’m Marco and that’s my friend Xavier.” Marco said with a smirk glancing at the two girls.

Jessica giggled.

Xavier glared at his friend for pushing him out of the way. If Marco wasn’t his friend, he’d be dead in a heartbeat for the disrespect. Xavier turned his attention back to Nova and smiled softly at her when he caught her staring.

when she realized she was caught staring at him she blushed furiously and looked at Jessica who was wiggling her eyebrows at her.

“Would you guys like to join us?” Nova asked timidly.

“That would be lovely.” Xavier replied and sat down next to her.

Marco sat next to Jessica and winked at her. He turned his attention to Nova and smiled warmly at her, “My friend here couldn’t stop talking about a beautiful girl who bumped into him the other night, he’d hoped he’d bump into you again.”

Nova blushed once making Xavier’s heart flutter. He loved it when she blushed.

The group talked and ate, getting to know each other. Nova slithered out of her shell and showed her goofy side. Marco and Jessica seemed to really enjoy each other’s company and started a conversation of their own leaving Nova and Xavier out of it.

“I’d like to take you out some time.” Xavier said to Nova.

Nova was shocked. No one ever asked her out before. She made eye contact with Xavier, his heated gaze made her heart beat fast.

“I’d love that.” Nova replied smiling big.

Xavier’s face broke out into a big smile and spoke softly, “Can I have your phone number?”

Nova gave him her phone number. Of course he already knew her phone number, he knew everything about her.

The night ended with Marco and Jessica teasing Xavier and Nova.


Nova laid on her bed in the dark lost in her thoughts.

Why would someone so handsome want to take her on a date? Or even talk to her? Or look at her?

Nova grew up thinking she was nothing. Her sister Lily made sure of that.

Xavier had stared at her the whole night, she didn’t know if that should have creeped her out or if it was cute? Nova never had a boyfriend before or any boys that were interested in her because it was always either her sister that attracted attention or her best friend Jessica.

It was odd. But Nova decided to let it go. She’d ask Jessica in the morning.

Her phone flashed, a message appeared on the screen. She reached for her phone and closed her eyes when the brightness blinded her. A smile made a way onto her face when she read the message.

Unknown: sweet dreams darling.

Xavier. She thought. She closed her eyes and welcomed the darkness.

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