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“Your nothing. Mom and dad didn’t even want you! No one wants you! Worthless.” A teenage girl neered at a thirteen year old girl.

Tears ran down the little girls face and a sob escaped her lips. The thirteen year old cried and cried.

“Your lying! Mom and dad love me!” The girl cried out.

The older girl stepped closer to the little girl and raised her hand. She slapped the little girl and dragged her by her hair down the stairs.

“No one is ever going to love you. I’m doing the world a favor. I’m ending you.”

The thirteen year old screamed as the older girl grabbed a knife out of her pocket.

“I’m just doing the world a favor, goodbye Nova.”

Nova gasped awake clutching her chest trying to get her breathing under control. She could never sleep peacefully. That horrible memory would slither into her dreams. It was a nightmare.

Nova turned her lamp on and sat still. She bursted out crying, choking on her sobs.

Ever since she was born her sister, Lily had always hated her. Lily wanted to be the only girl and punished Nova for being born. Lily would push Nova or slap her around but one day she took it to a new level. It was like Lily was possessed.

Lily had dark chocolate hair and blue eyes like they’re parents but Nova was different. She had green eyes and Black hair. Lily would taunt her because of the difference and how she didn’t belong in the family. Of course Nova took it to heart and has always been insecure.

Nova’s parents always reminded her that she was a piece of artwork. And that’d make her very happy. Nova loved her parents, but they were so oblivious to the things the had went on inside her childhood home. Always busy with work.

But that day was the day secrets fell out of the dark. Her parents never forgave themselves for not noticing sooner. The darkness that lurked in the house.

Nova was sent away after the accident, she lived with her aunt and uncle for the past couple years. Nova never visited that cold dark house. She’d think about it but would back out. She knew that one day she’d have to face her nightmares.

She’s still in contact with her parents, they’d come visit her but she would never visit them and they understood why. And she loved them for that.

Nova stood up and walked down the stairs to the kitchen, she needed water. Her throat was dry and itchy.

She grabbed a cup and turned the water on and filled the cup up. She leaned against the sink and drank her water, her throat satisfied.

Nova went back to her bedroom and turned on the tv. She knew she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. She watched cartoons and snuggled into her warm blankets.

Nova was lonely in her house. She would wake up from nightmares and have no one to comfort her. And she really needed that.

“Maybe I should get a dog.” Nova wondered out loud.


Xavier let out a rough sigh and ran his hand through his hair. He had been working all night. Making phone calls and going through paper work. He’s always been pushing himself.

Instead of going to bed at night he’d work or check up on Nova. He didn’t like going to his bedroom and seeing how cold and empty his bed was. He wanted someone to fill the other side of his bed. He needed someone too. And that’d be Nova.

Xavier leaned back into his chair and cursed out loud.

Where the hell can he take Nova on a date? To the movies? Out to eat?

“I need sleep.” Xavier stated to himself.

He got up and made his way to his cold bedroom. He undressed and laid in the bed in only his boxers. He closed his eyes and thought about that beautiful green eyed vixen of his.

He slipped off into his dreams

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