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“He seemed really into you. It was adorable.” Jessica rambled on and on about the night at the Italian restaurant.

Nova sipped on her coffee and looked at her phone wondering if she should text him. She didn’t want to seem desperate.

“Hmmm Nova just text him.” Jessica said.

She picked up her phone and texted Xavier a simple ‘hey’ and waited for Jason to arrive at their usual hangout place.

Jason walked in and smiled and waved at Nova and Jessica. He walked over to the them.

“Here. Got you what you always get.” Jessica said gesturing to his drink.

“Thanks.” Jason said sitting down, “So what’s new?”

“Nova got asked out by Xavier Knight and he’s totally into her.” Jessica gushed out.

Jason shook his head and looked at Nova with concern, “Xavier Knight? Are you crazy!? Did he hurt you?” He asked.

“He’s very nice.” Nova said sipping her coffee.

“Nova...he’s dangerous and you could do better.” Jason said after awhile.

“Yeah? And who would be that somebody?” Jessica questioned.

“He’s fine Jason. A bit intimidating but he hasn’t hurt me or anything.” Nova said giving him a reassuring smile.

Jason was quite. He stood up and grabbed his coffee, “I’m going to go.”

Jessica and Nova watched him leave. Nova slumped in her chair and glared at Jessica.

“Why did you have to tell him?” Nova asked putting her chin in the palm of her hand.

“I told you he had a thing for you.” Jessica mumbled.

Nova rolled her eyes and replied, “it’s called being a good friend.”

“Nope. I saw jealousy in his eyes.” Jessica said raising her brows and looking out the window.

The two girls left the coffee shop in a hurry.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Jessica said dragging Nova softly by her arm.

“What is it?” Nova asked confused.

“I saw my ex boyfriend in there.” Jessica said plainly.

“Which one?” Nova joked earning a glare from Jessica.

Nova pulled her phone out and called Jason hoping he would answer. Nope. Yeah he had every right to be upset. Xavier was a dangerous man but he didn’t have to leave them hanging like that.

When Nova returned home she found Jason’s car in her driveway. Jason and Jessica had a key to her house so he must have been inside.

Nova entered her home and found Jason sitting on her couch with a frown.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.


Nova didn’t want to push Jason, he had quite the temper sometimes. She looked down at her phone when it buzzed in her hand.

Blue eyes: Hi beautiful

Nova blushed.

Me: how are you?

Blue eyes: I’m good and how about you darling?

Me: I’m good

Blue eyes: would you like to go to the movies?

Me: yes tehehe

Blue eyes: does Friday work for you at 6 pm

Me: Sounds good to me

Blue eyes: great have a good day xoxo

“Are you- are you texting him right now?” Jason asked in disbelief.

Nova looked up from her phone and sighed, she kept her mouth shut not knowing what to say.

“I like you. I’ve always liked you.” Jason stated and stood up leaving Nova in the living room shocked.

“Well shit.” Nova muttered.

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