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The beast

The beast

Xavier slammed his fist on the desk, “What the fuck do you mean? Me going soft? How dare they question me!” He shouted angrily.

“Sir, they-“ The man jumped back when Xavier slammed both fists on the table.

“Round up the men. ” Xavier said seething.

The man quickly ran out the room. Xavier stood there and straightened his suit and tie, while trying to calm down.

“They are ready.” Marco said walking into the room.

Xavier walked out without a single word and stood in front of his men.

“How dare you question my leadership?!” Xavier shouted. He pulled out a gun and shot one of his men in the head, “Question me again and you’ll have a bullet in your head.”

Xavier stalked away angrily and into his office, he slammed the door shut.

How dare they question his leadership? Going soft? How dare they.

Xavier knew they were right about him going soft. Ever since he met that angel of his, he had been calm and collected. He’d usually be making deals or having a shoot out. Xavier enjoyed killing, it was his hobby. But he was slowly slipping away from that lifestyle and he couldn’t allow that. Once your in...your in for good.

Maybe it was best if he forgot about Nova. No. He couldn’t. She was already in too deep. She had stolen his heart. What was Xavier going to do? His gang thinks he’s unfit to lead and that made Xavier’s beast roar in anger.

Xavier chuckled to himself, “Time to let the beast out.” He said sinisterly.


Xavier wiped the blood of his hands with a towel, he was satisfied. Killing brings him pleasure. Brings him joy.

Xavier’s phone rang interrupting his moment. He stared at his phone and cursed.

“Hello mother.” Xavier greeted into the phone, “No mother. I’m not going to dinner if that whore is going to be there.” Xavier clenched his fist in annoyance, “Goodbye.” He hung up before his mother could cuss him out.

Xavier’s mother wanted him to settle down. At first Xavier didn’t want to be tied down just yet but when he first saw Nova he made a promise that he wouldn’t touch anyone but her. His mother didn’t know about Nova and tried to hook him up with her friends daughter, Brittney who happens to sleep around with rich men.

Her mother was Naive. She didn’t know the things that whore did or how bratty she was. Brittney cried about the littlest things and that made him want slit her throat.

Brittney had tried hooking up with Xavier once and when he rejected her, she stomped her way out the house with her stripper heels. She didn’t give up on Xavier. She wanted him and his money.

If she ever found out about the girl that stole his heart she’d freak. Maybe even try to kill Nova. Xavier knew deep down inside she was crazy, just waiting to snap.

“Hey bro I’m heading out. Gonna go get laid.” Marco said leaning against the door way.

“Whatever. Just don’t catch anything.” Xavier mumbled throwing the bloody towel across the room, “Have someone clean this mess up.” Xavier pointed to the bloody body on the floor.

Xavier walked out the basement and headed straight for his room for a nap.

His nap was cut short when his phone rang interrupting his heavenly dream about Nova.

“What!?” Xavier snapped, “I’m on my way.” Xavier hung up and grabbed his gun.

He drove to Nova’s like a mad man.

Someone broke into Novas house and left her a threatening note. Thank god she wasn’t home. Xavier thought, his heart beating fast. His beast bubbled in anger at the thought of Nova ever getting hurt.

He didn’t know what he would if she ever got hurt.

Xavier arrived at Nova’s house, his men waiting for him outside. His men that were placed there to protect Nova. He walked inside and headed to the living room.

The living room was a mess. The couch was pushed over and the tv was shattered, Nova’s picture frames were shattered and the coffee table was broken.

Marco walked into the room and raised his brows taking in the mess, “Damn.” He said and whistled.

“Where is Nova.” Xavier asked closing his eyes.

“She’s spending the night with Jessica.” Marco answered and paused, “They left this note for you.” He handed Xavier a note.

Xavier took the note from Marco and grunted.

She’s mine.

“I want you to find this asshole. Now!” Xavier snapped.

Marco stepped aside and nodded, “I’m on it.”

Xavier began walking but stopped and turned towards Marco, “Have someone clean this mess up. I want everything replaced before she comes home.”

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