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“I want my money.” Xavier stated calmly taking a hit from the cigarette.

“Please! I’ll get you your money! Give me till Friday I promise!” The pathetic dirty man begged.

Xavier grunted and flicked his cigarette, “No can do.”

“Mr.Knight please I have a family!” The man cried out.

“Should have thought of them before you decided to make deals.” Xavier said and glanced at his watch then said, “Get rid of him.”

Xavier walked away with a smirk as he heard the man scream. He could practically smell the fear off the man when they rounded him into the dark allay. He loved it when he smelt fear and when they trembled.

Xavier hopped into his car and leaned his head back into the seat.

“Where to sir?” His driver asked.



“So where do you plan on taking her for your lil date?” Marco asked.

“The movies.” Xavier replied filling some paperwork out in his office.

Marco snorted, “Do you plan on making out with her through the whole movie like a bunch of teenagers?”

“No. She loves movies, scary movies.” Xavier explained.

Marco raised his golden brow and shook his head laughing, “Dude....that’s just....w-why did you stalk her for so long?”

The question left Xavier thinking.

“I couldn’t just walk right up to her and ask her out like a normal person. It was dangerous. At first I wasn’t stalking, I just wanted to check up on her but then it started becoming a habit. When I first saw her I had to know more about her.” He explained.

“Ahhhh i see. I’m not gonna lie man, she’s beyond beautiful. But dude you creep me out when you start talking about the little things she likes or does.”

Xavier pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance then grinned. He stood up and pulled a book out from his shelf and sat back down.

“Did you know she likes reading-“ Marco cut Xavier off with a scoff.

“Bye I’m out.” Marco left.

Xavier chuckled and tossed the book on his desk. Finally some peace and quiet. Xavier was too busy to notice the door open. The sound of heels clicking bounced around his office catching his attention.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Xavier snapped.

“Babyyyyy I just wanted to come and visit you. Did you miss me??” The fake blonde squeaked.

He narrowed his eyes at her, “How did you get in my house?”

“It’s our house so.” The blonde said pouting.

Xavier let out a aggravated sigh. He clenched his fists and stood up. Our house? Was she serious? Xavier had enough of her.

“Get out.” He sounded calm.

“Baby wha-“

“I said get out.” He said calmly again.

“Xavier! That’s no way to treat a lady.”

Xavier snapped his head towards the door and muttered under his breath. His mother was here, “Hello mother.”

The fake blonde smiled wickedly, “I was just Xavier about how much I missed him.”

“Fuck off Brittney.” Xavier said sitting back down.

His mother gasped at him and crossed her arms.

“Xavier. That is not how you talk to a lady.” She scolded.

“Lady my ass.” He muttered. If only his mother knew the truth, “Tell me lady’s sleep around?”

Brittney stumbled back with a gasp and looked at Xavier’s mother, “I’ll be outside waiting.” The blonde left without another word.

“Xavier, Brittney is a nice girl. Give her a chance.” Xavier mother said with a frown.

“No mom. I already have someone in my heart.” He stated.

Xavier’s mother smiled, “Really? Someone stole my baby’s heart? How is she? When can I meet her?” She asked.

Xavier chuckled softly, “Mom I don’t think she’s ready to meet you anytime soon.”

She sighed and nodded.

“I have to go. Your fathers waiting for me.” She said.

Xavier and his mother walked out the office together. Brittney stumbled over with a fake smile.

“Alright Brittney lets go.”

Brittney nodded, “I’ll be right there Ava.”

Once Xavier’s mother was gone Brittney scowled.

“Who is this bitch? You belong to me. To me.” She screeched.

“Bye bye.” Xavier shoved Brittney away.

She stomped away crying.

“Wow.” Marco said standing next to Xavier, “Just wow....”

“Yup. Wow.” Xavier said running his hand through his hair.

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