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Chapter 10. New friend

The man with the green eyes had his gun pointed at me. The tears blurred my vision

“Why are you doing this?” I cried. The man just stared at me, his face was covered by a cloth, I could only see his eyes looking at me with venom.

“Who are you?”

I took a deep breath and waited for him to answer. He continued to stare, he watched me beg and plead to let me go, but he ignored it, his finger moved towards the trigger.

“Please, please,” I murmured.


My eyes snap open; I sit upright gasping for air. The sound of thunder floods my ears. The rain is coming down fast, followed by lighting. Every time the lightning strikes, my room illuminates.

I run my fingers through my hair while thinking about the nightmare. That man is making a bigger impact on my life then I thought he would.

Feeling my mouth dry I get up to get a glass of water from the fridge. Kicking my blanket off my legs I head to the kitchen, the tiles were cold making my feet cool. The weather has changed drastically. I checked the time, it’s 4 am. I wish, there’s still a lot of time left for work.

After drinking water I head back to bed, I unlocked my phone to see if I have any messages but was left with disappointment again. Sighing I leave my phone and close my eyes praying I don’t get any nightmares now.

The flare of my phone alarm woke me up. Urgh, I wish I could sleep for five more minutes, sometimes I hate working, only because it takes away my morning sleep.

After getting ready, I walk out the door, determined not to think about Ethan. I checked the time on my phone, 7:45.


I better hurry, or I’m going to be late. Rushing out I quickly made my way to the store, man I’m going to miss the cupcakes today too.

I reached the store on time. Joe was sitting behind his desk, probably filling up some paperwork.

“Good morning Joe,” I greet

“Oh, Good morning Summer, you can start today’s work, it’s the usual, I don’t think you need me to help you anymore, you’re a fast learner, but just in case you do need help, I’m right here,” he smiles, looking at me through his reading glasses.

“Thanks Joe, it means a lot to me” I grin at him.

“I’ll help right the work right after I’m done.” He dismisses.

Nodding my head, I start today’s work, cleaning the cats’ litter boxes, filling all the animals’ food and water bowls.

It took me around 3 hours to do that, because of all the animals this place has, plus the sweeping. Phew, I wipe the sweat off my forehead.

“Summer, woah! You finished all this already?”

“Huh? Oh yeh, just need to finish mopping now.”

“Wow, you really don’t kid around when working huh?” Joe says amazed at how clean everything looks


“Well I just finished placing the orders of the animals’ food, had to be very careful, I didn’t want to fill in the wrong quantity like last time,” he chuckles.

“What happened last time?” I ask curiously.

He let out a short whistle and chuckle.

“I ended up ordering more food for the hamsters, that would last a whole year for 10 hamsters, and we only had two that time.”

“Oh wow, at least you have more hamsters now? I guess.”

“Yes, well they’re actually in high demand, people love them, anyway it’s time for you break, you can go have your lunch.”

“Oh right, see you then,” I say, and turn around.

“Uh and Summer, is Ethan not going to volunteer today?”

Dammit! Did he have to mention him, Urgh I was having such a good day, turning back I put my best “smile”.

“I have no idea, after he left abruptly yesterday, we actually haven’t spoken, it was probably a one-time thing,” I explain while looking out the window. It doesn’t even look like it rained this morning.

“Hmm, you’re right, I mean a guy like him I probably very busy, I’m surprised he actually came yesterday and did something at least.” He says.

My eyes snap to him. A guy like him? What does he mean by that?

“A, a guy like him?” I ask confused, what am I missing here.

“Oh yeah you’re new here, I was surprised when you were actually introducing him to me, no wonder you don’t know him,” he chuckles seeming highly amused. He still hadn’t answered my question though.

“You know him?” I ask again getting agitated. Nodding his head he answers.

“Of course, he’s actually...”

Before he could complete his answer, his freaking phone rings and he immediately takes the call looking at me apologetically. Excusing himself, he walks back to his office.

What. The. Hell.


Huffing, I walk out and head to the diner for lunch. Once I reach the diner, I sit by the window and place my order.

Staring out the window I remember the time that creepy man was staring at me.

Hmmph, there’s no way in hell I’m getting scared of him again, those days are over.

I mean come on, I didn’t take self-defence classes for nothing! Especially after what happened, I’m not going down that road again! If I ever see him again I’m going to march towards him and ask him why the hell he is being creepy for.

I’ve enough nightmares to deal with, no more now.

“Here’s your food miss, would you like anything else?” The waitress snaps me out of my thoughts and waits patiently for me to answer.

“No thank you this will do.” I smile kindly at her.

I ordered the same food except as yesterday, burger and chips, but no shake this time just water. I took a huge bite of the scrumptious burger, it was crispy and juicy with the sauce.

After finishing my meal I went to wash my hands and bumped into the waitress.

“I’m so so sorry,” the waitress says looking apologetically at me with slight fear.

“Hey no worries, I wasn’t watching where I was going either.” I smile at her.

She looked relieved.

“Oh, thank you, I thought you were going to complain to the manager, you have no idea how rude the customers can get.”

“Totally understandable, I’m Summer,”

“I’m Norah,” she introduces and stretches her hand out for me to shake. I couldn’t shake her hand since they were still dirty, so I showed her my hands, making her eyes slightly widened in realisation. We both end up laughing.

“Okay, I’ll let you go wash your hands while I make your bill,” she says.

“Sounds Good, I’ll see you in a minute,” I tell her and enter the bathroom to wash my hands.

Standing in front of the sink I wash my hands with the liquid soap and dry my hands with the paper towel. After I finish I check my teeth in the mirror to make sure no food is stuck between my teeth.

I went back to my table and waited for Norah, I didn’t have to wait much longer because she came, a minute later.

“Here’s your bill.”

“Thank you.”

Paid the bill and gave Norah a little tip, which made her smile widely.

She seems like such an outgoing person, it’s funny how easy it was for me to talk to her.

“I’ll see you around Norah,”

“See ya,” she waves goodbye while I leave out the door.

I head back to work, and finish up the rest of my duties before heading home, I didn’t get to have a conversation with Joe again, since he was busy the whole time, we only got to say goodbye to each other.

Well, what will I do by knowing about Ethan anyway, it’s not like he’s important to me anyway, and I’m not to him either.

We literally just met! I really need to make more friends, at least Norah and I are friends now. Hmmm, maybe we can make plans to meet up.

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