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Chapter 11. Nicholas

It’s been a week, and still no sign of Ethan.

The weekend is finally here, Norah and I are going to hang out at the cinemas, and watch a funny movie.

We exchanged numbers the day after I met her and ever since we’ve been getting closer and closer.

I chose to go casual, wearing a pair of blue faded jeans and a black shirt. She’s going to come home first, we will have dinner then we’ll go to the cinema together.

I tie my hair into a ponytail and put some lip gloss on. Checking the time I realise that I still have 30 minutes left until she comes.

I sit on my bed and scroll through tweets while I wait for Norah. It’s funny how I haven’t come across the creepy man since that day, or maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

While scrolling through Instagram I see a picture of Nicholas, Gina’s brother.

A bright smile adorned his face making his dark brown eyes light up. His arm was wrapped around a beautiful girl, with long brown hair and blue eyes.

Tears filled my eyes, I really miss him, I loved him, no not in that way, but as a friend.

He was really a goofball, and always did the craziest things. Everyone loved him, because of his kind soul, he was the apple of their eyes, and then there was me, they loved me too but not as much as Nicholas. In front of him though, I was just a speck of dirt, and when the accident happened, it confirmed my thoughts.


Nicholas and I were hanging out at the park and waiting for the rest of our friends to show up.

“What is taking them so long?” Nicholas sighs frustrated. He was tired of waiting for them and so was I.

“They’re probably on their way,” I say, trying to make him feel better.

“You know what? Let’s just hang out on our own and have fun.

“Are you sure? We can still wait a little longer, I’m sure they’re almost here.”

“Did you tell them to meet us here?” He asks.

“Actually I called Zoey first, and she said that she’ll tell the rest of our friends.”

“Oh, well they’ll join us whenever let’s go,” he says while grabbing my hand.

We bought some popcorn to feed the ducks, by the pond, the soft breeze made my hair fly back.

Nicholas crouched down with some popcorn, trying to catch a duck, but failed miserably.

Laughing quietly I move closer to Nicholas who’s too busy concentrating on the ducks to notice me move closer. He can be such a child sometimes.

I move behind Nicholas and give him a slight push, he wasn’t prepared for that and his feet slipped making him fall face first into the muddy ground.

I couldn’t stop the laughter that left my mouth. I move back while Nicholas tries to get up, but this time his hands slip and he falls again. My laughing was getting uncontrollable. My ribs hurt, and the tears kept flowing.

“Summer!” Nicholas screams, extremely angry. He finally gets up, wiping the mud from his face.

“Uh oh,” my eyes widen and I take cautious steps back.

“Uh oh is right,” he says now smirking evilly at me. He is going to have his revenge.

“You better run while you have the chance,” he taunts.

“Shit!” I begin running away from him, while he starts his chase. I run as fast as my short legs and unfit body could allow. We ran all around the park, I think he was purposely not catching me.

Nicholas catches up and grabs me by my waist laughing evilly.

“No!” I scream laughing.

“Laugh all you want, it’s going to be ending soon.” He says smugly while carrying me.

I notice that he’s moving towards the pond, he’s not going to throw me in there right?

“Oh yes I am,” he taunts. I didn’t realise I said that out loud.

“Shit! Nicholas no! I’m sorry, please!” I beg and struggle, but he tightens his grip and shakes his head.

Eventually, he reaches the pond and throws me into the water, the cold water soaked into my clothes making my body shiver.

“I can’t believe you just did that!”

He was busy laughing and didn’t bother responding.

I rolled my eyes and squeezed the water out of my clothes while walking towards him.

“Does somebody want a hug?” I tease spreading my hands out. He quickly stops his laughing and states at me.

“What?” He says laughing nervously and moving back.

“Aw, I think you need a hug though,” I smirking evilly.

“You wouldn’t dare,” he narrows his eyes at me, and I quickly run to him. He acted quickly and ran further away from me.

“You can’t run forever!” I shout at him.

“Oh yes I can!” He laughs back.

He runs across the road and sticks his tongue out at me while shaking his bum, clearly mocking me. I stand on the opposite side of the road by the park panting and catching my breath.

“Fine fine, truce? I’ll get you a cupcake,” he bargains pointing back with his thumb at the little cafe. Who can say no to a free cupcake?

“Alright, alright I’m coming,” I roll my eyes at him, which made him smile widely at me.

“No stay there, I’ll get you the cupcake, they won’t let you in looking like that,” he says looking at me in disgust.

Crossing my arms I glare at him. “This is your fault alright, just hurry up then.”

He turns around and enters the cafe while I wait, I wonder where all our friends are, I even forgot my phone so I can’t even message them.

The park was packed with little kids and their families, having a picnic running around and playing catch.

“Here’s your cupcake,” Nicholas says handing me my cupcake while he eats his. He finishes his in two bites while I’m still eating mine.

“Do you even chew?” I ask curiously.

“Funny,” he deadpans. Whatever, big mouth.

“I’m thirsty,” he complains.

“So? Go get yourself a bottle of water.”

“Oh c’mon I got us the cupcake,” he pouts

“Okay fine, here hold my cupcake and give me the money,” I say to him while rolling my eyes.

He takes my cupcake and gives me the money. I walk across the road to the stall that’s near the cafe.

“Hey, can I please have a bottle of water?” I ask the man that’s handling the stall.

“Sure.” He grabs a bottle of water and gives it to me while I give him the money.

Turning around I begin my walk back to Nicholas, halfway there someone shouts making me look back in confusion.

“Hey, you forgot your change!” Shouts the man from the stall. Oh, shaking my head I pause contemplating whether I should give Nicholas the bottle first or get the change.

Deciding to get the change first I start my walk back to the man.

“Summer watch out!” I hear Nicholas scream and suddenly I was pushed forward making me fall at the edge of the road and bump my head. Dark spots began clouding my vision, I blinked a couple of times making them disappear slowly.

I had not realised a car was speeding towards me. When I looked back I saw Nicholas lying on the road, the car had hit him and taken off.

People began running and surrounding him. He had pushed me to save and had taken the hot.

“No, this can’t be happening,” I mumble to myself. I try to get up but my body refuses to corporate making me fall back.

The man from the stall rushes by my side and helps me get up

“Miss are you okay? You’re bleeding!”

“Help Nicholas,” I cry out weakly and point towards him.

“Yes the ambulance is on their way, I contacted them,” he says while he tries to help me stand.

My vision began to blur again, my head was throbbing, I closed my eyes unable to take the pain. I stretched my hand to the side of my head and felt wetness, bringing my hand closer to my eyes; I see blood smeared on my fingers.

My body began to sway, the man holding me tried to help me stand upright.

“Miss, miss stay awake the ambulance is on their way!” He tries to help me stay awake. His voice was fading and began sounding distant. My eyes were beginning to close.

“Miss, miss!”

“Nicholas,” I whisper before my eyes completely closed and I feel myself get engulfed in darkness.

*Flashback ends*

I wipe my tears, and head to the bathroom to freshen up; Norah will be here anytime now.

After I retouched my lip gloss and smoothen my hair with my fingers, I head to the kitchen for a glass of water.

I pour myself a glass and sit while going through tweets. A few minutes later, Norah sent a text.

"Ey my binch, I’m waiting outside come quick😺,”

“Coming! 😒”

I put the glass in the sink and head out. After locking the door, I see Norah standing opposite me, wearing an outfit just like mine; however, she left her hair loose, making it flow behind.

“You couldn’t just knock?” I laugh at her.

“I didn’t feel like it,” she shrugs.

Shaking my head, “let’s go I’m starving!” I say.

We get into the taxi she hired for us and together we go to the new restaurant that has just opened up, then we’d go to the movies after.

Once we reach I pay the taxi driver and thank him before Norah and I enter the restaurant.

Since the restaurant just opened, they were giving all their customers a special discount, so here we are.

We sat at the table that was at the end of the restaurant. The place was beautifully decorated in white and gold showpieces. The lighting was dim, candles and white roses adorned the tables making it give a romantic atmosphere I guess.

It was pretty quiet in here; it wasn’t packed like I thought it would be, maybe people don’t know about this place yet.

“So Norah who told you about this place?”

“Oh a friend of mine, she happens to be a waitress here, so here we are.”


A waiter showed up and gave us the menu, I ordered the lasagne with a glass of grape juice and Norah ordered the same since neither of us drinks alcohol of any kind.

We sat and waited for our food while we talked about our day, and favourite movies and books.

After eating Norah excused herself and went to the bathroom, I looked around and so couple at the far end arguing about something, way to make it public guys.

I checked my phone to see the time, and I hear a clearing of the throat in front of me.
My eyes snapped up, seeing the person in front of me made my eyes widen.

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