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Chapter 12. Liar

“What are you doing here Ethan?” I narrow my eyes at him.

“I came to check this place out, and I saw you, so I thought I could say hi.”

“Hmm, you “thought” you could say hi?” I glare at him.

“Uh yes?”

The audacity of this man! I sit back, fold my arms and smile at him.

“Okay, hello Ethan, so not good to see you, how about you take your happy self away from this table because I’m here with a friend, who happens to not have disappeared two days after we just met,”

He stares at me with an open mouth, and realisation crosses his face.


“Oh?” I stare at him.

“Uh, I, okay I’m sorry I haven’t been texting you, or I haven’t you know tried to contact you, even though I was the one who insisted on getting to know you.” He says looking apologetic. Fake much? And he thinks it’s going to work. Ha!

I move closer to him and smiled even wider.

“Hmm, apology...not accepted,” I say with a straight face.

“Oh come on Summer, you can’t be serious,” he whines making me scoff and roll my eyes.

“I asked you to leave,” I glare at him.

“I own the restaurant,” he says smugly.

“You what? I thought you said you just came to check the place out?” I ask curiously and he loses the smug look on his face.

“I, uh yes? I mean yeah I did come to check how everything is, so do you like the place?”

“Oh yeah, everything was perfect.”

“Was perfect?”

“Yes, and then you showed up,” I mock.

“Seriously?” He runs his fingers through his hair.

I didn’t answer and he sighs in frustration.

“Look Summer, I’m really sorry! I was just busy with the restaurant and stuff.” Before I could answer Norah comes and fails to notice Ethan.

“Hey, I’m sorry I took so long, I just paid our bill,” Norah says apologetically still not noticing Ethan.

“That’s alright, I think we’re done let’s go.”

“Oh my god, is that the Ethan?” She asks, finally noticing him. How on earth does she know him? Before I could ask he answers her.

“Hey, nice to meet you,” he stretches his hand out to her, and she eagerly shakes his hand.

“How do you know Ethan? Have you guys met before?” I ask confused and Norah bursts out laughing. Ethan looks around nervously.

“What, what is so funny?” I ask extremely confused, why does Ethan look ready to run?

“He’s actually...” she started to say but was cut off by Ethan.

“I um, why don’t we talk Summer?” He nervously says.

“Actually why don’t we let Norah finish what she’s saying,” I say, he opens his mouth to say something but closes it after a few seconds.

“Yes, Norah you were saying?”

“Oh well, Ethan here is actually, the owner of this restaurant and one of the richest guy in the country, also he owns a lot of other restaurants, how do you not know this, aren’t you two friends?”

“Yeah, I thought we were friends too,” I say looking unaffected.

“Summer, I was...” he tries to talk.

“Save it, let’s go Norah,” I say while I walk out the door.

“I’ll text you, Summer!” Ethan calls out, making me roll my eyes. I ignore him and continue to walk, idiot!

“So, what was all that about?” Norah asks.

“It’s nothing really, I just met him like a week ago, and he was so persistent on getting to know me, so we met up like once, and then he just went MIA until today, can you believe that? Like we actually had lunch together and talked like a lot, and he failed to even mention who the hell he is, that butt!” I rant, Norah stops a taxi for us, so we can go to the cinemas.

“Oh wow, okay that is weird, why didn’t he just tell you who he is? Gosh and then he just disappears?”

“Please take us to the nearest cinema,” I tell the taxi driver and he nods his head.

“Yes, and you know what’s even weirder? The whole time all we just talked about was me, not once did he tell me about himself, I mean sure it’s nice that he wants to get to know me, but at least tell me about yourself too right?” I say frustrated, making her laugh.

“Hmmm, you’re right though, it’s almost like as if he’s a detective, and you’re some kind of victim or something,” she laughs more.

“Urgh, whatever, forget about him, let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

We reach the cinemas, I pay the driver and we both get off the car. The place isn’t as crowded as I thought it would be, good for me, I shrug. The smell of popcorn filled my nose, the lights were bright and it made the junk food areas show clearly.

We get the tickets and the popcorn and drinks. Good thing we ate already, so we didn’t buy a lot of the junk food.

After buying the food we walk to our seats since the movie starts in 5 minutes. We both sit in front because I’m way too short, if some giraffe head sits in front of me, that’s the only thing I’ll be seeing instead of the movie.

“Summer, are you planning on answering Ethan when he calls or messages?”

“Nope, I want nothing to do with that liar.”

“Seriously? But he’s so hot!” she exclaims.

“Looks don’t matter, character and personality though, does.”

“Hmm you’re right, since when did you start saying things that make sense?” She laughs

“Hey! I always say things that make sense!” I argue while eating my popcorn. The movie better start before I finish my popcorn.

“Yeah right,” she says sarcastically.

“Hey!” I burst out.

“Okay, okay you do make sense,” she giggles.

After she says that the movie starts and we both quieten and pay attention to the movie.

After the movie Norah and I head to our own homes, the movie was super funny, but gross too, people should understand disgusting isn’t funny! But at least it wasn’t too disgusting or I’d just leave the movie halfway.

Some scenes were so funny, Norah and I laughed till tears flowed out of our eyes.

It was a good day, except for Ethan’s sudden appearance of course, but I had fun. It’s been a really long time since I went out just for fun. Today was still worth it.

Once I reach home, I change my clothes into a pair of comfortable grey sweatpants and a white shirt, I take the ponytail out and let my hair loose.

It’s been a long time since I have seen Mary, maybe I should go meet her, or not I’m tired and I definitely don’t want to get whacked with a frying pan.

Shrugging I sit in the sitting room with my phone and go through my old pictures. There are a lot of things I need to delete, including pictures of my old caretakers.

My caretakers were all female, they owned the orphanage I was dropped at as a child. They loved me and I them, I used to call my main caretaker mum and she had treated me as a daughter, but after the accident, everything changed.

I should’ve known it wasn’t just the accident that had caused everyone’s behaviour to change, it was my friend’s that had already been spreading lies about me long before the accident.

The seed of mistrust and hatred had already been planted, and the accident was a trigger that made it bloom.

Once their behaviour changed towards me there was no going back, and nothing could’ve been done to change that.

They didn’t bother asking me for an explanation, they just assumed and believed the lies they were told.

Why would they ask me anyway, I was just a burden they were waiting to get rid of.

But once the truth was out, they all felt guilty, ha and I wasn’t going to forgive them, oh no way, they can live with the guilt for all their lives, I don’t care.

My caretakers, turned a blind eye to all the abuse I had received, told me to get over it, they would take away my phone so I don’t call the police.

My “mother” didn’t care, apparently I was way more attached to her then she was to me, she was just doing her ”job" by taking care of me.

Zoey was her daughter and my friend too. She was the epitome of perfection, she was kind to everyone including me.

Although sometimes I’d get these weird negative vibes or feelings coming from her, I thought it was just in my head and I was just being suspicious for nothing but the truth was revealed eventually.

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