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Chapter 13. Forgive me

I still don’t understand why I have pictures of my caretakers, maybe so I don’t forget what they have done to me? Or maybe I wish things were different, I wish it was back to the time where we were a happy family.

I felt wanted when I was with them, but after what they did, I realised I was just a burden. It’s funny how people change when things don’t happen their way.

The buzzing of my phone notifies me of a message, making me break my thoughts. I click on the notification; it was a message from Ethan.


Urgh does he honestly think I’m going to reply to him? I went back to my pictures and continued to scroll, this time I went to the memes; I don’t know what I’d do without them.

My phone vibrates again, notifying me of another text message. I click on the notification and it opens Ethan’s message.




“Okay look, Summer, I am sorry okay? Please forgive me?”

“I’ll meet you at lunch tomorrow.”


“I am sorry okay.”

A few seconds later the messages finally stopped, I don’t care, why is he even bothering? I closed the messages and stared at my phone, a few seconds pass by and my phone begins to ring.

And looky here it’s Ethan, I let the phone ring, once it stopped, I switch off my phone.

Sighing I head to the kitchen for a snack; I take out the Nutella from the cupboard and grab a side plate and two slices of bread. After preparing my Nutella sandwich, I quickly bite into it and moan. The creamy texture of the hazelnut chocolate spread into my mouth, and I took another bite until I finished the whole sandwich.

I head to my room and get into bed, completely exhausted. My body is drained, but my brain refuses to let me sleep.

I stare at the roof and think back to the day of the accident.

My eyes were sealed shut. I could feel some movement around me, but I couldn’t move, or even open my eyes.

I didn’t know what was going on, after a few minutes of not being able to move, I thought hard. I tried to remember what had happened, a few seconds later it all hit me, the accident Nicholas.


My eyes snapped open and I took in a deep breath. I looked around and realised I was in a hospital room, and I was all alone.

There was a machine with a wire connected to my finger. I moved my hand and pulled out the little object connected to me. The machine stopped beeping, a few seconds later a nurse rushed in looking panicked, she sighed in relief after seeing that I was awake.

“You’re alright, how are you feeling, any pain?” She asked.

“I’m okay,” I answered, but my voice wasn’t clear, she gives me a glass of water and I greedily drank it feeling the water soothe my throat.

“Where’s Nicholas?” I asked panicky.

The nurse looked at me confused.

“I’m not sure, but don’t worry, I’ll just go find out for you, please do not try to get up or walk out, you hit your head pretty hard and you had other bruises on your body, but they were almost healed.”

“Okay,” I answered quickly, not wanting her to ask me any questions. She nods her head and leaves.

Nicholas, I hope he was okay.

I had waited for the nurse for a few minutes, she hadn’t shown up, but the doctor did.

He did his routine check-up, said something about a concussion. I asked him about Nicholas but he just said he was getting better.

An hour had passed, I was alone in the room, nobody came to see me, and maybe they didn’t know I was here.

After waiting for a few minutes I had decided to get up, but before I could completely get up the nurse showed up and quickly made me lie back down.

“Hey, I’m sorry but you cannot get up, you still need to heal.”

“But I need to see Nicholas, is he okay? You said you would find out hours ago.”

“Can I call anyone for you? Like your relatives, we didn’t know who to call and you’ve been here for 5 hours,” She says ignoring my question.

I gave her my caretakers’ number and Gina’s number since she’s his sister. She wrote the number down and left before I could ask her any more questions.

I wondered why she didn’t answer me; I was getting drowsy so I left it. I needed to get more energy, and for that, I had to rest. I prayed for Nicholas and hoped that when I wake up I would be allowed to meet him.

The next time I woke up, the doctor was doing his routine check-up.

“Did you contact my mum? Is she here?” I asked the doctor.

“Yes we did, she did come with a girl named Gina, she was hysterical and was causing a commotion so we told her to go to the canteen and come back when she’s relaxed.”

“Where’s Nicholas?”

“I’m sorry ma’am but he was in a critical condition when he was brought in, we did our best to save, and we did but he slipped into a coma.” He said and looked at me sympathetically.

“No, why didn’t you tell me before?” I cried.

“You weren’t in the condition to be told anything that would stress you? I’m sorry.”

Tears were flowing down my eyes why did that happen? We were having an amazing time, that car just came out of nowhere.

“Where’s my mum?”

“I’m not sure,”

“I need to see Nicholas now!” I demanded. The doctor nodded his head and called the nurse to assist me.

The nurse had taken me to the room they kept Nicholas in; he was hooked up in wires and had an oxygen mask that helped him breathe. He had a bandage on his forehead, a cast on his foot and arm and a few scratches running along his face and hands.

I sobbed looking at him and held his hand.

“Please wake up,” I begged.

“What are you doing in here?”

I didn’t realise that Gina had entered the room followed by Zoey and my mum.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“This is all your fault,” Gina accused me

“What? No, it was an accident, I didn’t see the car coming and Nicholas just pushed me out of the way,” I explained.

“He shouldn’t have even pushed you out of the way, you should’ve just died!” Zoey spat with venom lacing her voice.

“That’s enough Zoey and Gina, don’t create a scene in the hospital,” my mum said, but she hadn’t even bothered to defend me.

“Zoey, Gina please, why would you say such a thing?” I asked shocked, they had never spoken to me that way.

“If it wasn’t for you my brother would have been perfectly fine, you don’t deserve to be here in the same room as him, why were you even with him in the first place?”

“No, it was an accident, we were waiting for you all to meet us at the park, but you didn’t show up, and we got bored...” I tried to explain but was cut off by Gina.

“Waiting for us? You never even called us,” she glared at me.

“I had told Zoey and she said that she would inform everyone.”

“Don’t you lie, you did no such thing, in fact I called you to ask about the plans for the day and you said you were feeling sick and we’re going sleep,” Zoey denied and accused, shocking me even more.

“Excuse me, please don’t create a ruckus in the patient’s room, ma’am it’s time for you to get back to your room,” the nurse said. She pulled towards my room and I looked back only to see my mum avoiding my gaze, also Gina and Zoey glaring at me.

I didn’t understand why all that happened, why Zoey lied, and why my mother avoided my gaze.

My only hope was Nicholas and when he would wake up, he would be able to tell them the truth. About our plans and how Zoey lied.

The nurse helped me lie down and asked if I was comfortable I nodded my head and she smiled at me.

“Do you have my phone?” I asked, and hope flared into my heart, If I could check my phone for any message then I would have proof against Zoey.

“Uh yes, but It’s damaged and won’t switch on, that’s why we had to ask you for contact information,” she explains and all the hope died, I hoped Nicholas would wake up soon. Only he could prove me innocent.

“When can I leave?”

“At least two days so we can check if you’re properly healed.” She explained and I just nodded my head.

I wipe the tears from under my eyes; the pain of those memories will always remain in my heart. It’s hard to forget a betrayal from people you consider close.

I take in a deep breath and close my eyes, pain is a part of life, and I learned to accept that.

"I’m sorry too.” He smiles at me.

“The name’s Ethan by the way?”


My eyes snap open, why the hell am I thinking about Ethan?

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