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Chapter 14. Leave me alone!

The weekend went by really fast, it’s work day again, I get ready for work and head out.

I walk and stop by the bakery, I’ve spent enough during the weekend, I need to save some money, and then I’ll treat myself with cupcakes.

Moving on, I reach my workplace and greet Joe.

“How was your weekend?” Joe asks.

“It was okay, and yours?”

“It was good too,” he says and hands me the job list

Smiling I take the list of chores and read it.

“Okay so we have a new employee coming in today, so you can show him the work and where to find the materials,” Joe says.

“Oh okay, don’t worry I’ll teach him everything.”

I started by cleaning all the litter boxes and replacing them, the cats were lazing around, so it was easy to get all the work done quickly.

“So little kitty’s how was your weekend?” I ask while putting back the litter boxes.

“Are you talking to cats?” Startled I swiftly turn around. A boy who looked to be 18 stood staring at me with a bored expression.

“Yeah, so?” I answer back.

“Whatever, I’m Jake the new employee, Joe said you’ll tell me how to do the work and all.”

“Uh yeh, just be with me today, I’ll show you what is where and how the things get done. After you get the hang of it you start doing the work on your own, and just ask me whatever you want when you need help.” I explain

“Sure,” he says bored. Wow, he really needs to lighten up.

“Okay here’s the list of jobs, we can go feed the chickens now.”

He follows me to the back, I show him where all the food is kept, I took some of the food and spread it for the chickens and Jake did the same.

After we finished the work I check the time. It’s lunchtime, I’ll just go have lunch at the diner Norah works at.

“Hey Joe, I’ll be heading out for lunch,” I inform Joe as I pass by him and he nods his head.

I walk out of the shop and head for the diner.

The weather is starting to get warmer, I hope it rains soon, I really love the run, except for when there’s thunder, of course, it kind of scares me.

I finally reach the diner and enter; I take the seat by the window and wait for Norah.

“Hey B,” Norah greets when she sees me, she is currently wearing her waitress uniform and has her hair tied up in a bun.

“Hey, how’s work?”

“Eh, it’s the usual as you can see, tiring but can’t really help it.” She sighs dramatically and I chuckle.

“Okay enough of that, quickly tell me what you want to eat before my boss thinks I’m slacking.”

“Well, I’ll just get the chicken wrap with chips and a bottle of water.”

“Okay, I’ll bring it as soon as I can,” she says and rushes back.

I sit and wait while I check my messages from Ethan of course, begging for forgiveness I just delete the messages and look out the window.

People were rushing, some entering the diner some entering the shops and some just passing by, all in their own world.

I stare out the window and notice someone who’s been standing in the same spot for a while now and facing me.

A man with the familiar fedora and coat.
Wait a minute.

It’s him!

I feel my face drain a bit until I remembered what I had planned.

I glare at the man and quickly stand up; I’m going to find out who this man is and what he wants from me.

Rushing out the door stand by the window looking for the man. Where is he?
Urgh, he couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air. I look around twisting my body back and forth spinning around.

Gosh, I think I lost him. Was I imagining him? No it can’t be, he must have run, he was probably afraid of getting caught. Idiot!

I walk back to the diner, luckily nobody took my place.

“Here’s your food,” Norah says while placing the food on my table

“Thanks,” I smile at her

“Enjoy,” she says before walking back and continuing her work.

I take a bite of the wrap, this diner makes amazing food.

After eating Norah brings the bill, I pay her and give her a tip, of course, causing her to grin at me.

I head out and walk back the shop and continued my work, luckily I didn’t need to take the dogs out for a walk since Jack already did that.
After a long day of working it was almost time to go home.

“Hey summer someone’s here to see you,” Joe calls out.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” I call back.

Me? Who’s here to see me?

I walk back and come face to face with Ethan.

I glare at his so-called innocent face.

“What do you want Ethan, I asked you to leave me alone, don’t you get it?”

“Summer I’m sorry please just give me one more chance I promise I won’t mess up”

That’s what they all say.

Rolling my eyes I just fold my arms and wait for him to continue.

“Look I even got you cupcakes”.

Hearing that my ears perk up and my eyes light up

I snatch the cupcake box, open it and hastily take a bite of one.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you,” I say after swallowing the first bite.


“Okay...I’ll think about it.”

I’m so selfish, I took the cupcake, but wait if I forgive him easily it means that every time he messes up he’ll just bribe me with cupcakes, and it is going to be hard for me to resist.

“Well, it’s better than nothing,” he shrugs.

“Joe I’ll be heading out now, see your tomorrow and you too Jake.”

“See you,” Joe says smiling and Jake just nods his head.

I walked out the door with my cupcakes; I’m going to enjoy this at home with a nice cup of tea.

“Let me walk you home,” Ethan says.

Oh, he’s still here.

“That’s not necessary, I’m sure you’re a very busy man”

“No I’m not busy, I could walk you.”

Urgh, why can’t he just leave me?

“Don’t you have like a restaurant to check out or something,” I say as I walk faster.

“No, I’m not busy at all, so I’ll just walk you home,” he says victoriously.

I really don’t want him to know where I stay, but anyways what could go wrong.

“Fine, C’mon,” I say as I roll my eyes, and he smiles happily.

We walk for 10 minutes until I reach my apartment, I stop and face him.

“I’m here now, thanks for walking me you can go now,” I say as I put on a fake smile.

“You’re not going to invite me inside?”

“Hmm maybe next time, bye now.”

I hastily turn around and rush towards my apartment. As I reach the door see Mary standing outside.

“Hey, Mary how are you?” I shout out.

“Oh I’m okay dear, come here.”

I walk towards her apartment with a smile.

“Come in have some tea,” she offers.

“Oh no, that’s okay no need to go through all the trouble,”

“Oh it’s no trouble dear come in I insist”

“Uh, okay, I have cupcakes so we can have them with tea,” I offer.

“Sure dear,” she says and walks into her apartment, and I follow her in.

I sit in the sitting room and place the cupcakes on the table.

Mary enters the kitchen and begins making the tea.

“Do you need any help?”

“No dear, and don’t even think about getting up, just sit and relax, you must be so tired.”

“Okay, I’ll uh just wait.”

She comes back a few seconds later with her kitty following her.

“Aww, hey there little kitty,” I get up and stroke her fur.

“So Mary how are you?”

Okay I know I already asked her that, but what else am I supposed to say?

“I’m perfectly fine dear, it’s just that the people who want to buy this building keep popping up, it’s getting tiring,”

“Oh, who are these business people?”

“I really don’t know, I didn’t bother finding out more, I do however know that they’re workers of some rich man who owns a lot of restaurants, and he wants to turn this place into a hotel.”

“Hmm, well maybe you could get an order from the court so they stop bothering you.”

“Hmmm, I guess I’ll just do that, oh I think the tea is ready, give me a minute,” she says and I nod my head smiling at her.

Why can’t people leave the old lady alone? Selfish people.

“Here you go dear,” Mary says as she sets a tray with tea and plates.

I pick the plates and put a cupcake for Mary and I give Mary a plate and pick up my cup tea.

“So, how do you like it here? All settled?”

“Yes it’s actually nice, my workplace is really close, and the shops are close by, I made a new friend’s, so far it’s really good,” I answer leaving out the part where I feel I’m being stalked by a green-eyed man who wears a fedora, she doesn’t need to know that, she might just think I’m crazy.

We chat a little until we finish our tea and cupcake. I stand up ready luck my box of remaining cupcakes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to keep some?”

“Yes, I’m not allowed too much sugar anyway.”

“Alright, I’ll see you then,” I bid farewell as she opens the door for me to leave.

Walking back to my apartment, I open the door and go straight to the kitchen to leave the cupcake box.

After I leave the cupcakes I head to my room, pick out my comfortable clothes and go for a shower.

I took a quick shower, dried myself changed and jumped into bed feeling exhausted.

I’ll cook something later; I really need a short nap.

I lie down and sigh in contentment, I feel my breathing slow and eyes shut and I drift off to sleep.

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