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Chapter 15. Closer to the enemy

The following day, I get up earlier get ready and start my walk to work.

Hmm, let me message Ethan, maybe I am being too tuff on the guy, I mean it’s not like we were besties that he’d share his personal business with me.

Okay never mind some people don’t like sharing, regardless of whether they are your besties your blood relatives or even your so-called loved one, so why expect so much from a stranger

But, he sure was the one who insisted on getting to know me, so why did he hide that about himself.

Okay wait a minute, he hasn’t told you anything about himself so what makes you think he would tell you this?


I’ll just message him, just being friendly, I don’t want to make enemies here, it’s just not me, plus he seems like he really felt bad.

Or maybe it was all just an act.

Shut up!

I’m texting him.

“Hey Ethan, thank you for the cupcakes.” I type and press enter.

Yeh much better, at least he won’t feel bad now.

Oh yeah? What about your feelings?

Don’t exaggerate.

Why hasn’t he texted back?

It hasn’t even been a minute!

I knew that.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have messaged what if he read it but doesn’t want to message back?

Uh, chill I’m sure he cares and is busy; I mean he does own a lot of things.

Yeh, maybe you’re right.

Okay I should stop talking to myself, shaking my head I stuff my phone into my pocket.

Since there’s a lot of time left for me to be at work I take the time to take in my surroundings there are not many people around since it is really early.

The weather is cool, the slight breeze passes by and makes my face cool, I take a deep breath and sigh there’s nothing like fresh air early in the morning.

I walk through the street and stop by the jewellery store. Let me check the store out, who knows when I’ll get the chance to check it out again.

I pull the glass door and the cool air of the air conditioner hits my face making me let out a contented sigh

All kinds of sparkly jewellery were put on display in clear glass showcases. From necklaces, earrings to rings. I stood in front of the store staring in awe.

“Hello, how may I help?” an employee greets me.

“Uh, hi, I um, just wanted to check some jewellery out,” I say to the lady the greeted me.

“Sure follow me, what kind of jewellery are you looking for?”

“I wanted to see some earrings, just a couple of days back I had seen a pair of blue earrings, they were very beautiful, I didn’t see them the next day when I passed by.”

“Oh, just wait a second let me find out for you.” she smiles at me.

“Sure” I smile back as she walks into the office close by.

A few seconds pass by and I see her walk back.

“Unfortunately the earrings were sold that same day,”

“Oh that’s alright; uh do you have rings in the colour green?” I ask remembering the creepy man’s eyes, but his eyes were pretty though.

“Yes we do,” she says and opens the drawer under the showcase. She pulls out something like a briefcase and places it on top of the showcase.

My phone begins to buzz in my pocket; I pull my phone out and see messages from Ethan.

“No problem, I knew you’d love them.”

“Arrogant much?” I text back.

“Yeh yeh, wanna meet up for lunch?”

Hmm. I guess lunch wouldn’t hurt.

“Sure, hey, no volunteering this time?”

“Maybe next time? ;)”

“Hahaha okay see you at lunch chicken :P”

“Hey don’t start!”

Chuckling, I lock my phone and put it back into my pocket.

The case is opened and an array of rings with green stones stares right at me.


“I know, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to these beauties,” she chuckles.

“Me neither,” I say as I pick one of the rings that was exactly the shade of the man’s eyes, the stone has been cut into a little heart shape with silver wrapped around it and continues as the ring.

“This one is very unique,” she comments.

“It really is.”

Too bad I can’t afford it.

After checking out some more jewellery I get up to leave.

“Thank you for showing me all the magnificent jewellery.

“Not a problem”.

I walk out of the store and continue on my way to the pet store since it’s nearly time for working

As I pass by the alley I am suddenly pushed into the alley to the far end and a hand covers my mouth before I could scream.

The person slams me in the wall and my eyes close, my heart starts beating faster, terrified I didn’t open my eye’s, honestly I have no cash on me, literally broke right now. How did no one see this person push me?

Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.

“Open your eyes,” a deep commanding voice invades my ears, there’s no way in hell I’m going to open my eyes to see the creepy man.

“Just please take what you want and leave me alone, I honestly have nothing please don’t hurt me,” I beg with my eyes tightly closed.

The man slams me against the wall causing my back to ache.

“I said open your damn eyes,” he growls.

Terrified he’ll do something bad I reluctantly open my eyes, stare at the man and gasp. I feel the blood from my face drain and my hands become clammy.

His face is covered, but eyes are on full display telling me exactly who he is. My heart starts to beat faster.

Green eyes, the same green eyes that have been staring right at me all those days I encountered them.

“You!” I glare at him.

His eyes showing one emotion, hatred. But why?

“Who the hell are you? What do you want from me?”

“I will destroy you slowly, for what he and you have done, you will pay, and you will feel what I have felt, start counting your days now, I could strike anytime and you won’t even see it coming,” he answers, confusing me even more.

“Destroy me? I don’t even know you, I just moved here.”

Hearing my answer his eyes darken and his hold tightens making me cringe.

“Let. Me. Go.” I force out, his tight grip begins to numb my arms.

I have to get away from this crazy man.

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