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Chapter 16. Payback

He continues to stare at me with venom. Having enough I continue to glare at him and move my leg so I can kick him off.

I swing me leg back and kick him down there, his hands loosen and I back away kicking him on his leg.

“Back off, stop stalking me you creep, I don’t know you!” I angrily shout at him while he writhed in pain.

Before he could get up I quickly run out the alley, and down the street. I reach outside the pet store and stop to take a deep breath. Wiping the sweat off my face I sigh in relief.

Finally got away from that creep, I should’ve just pulled the cover off of his face. Unbelievable, all the clever ideas come after the situation ends.

Shaking my head I enter the pet store.

“Morning summer you’re early today, uh, why do you look so pale are you feeling okay?”

“Uh morning, yeh yes I’m okay, just, I woke up really early, so here I am,” I answer smiling at him reassuringly.

“Alright then, I guess you can start early and if you finish all your work on time you can just leave early.”

“Really?” I ask excitedly.


I hurriedly start my work, wanting to leave early, oh I have to show Jake more of the work, at least this way my work will get reduced.

Jake arrives a few minutes later. At least he’s punctual.

“Good morning Jake,” I greet.

“Morning,” he mumbles. Shrugging I give him his list of jobs.

“Here’s the job list, I’ve only given you the jobs I taught you yesterday, and then I’ll show you the rest once you’re done.”

He takes the list and starts his work.

I finish my work right before lunch time and grab my phone to see if Ethan has messaged.

Unlocking my phone I go to my messages, sadly Ethan hasn’t messaged.
I guess he got busy; I’ll just go have lunch myself.

“Hey,” I hear Ethan’s voice from behind me.

“Ethan hey, I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“I wouldn’t let that happen, come on let’s go.”

“Let’s go.” I answer and he stares at me.


“Nothing, just waiting for you to tell me we’re baby-sitting dogs.” He says making me roll my eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s just the two of us this time, I’ll tell Jake to take the dogs out later.” I say while walking out the door.

“We’re taking my car this time,” he says while walking towards his really expensive looking car.

Show off!

He sits in the driver’s seat and I walk around to the passenger’s seat.

We head to a different restaurant since Ethan wants to try something different.

A feminine scent engulfs my nose making me chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Did you steal your sisters’ car?”

“What?” He asks looking extremely confused.

“It smells girly in here.”

“Oh, it’s the new air freshner, I don’t have any siblings.”


That’s weird; I don’t think any air freshner smells like a branded perfume, Zoey used to wear a lot of those. Maybe it’s a new one.

“What are you thinking so deeply about?”

“Oh nothing, just what I’m going to eat, where are we going?”

“We’re almost there, just wait 2 minutes.”

In exactly 2 minutes we reach the restaurant.

Ethan quickly comes out and shuts door. He walks towards the door and looks back.

Seriously? Why is he in such a hurry, he can’t even open the door, what happened to being a gentle man.

Shaking my head I quickly get out OF the car and stand by Ethan who is currently being impatient. He presses the button in the key and I hear the locks of the car doors close.

He then enters the restaurant with me following behind, the waiter ushers us to the nearest table and hands us the menu.

“I think I’ll have the ravioli what about you?” I ask Ethan.

“I’ll have the same.” He says.

The waiter comes and takes our orders.

“Would you like any drinks?”

“I’ll just have water,” I say.


Nodding he writes our orders and walks away.

“You look beautiful,” he says after awhile

“Thanks, so how’s your day?”

“Good now that I’ve seen you.” He says making me stare at him.

“Stop with the lame answers,”

He chuckles, “well I tried, I’m just happy you want to give us a chance,”

“Yeh, one more friend wouldn’t hurt right?” I say and his smile dips a little.

“Right friends.”

Did he think I’m going to jump into a relationship? I hope not.

“So tell me about yourself,”

“I, uh live alone, my parents have a house if their own, and I decided to move out 18.”

“Oh, maybe we can go meet your parents next time?”

“No!” His eyes widen.


“I mean they don’t live here, they live in another country, I decided to move here, so I could take over the business here.”

“Oh, nice then, how did you get so rich?”

“I have my ways,” he smirks.

The food finally arrived and we dig in.

“You looked so evil a few seconds ago.”

“Maybe I am,” he smirks again.

“Right,” I say sarcastically.

“What if I was?”

“I’d destroy you,” I say causing him to burst out laughing, and I laugh too.

I can’t believe I just used green eye’s words.

I take another bite of my food and we eat
silently. Finishing the meal we sit and talk a bit more.

The waiter comes and takes plates.

“I guess I’m paying again,” Ethan says.

“Any doubt?” I ask smirking.


“I thought so.”

“Summer, do you miss your old home?”

“A little bit, why?”

“Just asking.”

“So do you have any girlfriend?”

“Why? Interested in me?”

“No, I was just asking,” I defended annoyed.

“Just messing, no I don’t have a girlfriend.” Nodding my head we wait for the bill.

I twirl my hair and think about what to say next, wait red hair!

“Hey Ethan, remember when we first met?” I ask and he chuckles.

“Of course, crazy cupcake lady” he says smiling widely and I roll my eyes.

“Still your fault, anyways, remember you said something about a red head? You said my hair reminded you of someone, who were you talking about?” I question.

His face loses his smile and he stares at me.

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