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Chapter 17. Threat

“Well?” I ask again.

“Oh, she was a girl I liked in college.”

“Really? Where is she now?”

“She’s around I guess?”

“So you still like her?”

“Why? Is someone jealous?” He teases.

“Excuse you, why would I be jealous? And you didn’t answer my question, so do you?”

“Oh c’mon, let’s talk about something else Summer.”

Hmm he’s avoiding the question.

“Why, afraid I’ll find out about the truth?”

He gulps.

“What truth? I’m not hiding anything, she’s in the past just let it go okay?”

“Alright alright, relax,” I raise my hands in surrender and look around for the waiter.

I see him coming and turn back to Ethan, it looks like he wants to ask a question but he’s holding himself back.

“Ask away Ethan, before you get constipated.”

“What? Uh never mind. So do you have a boyfriend?” He asks hopefully


I see his face fall.


“Here’s your bill sir.” The waiter says and stands by our table.

Ethan stuffs his hand in his pocket and takes out his wallet, he opens it and hands the waiter the money.

“Keep the change,” he says still upset from my answer.

“I was just messing with you Ethan,” I say as I burst out laughing.

“Very funny,”

“It is isn’t it,” I say and he rolls his eyes.

“Well it makes my plan easier,” he says to himself, but I hear it anyway.

“What plan?”


“You just said that it makes your plan easier.”

“Wow, your hearing skills are amazing, well my plan is my business, now let’s go.”

His business? Eh whatever he’s weird anyway.

I get up and follow him, he gets into the driver’s seat and I get into the passenger seat, I put my seat belt on. I look outside while I wait for him to start the car.

I stare out the window and my eye’s stop at a figure standing a few metres away.

I gasp and my eyes widen.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asks and my eye’s snap towards him.

“There’s, I, uh,” I stutter, I look back and there’s no one there besides a few people passing by.


“It’s nothing, let’s go.”

He starts the car; just as he changes the gear the sound of glass shattering startles me.

“Ethan!” I scream.

I unbuckle my seatbelt and look behind.
A small paper ball lies on the seat, I pick the ball up only to realise it’s a rock covered with paper.

The window had shattered completely someone had thrown a rock into the car.

“Are you okay summer?”

I didn’t even realise Ethan has opened my door and is staring at me with concern.


“Look at this.”

I open the paper, the person had written a message.

“You’ll pay for what you’ve done, this isn’t even the beginning,” I read out loud. A threat?

“Why did someone throw this in your car Ethan?” I ask before he asks me.

“I don’t know it’s probably just a prank.” He guesses.

Or maybe it’s Green-eyed man.

“Uh just ignore it,” he says nervously, probably spooked by the incident.

“But the person is threatening you; uh you know what you’re right let’s just go.”

He nods his head and quickly gets to the passenger seat and starts driving back to the pet shop.

We sit in complete silence, not knowing what to say.

Would the creepy man be the one who threw the rock? The words written on the paper was similar to what he was saying to me. Oh no, is it my fault?

Yes it’s your fault; you always cause trouble wherever you go.

No I don’t!

“You don’t what?”


“You just said you don’t what were you saying?” Ethan asks confused.

“It’s nothing,” I say shaking my head.

“Okay well here’s your stop I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah bye!” I say as I take my seat belt off and run into the pet store.

What a day.

“Hey Joe, I’m back from lunch.”

“Hey, we have a few customers coming in, they want to adopt a dog, I want you to handle them, I’m going to be out for a bit.”

“Okay, not a problem.”


After the long day at work I get home exhausted as hell. The house is still clean so I’m not going to bother cleaning it more I don’t have the energy.

I really need sleep, weekend come already!

I go into the bathroom and freshen up.

After changing I head to the sitting room and switch on the TV.

Finally at peace.

I sigh and close my eyes. Just a few seconds.


Urghh who is it now?

I unlock my phone and check my messages. Norah? Wow it’s been long since I’ve last messaged her.

“Hey my binch, what are you doing?”

“Heyyy b, I just got off of work now I’m just sitting and you?” I reply.

“I just got off of work too! I’m bored I’m coming over, make me food.” She orders and I roll my eyes, typical Norah.

“I ain’t making anything special just get your butt here.”

Locking my phone I get up to make Norah some popcorn, I definitely don’t want her to lecture me about how to be a good host.

I sit back and wait for Norah.

The smell of popcorn surrounded the house reminding me of the days Nicholas would come over and demand me to make him some popcorn.

After the accident, we never got to hang out again.

Nicholas was in a coma for months. I miss him but I’m glad I’m no longer living there. There’s only so much a person can take.

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