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Chapter 18. Gossip

“Summer open the door!” I hear Norah shout from behind the door.

She never knocks. Rolling my eyes I get up to open the door.

“Took you long enough,” she huffs and sits on the sofa. She takes her shoes off and pulls her legs up to sit crisscross.

“Yeh a minute is really long.” I say and sit next to her.

“Soooo, how is it between Ethan and you?” she asks.

“Weeeeellll,” I drag and her eyes widen, she looks at me with excitement. She’s always loved gossip. I wait for a few seconds just to irritate her.

“Come on enough of the suspense, tell me already,” she forces biting her lip anxiously and getting closer to me

“Okay okay, well he took me out for lunch, to some fancy looking restaurant, and then he dropped me back to the pet store.” I tell her, leaving out the part about the creepy incidents.

“That’s it?”


“Hmmm boring much.”

“Hey! What were you expecting? A make out session?” I laugh at her hitting her with the pillow next me.

“Haha, well anyways tell me is he a gentleman?”

“What do you mean?”

“Seriously? Don’t you read books? Watch movies? Seen couples?” She asks annoyed. Well not everyone notices all that but okay.

“Okay calm down girl it’s not like we’re a couple but let me think...

“Okay no he’s definitely not a gentleman,” I say to her remembering how he never bothered opening the car door and how he was always in a hurry and also never bothered to open the door when entering the restaurants. Wow I really should have paid attention

“Well kick him to the curb them,” she says looking dead serious and I burst out laughing.

“You do know we aren’t together right? And not all men are gentleman.”

“The right ones are.”

Okay that shut me up, I’m just going to end the topic now.

“Hmm anyways, how’s it with you? Tell me what’s new in your life.” I ask changing the topic.

“Well no drama going that’s for sure, that’s why I’m here.” She laughs. She’s really silly always making me smile.

“Norah, you really are a good friend to me, I don’t know what I do without you,”

“Be depressed because no one can entertain you like I can?” She sasses making me laugh.

“Yeh yeh, here have some popcorn,”

I hand her the popcorn and she starts eating it.

“Thanks for the popcorn,” she says.

“Hey Norah?”


“How did Ethan get so rich? Was he like born into it or something.”

“Well I was reading in a magazine, it’s like he became rich overnight or something, one of his friends passed on and left the company to him and he used the money from there to make his business bigger, it was him and someone else I can’t remember who though it was a long time ago.”

“Oh, and what about Ethan’s dad?”

“Well he wasn’t as wealthy as the friend but he was rich enough I guess.”

“Oh,” I wanted to ask her more but maybe it’ll seem a little too much.

“Girl you do know you can ask me anything right? I can see all those questions dancing in your eyes, not literally of course but it’s normal to be curious about a man who’s always mysterious and well who you like,” she says while locking her fingers.

“I don’t like him,” I mumble and she snorts grabbing some more popcorn and stuffing it in her mouth.

“Sureeee,” she drags.

“Moving on so uh has Ethan had a lot of girlfriends in the past?”

Okay don’t judge, I really wanted to know and why not? Since she seems to have all the answers.

“Well duh, oh there was this one who had red hair just like you! And if I didn’t know you I’d definitely think that was you.”

“Really? Where is she now what’s her name?” Could she be the same redhead Ethan was talking about?

“No idea but after the friend passed on she disappeared too.”

“Who was this friend?”

“She was, uh I can’t remember her name.”


“You forget a lot of things Norah.”

“Whatever, anyways I think the redhead friend and Ethan went to college together,”

“His friend was so rich didn’t he have a family or girlfriend? Was he not married?”

“He? The friend was a girl, and I’m not sure, maybe she did, some people keep their lives very private you know, it’s hard to find out, rumours did spread that she was connected to mafia somehow and well she was killed by them, but you know how people like adding spices to stories, I doubt a mafia even exists.”

My eyes widen a girl? And wait did she just say mafia?

“Yes the mafia and yes she was a girl,” she says looking at my shocked expression

“That’s really weird, she was killed? That’s really shocking did they not find her killer?” Why and how?

“Everyone was so shocked, I don’t even know what went on but I guess everyone forgot about her since Ethan took over. She helped a lot of people in need she was a good woman.”

“It really is sad.”

“Well the popcorn finished I’m going home now, “she says as she hands me the empty bowl and gets up.

“You only came for this isn’t it,” I laugh.

“Yup, by now you must be tired I’ll see you soon,” she says as she opens the door and walks out.

Wow, she really knows a lot of stuff and now I do too. Should I ask Ethan more about the murder? Did he even do anything to help the friend? I mean with all that money it could have been easy to find the killer.

My head starts to hurt, all these questions are messing with my head I really need to sleep I’ll think about everything else tomorrow or when I meet Ethan. I will check on the internet too to find out who the redhead really was.

If Ethan is so famous there must have been many pictures of her with him and the friend too.

Why do you care Summer, it’s literally none of your business.

No, I need to know I’m curious I need to know what I’m getting into, who he actually is.


Urgh, this internal battle is making my head hurt even more. I need sleep.

I get up and head the bedroom; I get ready for bed and lie down.

Closing my eye’s I take a deep breath and sigh in satisfaction.

Killer! It’s your fault.



My eyes snap open, that word brings back a lot of terrible memories and I know these memories won’t let me get sleep tonight.

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