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Chapter 19. The Reveal

I can’t believe someone would kill such a nice lady. Ethan must have been really sad when he lost his friend.

I would’ve have been a dead person too If I hadn’t left that damned place I call home and if the police wouldn’t have come on time that day I would definitely be dead.

The day they beat me to pulp and left me in the forest was the day I was rescued.
They had beat me up and left me for the dead.

It had been months after the accident I was treated like a slave by Zoey, Gina and my friends they would always bully me.

I used to try fighting back but there was no hope I was not strong enough and had absolutely nobody to support me. It came to the point where they would lock me in the room for fun, for a whole day, no amount of banging and begging would make them open the door.

“Please, please let me out!” I screamed with tears flowing down my eyes, my throat had felt raw and my hands ached from all the banging. I wished someone would have heard me and helped me, I had a strong feeling that someone had heard but chose not to help, and that thought alone left me devastated.

Sometimes they would cut down my meals saying I eat too much and finish all the food; I lost my appetite after that. I would only eat enough to stop my stomach from growling, nothing more.

They’d have a party while I was trapped in the room. My “mum” would turn a blind eye and go over to her friend’s house.

I once heard her say that she wishes she never took me in because of the bad things I bring in, why had she started all that after the accident? She even called me a whore, and I never even had a boyfriend.

I was so sure Gina and Zoey were feeding here those lies, I heard them use the word “whore” when I walked into the living room but as soon as they saw me they stopped talking and gave me the most fakest smile.

I had noticed my caretakers getting more and more distant from me as the days passed by, anytime I would ask them a question they would just answer with a short yes, no, hmm or nod their head. It was clear that they did not want me to communicate with them.

Never had I felt so abandoned, that was when I learnt the real meaning of the word alone. As the days passed by I had gotten more depressed and would cry myself to sleep, only to dream about happy days and then suddenly turn into the sad days, then I would wake up in tears again. It became like a sad cycle.

Zoey and Gina had made everyone go against me. Not only did Zoey lie about not being told to invite everyone to the park, she made it look like I had planned the accident. It hadn’t made sense, how was I supposed to know a car would come racing down the road? How would I have known that we would be there when the car came? All the questions had made my head spin and gave me a headache. The fact the people had believed her surprised me.

I had not understood why she had made up the lies and that was when I had decided I was going to meet her and confront her as soon as I get the chance and tell Gina the truth.

Luck was by my side that day; I snuck out of my house with the help of Gina’s boyfriend Grayson and walked to Zoey’s house.

Grayson helped me out when they locked me in my room, he had never helped me before do I was surprised he did that time.

“Why did you help me,” I had asked. He had looked at me sympathetically and answered.

“I couldn’t see you get tortured anymore, so I came to help you.”

“Thank you, I’m going to the police they will help me,” I had said in the heat if the moment hearing my answer his eyes had widened.

“No! I mean you must talk to Gina first, she just believes what Zoey tells her, try convincing her first,” he had begged.

“Convince her? She treated me the same as Zoey, like shit! Why would she listen? She hates me they are all going to jail for what they have done,” I spat and walked passed him, but before I could have moved any further he had grabbed my wrist.

“Stop! Just please, consider it as a payment for taking you out, Gina is my girlfriend after all,” he added and I scoffed but nodded my head anyway, I did not need anybody’s favours, and I needed to leave before someone came.

He convinced me not to go straight to the police and talk to Gina first before moving to the next step.

Usually Grayson would flirt with me and mess around making it look like I was happy with but only I knew what I truly felt.


I don’t know why I let him help me, but beggars can’t be choosers and I was running out of options. He would have just locked me back in the room so that I don’t go to the police.

I knew all the girls would be meeting up at Zoey’s because I had overheard Gina and Zoey talking about a small get together so they can relax , I had not considered reporting them to the police again after Grayson begged me, My mind was too engrossed in the thought of confronting Zoey and convincing Gina and my “friend’s”

I should’ve made a well thought out plan, I should’ve just straight gone to the police and confronted them all at the police station, but did I do that? No, I didn’t, I had to believe Grayson and just think they will change once they realise Zoey’s lies.

When I had reached her house I quickly entered knowing the door is always open They were all sitting in the living room, when Zoey, Gina and her friends saw me they all had evil smirks it had looked like they were waiting for me which made me contemplate my decision...

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