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Chapter 2. New Home

Man, they really need to refurbish this place, where does the landlord even stay?

I walk towards the doors, trying to read the nameplates, hmmm where is, oh wait.

Putting my hand into the back pocket of my jeans I grab the scrunched up paper which had the address and read it.

Damn, I really need to change my handwriting, well too late for that, hmm it says apartment 10 C. Looking towards the door to my left it says 4 C. It’s definitely the last door.

I jog as fast as I could while carrying the bag with me, I couldn’t wait to unpack. Reaching the door I quickly knocked twice and waited, tapping my foot impatiently. Why is nobody answering?

After a couple of seconds, I knocked again, the landlord better be inside.

This definitely isn’t helping my feet.

Finally, the doorknob turns, making squeaky sounds, it so needs to get changed, this is worse than my old home.

The door opened, revealing...


“Owww!” I screeched, feeling an excruciating pain on my head, this is not the welcoming I was hoping for.

“Who are you and why are you trespassing my property?” snapped the old lady holding a pan towards my face.

“I’m Summer we spoke on the phone a few days back about an apartment for rent,” I explain with a pain filled voice, if she wasn’t an old lady I’d show her, her place. Okay maybe not.

“Oh, sorry dear, a lot of people just love coming here, trying to buy my building,” she says apologetically.

“It’s alright,” I murmur forcefully trying to smile at the lady. I still need a place to stay.

“Urm can I please have the keys to the apartment?”

“Oh yes come in, wait inside while I get it for you.”

She goes in while I follow her. Her apartment doesn’t look half as bad as I thought it would. It smells like Jasmine here, probably because of all the scented candles she’s put around. The walls had flowery wallpapers stuck to them. Her sitting room had comfy looking sofas. Overall the place gave you the feeling of home.


“Eeeeep!” I jumped.

“Gosh you scared me little kitty,” I huffed rolling my eyes and kneeling down.

Looking down at the little fluffy white kitten, awww it looks so cute. I run my fingers through its soft silky fur loving how the little kitty purrs.

“You’re really good with cats,” the old lady says looking down at me.

“Yeh I used to take care of animals back home.”

“Oh, I’d love for you to take care of my little coco when I’m not around.”

“I’d love to.”

“Here you go dear the keys to your apartment, it’s the fifth door from mine, 5C, I had it cleaned for you and it’s fully furnished so no need to worry about cleaning or the furniture.”


“Oh and don’t forget rent is due in 3 months since you already paid for the first 3 months.”

“Alright, thank you,” for cutting me off I wanted to say, but chose not to.

She walked towards the door and I followed her not wanting to waste my time anymore, walking out of the house I turn around just before she closes the door.

“What can I call you?” I ask politely

“Oh you can call me Mary,” she says just before shutting the door on my face.

“See you around I guess,” I mumble quietly to myself.

Continuing my walk I check for the door that leads to my apartment.

“8C, 7C, 6C, 5C,” I read while passing each door and stopping outside the one that says 5C.

Putting the key into the lock I twist it hearing a click. Opening the door I entered and made sure to lock it back after placing my bag inside.

Turning around I take a good look at my apartment. Wow, it’s definitely better than the place I stayed back home. The walls didn’t have paint peeling off, walking in I head towards the kitchen turning the tap on, oh and there’s water too, opening the draws, the cupboards, at least the place has utensils, I might need to add a few more things but I can at least do that.

Heading towards the room I stare at the bed, shower then sleep? Or just sleep now shower later.

Urgh, the struggle. I’ll just shower first.

Luckily the room had a bathroom connected to it. Taking my shampoo and soap out of my bag I walk into the bathroom.

Turning the shower on, I begin taking my clothes off. I hope the waters hot enough, if it’s not, eh it’ll do for now. I hate showering in cold or warm water I need it hotter.

I feel the water before getting in, at least it’s warm. Getting in I face up letting the water hit my face, running my fingertips into my hair I feel a slight bump on my head, where Mary had hit me, sighing, I take the shampoo and squeeze some on to my hand and massage it into my hair.

Picking up the soap I start scrubbing my body making sure no part is left unclean.

After a few seconds, I let the water get to my hair and body cleaning all the soap while I run my fingers into my red hair.

Feeling clean I get out of the shower. Shit, I forgot the towel in the bag, walking into the room I quickly grabbed the towel not liking the cold air passing my naked body, making goosebumps appear.

Wrapping the towel around my body, raising my head I notice a long mirror staring right at me. Going towards it stopping a few centimetres away from it and stare at my once flawless body.

My trembling hand slowly raised and touched the mirror making me think back to those days.

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