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Chapter 21.The Reveal 3

I’ll forever be grateful to the neighbours for contacting the police on time.

I had gotten Gina Zoey and their friends arrested for attempting to murder me and I felt at peace. I still needed my answers I didn’t understand why Zoey lied and right there I decided I would confront her as soon as I meet her.

A week had passed since I was found in the forest and I was still in the hospital. While lying down I was staring at the ceiling waiting for time to pass. I had refused the nurse to let any visitors in.

I heard the door opening, thinking it was the nurse or doctor I didn’t bother turning my head.

“Aren’t you going to greet your bestie?”

My eyes snapped to the person whom the voice belongs to.

“Nicholas” I whispered feeling my throat clog. My eyes began to water and I couldn’t help my blurry vision as the tears flowed down my eyes.

“Please don’t cry,” he said as he moved closer to me and wiped the tears.

“I can’t help it, I missed you so much they wouldn’t let me see you,” I said breathing heavily.

“And they...they blamed me for your accident... I... you know I didn’t right? I wouldn’t I’m so sorry I wish we didn’t go out that day and, and…”

“Shhh, it’s okay shh take deep breaths, calm down. I know it isn’t your fault. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said calming me down.


“Hey just rest, the doctor said you need rest, I’ll come back again and don’t you worry I will prove everyone wrong and make them see the truth.”

“Please don’t got yet please just sit a little longer... when did you wake up, are you okay now?” I asked in a rush

“Okay, just 5 more minutes. I had woken up yesterday, I met my mother and she told me how Gina, Zoey and the rest got arrested. She also said that you were admitted to the same hospital as me. I was so confused and shocked I decided to wait and ask you about everything, they didn’t allow me to come until I regained my strength. As soon as I was let go I came here......I can’t believe I was in a coma for so long.”

“They tried to kill me.” I finally said.

“What?” he asked shocked and stared at me with wide eyes not believing a word I said, and why would he? It was his sister and our friends I was talking about.


I told him the truth, starting from Zoey’s lie to being put in the hospital.

“I cannot believe this, it’s absurd, how could they? And your own mother?”

“I don’t have a mother,” I said sadly.

“Oh summer,” he sighed

“It’s okay Nicholas, I’ll be okay”

“It’s not okay though, why were they calling you killer anyway? It’s not like I died, I was just in a coma, that was just nonsense.” He said frustrated by the events.

“And the fact that they all believed Zoey, Nicholas only you can tell them the truth, you were there, you saw me contact Zoey right, do you remember?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes I do, and don’t you worry I will tell them the truth,” he said and I sighed in relief, not because I’ll finally get them to believe me, but because I can finally move on without remembering their hateful words and expressions towards me and that’s exactly what I told him.

“Where will you go?” he asked and just after that a doctor walked in and asked Nicholas to go out since she wanted to do her routine check-up and I needed to rest.

Nicholas left and the doctor gave me pain medications which put me to sleep.

I was healed a week later and was ready to leave, during that week Nicholas would come to cheer me up, he had told me how he confronted my caretakers and told them the truth, they wanted to come to meet me but I refused. I didn’t want any confrontations; I just didn’t have the energy.

Nicholas helped me look for an apartment and told me I should move three months later since he wanted to spend more time with me, I agreed, this way I could meet those that wronged me. And he knew I wouldn’t stay no matter how much he would try to convince me, too much had already happened.

When I reached my caretakers’ house I went straight to my room, ignoring everyone in the house. Just one more month here and I’ll be gone.

“Why did Zoey do that?” I asked Nicholas as he entered the room and sat on my bed.

“I don’t know,” he sighed

“I’m going to meet her and confront her,”

“I won’t stop you, you deserve to know,”

“I’m going to go alone,” I say determined. He saw the look on my face and nodded reluctantly. I knew he felt the need to be with me but I need to do it on my own, I was abused, tortured and betrayed I needed my answers.

I went to the station the police lady guided me TO the visiting area. Zoey was handcuffed and was staring at me with hate so deep I still get shivers.

“Why? I asked her.

“I hate you, you stole my love!” she screamed and I stared at her confused


“Nicholas.” She answered calming down. I didn’t know whether to laugh or smack her across her face.

“I love him, but all he sees is you! Every time I’d get the chance to be with him you always interfered.”

“He doesn’t love you,” I said, I obviously knew because he would always tell me everything and calling Zoey creepy was something he often said.

“The reason I used to interfere was because you used to creep him out, I was saving him from you, although I never understood why he used to get creeped out, but now I see why, at least I used to save him from the likes of you!” I deadpanned

“He would’ve been mine if he hadn’t jumped to protect you from my car,” She blurted.

My eyes had widened in realisation, not believing what I had just heard, I kept talking hoping she would reveal more, and reveal she did.

“It was you! You tried to kill me and you would’ve succeeded of Nick hadn’t pushed me that’s why you lied about inviting all of you to the park you lied that I didn’t tell you about the plan. You were planning this all along.”

She looked fearful having realised her mistake.

“It wasn’t just me Gina’s boyfriend did too. Of course he didn’t know I wanted to kill you but when he got to know he pushed the steering wheel.”

That’s why people said the driver's car was out of control, Gina’s boyfriend tried to stop the collision, but it didn’t work, but still, he was part of all this.

“I recorded everything you just said Nicholas wanted to hear why you did all that and I’m glad he did at least I got a confession. Grayson will be joining you soon.” I confessed and he face fell.

“You wouldn’t!” she dared to speak further, did she really think she could threaten me?

“Goodbye,” I said as I walked away ignoring her pleas and threats which soon turned to screams.

I went home satisfied that day, I gave Nicholas the evidence and he took it to the police, after a few statements Grayson was arrested and they were all punished accordingly.

I had chosen to take self-defence classes during my stay and resumed the little jobs I did before the accident, I had collected enough money for me to move away.

Nicholas had come to say goodbye as I carried my little suitcase, I was using the bus and took my clothes that I bought with my own money and left the rest in the house with the caretakers, I didn’t want any favours from anyone including Nicholas.

“I’ll miss you Summer,” Nicholas sadly said.

“I’ll miss your more,” I said as I hugged him.

As I was leaving my house I was stopped by my caretakers. Here starts the drama. I internally rolled my eyes and waited.

“Summer I’m so sorry please forgive me,” said Zoey’s mother teary-eyed.

“Please don’t go,” said one of my other caretakers. All I did was stare at them as they tried to convince me to stay and I just scoffed internally.

The look of guilt on their faces satisfied me. I stared at them and walked away. To hell with them. After all that I knew I couldn’t live there anymore.

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