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Chapter 22. Annoying Customer

I yawned finally getting rid of my thoughts, getting up I walk to the kitchen to make myself some hot chocolate; I added extra chocolate wanting it to be chocolatey. After the milk was ready I take a sip of the chocolate goodness and sigh in content.

I drink the last sip of my hot chocolate and get up to put my Glass in the sink. I’ll just wash it tomorrow or today since it’s already after 12. My eyes begin to get droopy and I let out a yawn, I guess it’s time for bed.

I haven’t heard from Ethan in a while. Maybe we should meet up tomorrow or should I wait for him to text me first, hmmm, aah what the heck; I’ll just text him, what’s there to think about anyway.

Shrugging I send him a text,

“Hey let’s meet up tomorrow.” I type and press send with sleepy eyes, I hope autocorrect did a good job.

After sending him a text I head to bed. There’s no point in waiting for a reply it’s really late anyway.

*bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt*

The sound of my phone buzzing woke me up from my deep slumber. I feel so exhausted, I wish I could just go back to sleep. Of course I couldn’t, or else I would get late for work.

Urgh, the struggle!

*bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt*

Sighing I rub my face with my palms and pick my phone to check my messages.

“Girl we just met, are you getting clingy now? *wink* *wink”


I re-read the message.

You have got to be kidding me; I accidentally sent Norah the message instead of Ethan. Shaking my head I reply.

“That wasn’t meant for you. 😒"

I get up and get ready for work. I’ll just text Ethan later.

Once I reach the pet store Joe greets me and I start the day’s work without wasting any time.

A few minutes into my work Joe calls for me.

“Hey, Joe you called?”

“yes uh, summer I want you to stay in the front and attend the customers that come, there’s a lady that keeps coming and isn’t satisfied with anything, I don’t know, just handle her for the day please,” he requests frustrated.

“Okay, I’ll be here, but what exactly is she looking for?”

“If I knew she wouldn’t keep coming, anyways good luck figuring it out, I will continue the rest of the work, oh and Jake won’t make it today, so just take the dogs out later today.” He says before leaving.

Sighing I sit by the front desk. I wonder what the lady wants. I look around the pet store while waiting for customers.

Hmm I wonder where all these animals came from, I’ll ask Joe when I get the chance.

A few minutes passed by and a customer finally enters.

“Hi, welcome to Ann’s pet shop, how may I help you?” I ask confidently to the man and little boy that walked into the store.

Good job Summer, I mentally give myself a tap on the back.

“Hey we were looking for a pet for my little boy here,” he says looking towards the boy.

“That’s great, what do you have in mind?”

“I want a bird,” the little boy answers shyly.

“Okay follow me, we have a variety of birds I’m sure you’ll fall in love with one.”

“I want two.”

“Two?” I ask unsurely and glance at the little boy’s father who shrugs and looks back at the little boy.

“Yes, I don’t want it to be alone.”

Awwww My heart!

“Aww that’s very thoughtful of you, c’mon,” I happily say and they follow me.

I walk towards the bird cages and show them the birds. The boy ends up picking two parrots.

I explain to the boy and his father about how to take care of the birds and they nod in understanding.

We walk back to the front desk; a lady who is dressed weirdly walks in.
It isn’t even that cold what’s with the beanie, gloves and sunglasses?

She sees me walking towards her and says “finally what took you so long?”

Uh oh!

“I’m sorry, as you see I was attending the customers I’ll be with you in a few minutes,” I explain.

After finishing with the father and son I greet the lady politely only to be ignored, maybe she didn’t hear me

I greet the lady again and she surprisingly greets me back.

She moves her glasses down and smiles at me looking satisfied her blue eyes looked called as ice even though she’s smiling there isn’t even a tiny bit of friendliness in them. Her smile is kind of creepy but I shouldn’t be judging.

“I’ve finally met you, uh I want to see the pets you have here, I want one for my boyfriend,” she says snapping me out of my little thoughts.

“Okay, do you have anything in mind?”

“Hmm no, I’ll just check the place out maybe something will catch my eye.”

“Um okay, please follow me and I’ll show you our pets.” I politely tell her.

She puts her glasses back on and follows me.

“Eww what is that smell?” She screeches covering her nose.

I look at her confused.

“Uh, this place has animals all around, it’s bound to have some kind of smell,” I explain awkwardly.

“This is disgusting, how do you work here?”

“I’m used to it,” I shrug.

I showed her around and the lady would not stop complaining and asking me questions that were not animal related.

Who asks a random person if they have a boyfriend?

By the time I was done showing her I was ready to pull out my hair.

This was probably the lady Joe was talking about. She was not satisfied or happy with any of the animals.

Why did she come here in the first place?

“I think I’m done, I don’t like any of the animals,” she says haughtily.

Do animals like you?

“Oh, maybe you can buy or get him something else?”

Like a new girlfriend.

“Hmm maybe you’re right, here’s my number text me some ideas,” she says as she grabs my hand and stuffs a paper with her number on my hand.

“Uh sure.” I drawl out. She smiles satisfied and walks out of the shop making me sigh in relief.

Okay, I didn’t even get her name or get to see her face clearly since she was wearing a huge pair of sunglasses that covered more than half her face.

“You look traumatised,” Joe says from behind me

“You have no idea,” I tiredly answer making him chuckle

“I hope she doesn’t come back” he shivers.

“You were watching weren’t you?” I accuse.

“Yup, I’m glad I was safe this time,” he laughs making me glare at him.

“Does she always dress that way?”

“Yes, she did when she came those other times, weird I tell you, it’s not even cold.”

“Hmm, maybe she was feeling cold because of her icy attitude,” I say causing him to chuckle.

“You’re quite blunt aren’t you,” he says while shaking his head and I just shrug in response.

The morning went by without any more annoying customers and it was finally lunch time.

“Hey Joe, I’m going out for lunch I’ll see you in a bit!” I call out before heading out.

I make my way to the restaurant Norah works at.

After I reach the diner I take a seat by the window waiting for a menu.

A waiter approaches me and takes my order, this time I order a small pizza and a bottle of water.

My eyes scan around the restaurant wondering where Norah is; maybe she’s at the back.

Shrugging I take my phone out and check my texts.

Ethan sent a text 2 hours ago. It must have been sent when I was showing the annoying customer around.

“Did you meet?”

Huh? Meet who? Meet what? Maybe he sent me the wrong text.

“Meet who?” I text back.

A few minutes later he replies.

“Exactly you haven’t met your prince harming, which is me!” He answers making me roll my eyes.

“Prince “harming”?”

“Oh shit, I meant “Prince charming” these typos always make me look bad!”

“I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the typo that made you look bad.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?

Why is he so lame?

“Since you’re not good at this maybe try googling some “pick- up lines” not like they would work with me but at least you won’t embarrass yourself when you say them out loud to others.”

“*gasps* that was an amazing pickup line. An original!”

“Right 😒"

“Whatever, anyways let’s meet up today,”

Before I reply the waiter places my food on my table.

Putting my phone away I take a huge bite of my pizza.

I moaned in delight loving the cheesy goodness.

“Girl you better control your hormones!” Norah’s voice startles me.


“What?” We both say at the same time. She knew I would say that.

“Urgh shut up!” I say embarrassed which causes her to let out a giggle.

“You’re so innocent,”

“Whatever, you want a bite?”

“Nah I’m good, so how was your day?”

“Was alright, there was this annoying customer...”

“Urgh, tell me about it, the amount of annoying people I have to deal with is so uncool,”

“As I was saying...”

“Oh sorry can’t help it,” she shrugs apologetically.

“Yes so there was this lady, she came all dressed up and wearing sunglasses, she came to get a pet for her boyfriend...”

“Awwww” she cooed and I glare at her which causes her to shut up immediately.

“And so I took her around the whole store and all she did was complain and not like anything, and she was dressed so weirdly.”

“Well, what did she wear and look like?”

“She wore a beany that covered literally all of her hair there was a big bump in the back like she just stuffed all her hair in a rush and sunglasses that covered half her face, gloves and a coat too!”

“Hmm that’s creepy,”

“I know right? She took out her sunglasses just to stare at me, like as if I was a little worm and she was a bird looking for her next victim which is me, the worm!” I say dramatically shivering causing Norah to burst out laughing.

“Creepy indeed! What an example, at least you won’t be seeing her again so you’re safe little worm,”

“Yeh, but she gave me her number; she wanted other ideas for her boyfriend’s gift! And she didn’t even tell me her name!

“You better lose the number,” she warns and I nod.

“Anyways, how’s Ethan?” she winks at me.

“He’s okay I guess, oh shit he texted me saying he wants to meet me and I totally forgot to answer.”

“Well what are you waiting for? You should totally meet up, I ship you two.”

“Your ship will sink before it even gets to sail now shut up let me reply to him,” I say as I take my phone out and text Ethan back.

“Yeh sure, where should we meet up?”

“How about your place?” he replies instantly.

I hesitated before answering.

“Uh sure, I’ll text you my apartment number and address in case you forgot, my friend will be there too.”

“Okay see you.”

I sigh and put my phone back.

I look forward and see Norah staring at me with a mocking grin.

“Wow, so this is how it feels when you’re kind off third wheeling ey, two lovebirds in their own bubble ignoring the rest of the world,” she says dramatically causing me to roll my eyes.

“It’s not like that anyways you’re coming over tonight, no arguments or excuses.”

“Fine fine I’ll be there I knew you couldn’t resist me.”

“Shut up, I’ll see you tonight I have to get back to work,” I say as I get up.

“Oh, and Ethan will be there too,”

“What? No way there’s no way I’m going to be a third wheel!”

“You won’t! And you already agreed to, so see you, bye!” I hurriedly walk out of the restaurant to head to work before she starts arguing.

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