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Chapter 23. Confessions

After a long day of work, I reach home; quickly have a short shower and change.

Knowing Norah she could pop up anytime and beg me for food.

I quickly make her some popcorn and sandwiches.

After everything is ready I sit down in relief.

“SUMMER PANTS OPEN THE DOOR!” I hear Norah scream.

Oh no, urgh why does she have to embarrass me like that?

Sighing I quickly rush to open the door before she embarrasses me any further

I hope Mary doesn’t hear her.

I quickly open the door, her eyes were closed and she was ready to shout again, I slap my hands on her mouth and she looks at me mischievously making me roll my eyes.

“Shh! My neighbour will hear you! You’re disturbing the poor old lady!” I whisper yell.

She nods in understanding, and I move my hands from her mouth.

“Did you say your neighbour is a CREEPY OLD LA....” she starts to say loudly my eyes widen and I quickly drag her in the room before she completes her sentence.

“Are you crazy? You’re going to get me kicked out!” I say in disbelief only for her to laugh.

“Urgh you’re such a child! How old are you? 12?”

“Double that actually, anyways your expressions are hilarious, it’s hard not to do funny things like that.”

“Well stop or I’ll unfriend you!” I say jokingly, and her expression turns gloomy.

“Really?” She asks sadly.

“Of course not silly! I’m just kidding, sheesh for a joker you sure don’t take jokes,” I tease.

“Whatever,” she says rolling her eyes and sighing in relief.

She looked so sad!

“Where’s my food!” She asks changing the topic

“Wait for Ethan we will eat together.”

“Urgh! You better not ignore me, I hate being ignored, and I don’t want to be a third wheel either.”


“That must be him, behave and don’t embarrass me. Summer pants? Really?” I warn and she just giggles.

“I’m serious!”


“Open the door summer pa... Summer, maybe its lover boy,” she grins and I give her a warning look.

I walk towards the door and open it.

Ethan stood in his suit staring right at me waiting for me to speak.

“Hey Ethan come on in.”

“Hi, how was your day?” He asks as he casually walks in.

“Tiring as usual and yours?”

“It was alright, I guess, just the usual clients and meetings.”

“Wow, you guys are really boring,” Norah suddenly says while she chews on her popcorn. She just couldn’t wait for a few more seconds to eat.

“Seriously Norah?” I groan.

“What? I was just saying sheesh, I was hoping for some action.”

“If you want to see some action watch a movie,” I deadpan.

“Good idea,” she squeals making Ethan cringe. He’s been quiet this whole time waiting for us to finish.

“I’ll get the rest of the food and snacks, put on a movie Summer,” she says as she enters the kitchen.

“Is she always this energetic?” Ethan asks.

“Yup, anyways what movie do you want to watch?”

“Whichever one you want I’m okay with it,” he shrugs.

I switch on the t.v and move towards the movie section on the tv, suddenly the screen turns black. Great.

“What the... Uh I think the lights just went off,” Ethan says.

“It’s so cool how you just stated the obvious, good job!” Norah says as she enters the sitting room.

“Sorry about that, it’s okay we can just talk,” I say as I sit next to Ethan.

The light will probably come back later.

“Yeh we can do that,” Norah says and sits between Ethan and I with a huge bowl popcorn and a sandwich on top of it.

“So Ethan, what’s it like becoming super rich over night?” Norah asks making me gasp.


“Ahem uh,” Ethan clears his throat and looks around.

“I’m so sorry Ethan you don’t have to answer that, Norah’s just being silly,”

“It’s okay,”

“Sorry,” Norah mumbles and continues her munching.

After the awkward silence. I clear my throat.

“How’s work Norah?”

“It’s alright, I mean the work load is a lot but I can deal with it, helps me stop thinking about unwanted things,” she explains.

“What do you like the most about your work?” I ask Ethan.

“Well I like being the boss,” he jokes and I laugh and Norah just stares at him.

“Right, it must come naturally to you isn’t it?”

“Hmm you could say that.”

“Norah, I see you love to eat, can you cook?” Ethan asks curiously.

“Does boiling water count?” Norah answers looking serious and she suddenly bursts out laughing.

“I can cook, I learnt how to cook at a very young age, and I just don’t feel like cooking unless I have to.”

We continued having our conversations for a while, until the sound of a phone ringing interrupted us.

“Excuse me, this is important,” Ethan says as he gets up and moves away to answer the phone.

“So he likes being a boss ey,” Norah says.

“He was just kidding Norah”

“Didn’t look like it,” she shrugs.

“So what do you think about him?”

“Hmm it’s hard to tell, he seems kind of on the edge, like as if one wrong answer and all hell will break lose, you get me?”


“You’d notice too if you weren’t busy making googly eyes at him.”

“Hey, I was not! And I was paying attention he always seems like he’s hiding something; I thought maybe it was just me. And I don’t see him that way anyway.” Not now at least.

“You think it’s something serious? Did you notice how his face changed when I asked him about being rich?”

“Uh, anyone would probably feel awkward; he did lose his friend that time, how long ago was this? He doesn’t look that old,”

“I was exaggerating about the long time ago, you know me, and it was probably around 2 to 3 years ago.”


So it hasn’t been that long.


“Okay let’s stop talking about him, imagine the awkwardness if he walks in on us talking about him.” I say as she nods her head in agreement.

“What is taking him so long anyway?” Norah asks looking at the direction Ethan walked through.

“I don’t know, let me go check on him,” I say as I get up.

I walk towards the kitchen and see Ethan facing the sink.

“Yes, yes I’m working on it, our plan will work, you reminding me repeatedly won’t make a difference, I already know how to go about it, and it was my plan remember?” Ethan says to the person talking on the phone and waits for their reply

“Don’t you trust me?” He replies back

“Listen that’s enough we will talk when we meet,” he declares and ends the call.

He turns around and faces me. His eyes widen and he looked startled as if he just got caught stealing.

“Hey you were taking long so I came to check on you.” I say casually not wanting to seem suspicious.

Why does this man always act this way?

“Oh I’m done now.”

“So what got you so frustrated?”

“Oh uh its. Nothing really, I’m just trying to persuade a client, and it’s taking longer than it should,” he answers after a while of thinking.

Great not suspicious at all, or maybe he was just thinking about the client.

“Ethan I want to ask you something.” Its time I ask him why he keeps acting like something up.

“Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll agree sooner or later, let’s go Norah must be waiting,” he says as he walks out the kitchen. Seriously? I wasn’t even going to ask him about that.

I follow him back to the sitting room where Norah is patiently sitting.

“Finally, I thought you guys fell asleep there,” she says as she sees us approaching.

“We were just talking” I explain.

“oh, anyways I have to get going, it was fun today, we should do this more often,” she says as she winks at me.

“Alright, I guess you’re tired and you have work tomorrow too.”

I walk Norah out of the door while Ethan follows me; I hug her and watch her walk.

“I uh want to tell you something,” Ethan nervously says from behind me, I turn around to face him; he stood there staring at me intensely.

“go on.” maybe he’s finally going to tell me what he’s been hiding.

He takes a deep breath and looks away then back at me.

What is wrong with this man? Talk already!

“I know this seems a little weird or early, but I like you and I want you to be mine,” he abruptly says.

What the hell!

I stare at him and blink not grasping what he’s saying.

He wants me? Likes me? We barely know each other!

“Look Ethan I think you need to go home and rest, the work load must be getting to you,”

“No summer. I know what I want, and I want you.”

“I’m sorry, maybe you got the wrong impression from me, I don’t like you in that way, I mean as a friend yes, but nothing more.”

I mean if he wasn’t always hiding something maybe I would’ve felt something different for him, at least… urgh I don’t know…

Suddenly his arms wrap around my forearms and he pulls me closer to him.

“Summer, I want you to trust me” he says.

Ha! as if!

“There’s something about you, something you are hiding, I can feel it,” I say to the man holding me in a tight grip. I see something flash in his eyes before it quickly disappears, he tightens his grip.

“I want, no, need you to be mine, and I will have you,” he says.

“Back the hell up, you don’t need me, you need oxygen so take a deep breath and leave me the hell alone!”

“What is all the shouting about?” Mary screams from her door I turn my head towards her and there she is holding her frying pan.

Uh oh. She looks pissed.

“Uh, I’m sorry Mary we were just talking,” I explain. She looks at Ethan behind me and her expression changes to vivid.

“You!” She screams at Ethan.

I look back at Ethan and see him gulp.

“Uh hello?” He says unsure.

“Get away from my apartments, how many times do I tell you that I don’t want to sell!” She screams as loud as she could.

“Sell?” I whisper, my eyes widen in realisation.

It was him! He was the one who was forcefully trying to get Mary’s home.
I turn my head towards Ethan, accusation clear in my eyes.

Ethan’s eyes widen.

“Look summer we can talk, this is business just listen...”

“EXCUSE ME? Business? Oh yeh this is business of course, how can you, Urgh I don’t even know what to say this is ridiculous!”

“Summer please, come on I was going to pay a hell lot of money, she wouldn’t need to do anything for the rest of her life,” he explains pathetically.

“Oh yeah? And what about her feeling? Would you be able to give her the happy feeling she gets every time she sits in her home? The feeling of content?”

“You’re being really emotional right now Summer.”

The audacity of this man!

“Oh gosh, you’re unbelievable!”


“Boy, you better leave before my frying pan meets your face, and it won’t be a happy meeting,” Mary threatens.

“No, summer please listen to me,” Ethan tries again and I just look down tiredly.

Sighing I answer, “Please leave Ethan, I don’t want to hear or say anything, this is too much already, I thought you were a good person.”

As I finish my sentence I head to my house and lock the door before walking to my room.

At least Norah didn’t have to witness all this.

Why did he have to be such a ruthless person?

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