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Chapter 24. Conflicted


I lie in bed ignoring the ringing of my phone, there’s no way I’m going to speak to him right now, and I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

Not only does he hide things from me he turns out to be a selfish, rude and ignorant person who likes taking away old people’s homes.


Who does he think he is? Just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he has the right to ruin people’s lives.



I grab my phone and put it on silent. Ethan is not going to stop so its best my phone stays on silent.

I check my texts and see a text from Ethan.

“Summer please answer the phone.”

Ignoring his text I check the one Norah sent me.

“Hey girl! So whatchu do after I left? *wiggles eyebrows*”

I roll my eyes at her text, little does she know. I’m going to have to tell her about Ethan before her imagination gets wild.

I type the text telling her all about what Ethan did, and how she was right about him hiding things. I press send and wait for her reply. Ethan calls again and I quickly decline.

A few minutes later Norah replies.


“I KNOW RIGHT! And he hasn’t stopped calling me, like I don’t want to talk to you, sheesh, he just won’t stop, I hope Mary whacked him with the frying pan after I left.”

“😂😂 I hope so too!”

“He even texted me saying he wants to “explain” himself.”

“Hmm, what kind of explanation now? He literally said he wanted to buy the building and was going to pay well, the only thing left is an apology to Mary, the poor old lady.”

“Yeh well I have no reason to speak to him, I’m really hurt, but this is ridiculous.”

“Aww, don’t you worry I’ll meet up with you tomorrow and make your day.” She replies making me giggle.

“That’s not necessary but okay,” I reply.

“Paleez you want me.”

“Sure.” I reply and put my phone away knowing she won’t text back.”

I stare at the ceiling too tired to get up and change, my eyes start to get droopy, the day's drama taking a toll on.” Sighing I close my eyes ready for sleep.

My eyes automatically snap open, the morning light seeped through my curtains, I quickly snatch my phone and check the time hoping I’m not late for work.

I sigh in relief, I woke up before the time for the alarm, I’m glad I woke up earlier, but early than late.

Last night after putting my phone on silent I had forgotten to put my alarm on loud, luckily my body has gotten used to waking up early.

I scroll through my phone and read through the texts Ethan had sent last night. All the texts contained the same message.

“Please let me explain.”

“I am sorry.”

“Let’s meet up.”

“I’ll make thing clear.”




Ethan sent almost 20 messages containing the same thing. Shrugging I get up to get dressed and ready for work. A few more days and the weekend will be here.

I head to the bakery before going to work; entering the bakery I head straight or the cupcakes and get 6 of each so I could take some to work as well.

“Thank you,” I say as I take my cupcakes from the salesman.

I walk out of the bakery and head straight to work not wanting to get delayed. As I reach the pet store I’m greeted by a middle-aged lady. She’s wearing a long blue skirt with a long-sleeved white top, her hair is fixed in a tight bun and her chocolate brown eyes stare kindly at me.

“Hi.” The lady greets.

“Hello.” I kindly answer waiting for her to continue the conversation she looks kind of familiar.


“Summer meet my mama bear, Ann. Mama meet Summer.” Joe interrupts as he walks towards us while wiping his hands with a towel.

“Oh, wow, uh nice to meet you, how are you doing now?” I say as I see the similar faces, they even have the same smile.

“I’m aright, I missed this place, so Joe here tells me you’re a really fast learner and a good employee,” she says making me blush.

“I guess I’m a fast learner, I’m glad I have the chance of working here.”

“Okay Summer I’ll let you get to work,” she dismisses and smiles. I smile back and start the day’s work.

The day went by, and I wasn’t as tired as I usually would be since I have gotten used to working. I stroll to the back of the store for a little break and sit with a bottle of water in my hand. I stare at the chickens walking around the mini pond. The little pond reminds of the time Ethan fell in it.

Good, he deserved it.

“Taking a little break I see,” Joe says as he sits next to me.


“Hey what’s wrong, you seem a little down today.”


I’m not down am I? Is it that obvious?

“Yes, it’s like you’re conflicted over something, there is something you have been thinking very hard about, you want to talk about it?” he questions.

A few minutes later I finally answer.

“Well…” I hesitate. Should I tell him?

“You can tell me Summer, you were there when I was alone here, and it is only fair that I’m there for you as well.” He states. Maybe he can give me some advice.

“Okay fine. It’s about Ethan, remember the man who came here for volunteering?”

“The rich dude who couldn’t catch a chicken?” he states making me giggle.

“Yeah, well for starters he didn’t tell me about himself.”

“Oh, well maybe he wanted you to like him as Ethan not Mr. rich dude?” he suggests.

Okay why didn’t I think of that?

“Okay, that could be true, but it’s not the only thing, it seems like he’s always hiding things from me, and he wanted to forcefully buy an old ladies home, forcefully!” I say exasperated.

“Hmmm…” Joe hums as he hears the rest of my story. I stare at him and wait for a reply.

“Well, maybe he has trust issues? Or he was waiting for the right time to tell you,” he suggests.

“The right time?” I question and he nods while watching the chickens.


“Okay I get that part, but what about the old lady’s home?” and his suspicious behaviour I wanted to say, but choose not to, this much is enough.

“Oh, uh did you listen to his reason?”

“No…” I say as I look away. What reason could he possibly have?

“He did say he was going to pay the lady a lot.”

“He is a businessman you know that right? that’s what they do, buy properties, build and other things,” he explains knowingly.

“Maybe you should speak to him, and I don’t know maybe you would be able to convince him to leave that building alone?” he says after a few seconds.

“I don’t want to speak to him, all he does is lie.”

“Is that so?” he raises his eyebrows at me.

“Yes, okay maybe not lie, but he does hide things.” I correct myself

“You won’t know what his true intentions are until you talk to him; does he not want to talk to you?”

“He does he’s been messaging and texting me,” I confess.

“And have you answered any of those texts?”

“No, I was frustrated by all the incidents.”

“Fair enough. Maybe you can speak to him soon,” he suggests.

“I’ll think about him, thanks joe, I really needed a friend to vent to,” I say gratefully.

“No problem, now get back to work no more slacking,” He says in a teasing strict tone.

“Yes boss,” I salute with an equally serious tone and expression.

I continue the rest of my work until lunch break; I’m going to head to Norah’s for lunch and vent to her as well.

As I walk out the pet store I bump into a man, I apologise and continue my walk without glancing back. I didn’t want the awkward eye contact.

I reach the restaurant and Norah immediately gives me a tight hug.

“Someone missed me.” I tease as she finally releases me

“As if,” she sticks her tongue our childishly makes me sit in the nearest table.

“so, give me the details,”

“I already texted it to you,” I say confused.

“NOOOO,” she whines “it’s different face to face,” she says making me roll my eyes.

“Urgh I’m not repeating,” I state.


“Fine,” I sigh running my finger through my hair.

“I get it you have long hair,”

“Shut up!”

I narrate the rest of the story to her in “details” like she wanted and she nods her head showing me that she’s listening, I continue and tell her about my conversation with Joe as well, as I finish the story she stares at me.

“Wow,” she finally answers.


“This Joe guy could be right, maybe you should speak to Ethan, and maybe you could convince him to not buy that building.”

“Joe said the exact same thing, but I don’t want to speak to Ethan right now, I’ll think about speaking to him” I tell her and she nods in understanding.

“Hmm, but when you do decide to speak to him, you should text me or call me, I’ll prepare you.”

“Prepare me?”

“Ahuh, I’m going to give you a Norah pep talk,” she says in a serious tone making me giggle.

“Okay I’ll let you know, I’d love to hear a ‘Norah pep talk’.”

“Good, you won’t regret it”

“Okay now get me food I’m starving and I have a job to get to.” I order as she gets up and smiles making me stick my tongue out at her childishly. She flips me off and walks away making me giggle.

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