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Chapter 25. Coco

It’s been almost a week since Joe and Norah told me to speak to Ethan. I busied myself with the work and cat-sitting Mary’s cat. Today’s one of the days Mary needs me to help her with Coco, her cat. Even though it’s a Saturday I don’t mind helping her, she’s well paying me and also my landlord. Definitely not going to make her angry.

I walk towards Mary's apartment greeting Elijah, my other neighbor on the way. He lives right next to Mary’s apartment. Another one of her victims, I mean tenant.

I lightly knock on her door and wait for her to answer. The door squeaks open making me cringe at the sound.

“Hey Mary, how are you today?” I kindly ask as she lets me in. I walk towards the sitting room where is sitting.

“Hello dear, I’m okay, here’s Coco, please take care of her while I go to my therapist.”

“Okay Mary, don’t you worry, I’ll take good care if Coco.”

“Thanks dear, you know how it is with therapists, they call you whenever they feel like it,” she grumpily complains and I nod my head. Even though I know it’s not true.

“But it is for your own good, it’ll help bring your memory back.” I remind her.

Mary, had lost her memory 3 years ago, she told me about it during the week when she needed me to continuously take care of Coco. She only remembers that she lost her husband years before she lost her memory and the last place she remembers living in is this very apartment she’s living in now. She said it’s the only thing she owns and it was a gift from her husband. Mary only remembers her daughter and is unable to remember anyone else, her daughter tried to help her remember the rest of her relatives, she tried by bringing in her husband but that led to her to having a panic attack so the doctor warned her daughter not to bring anyone else here. That’s why she chooses to stay here. It helps her feel at home. A maid comes and helps keep the place clean, I haven’t yet met her daughter; maybe someday she’ll visit her lonely mother.

“Hmm you’re right, but still.”

“You know Mary if you hadn’t been missing almost all of your therapy sessions maybe you would get your memory back by now.”

“Nonsense, somethings are just meant to be forgotten,” she says, as usual I get the same answer, how does that justify anything?

“Do you know sometimes the brain chooses not to remember things? Like it just doesn’t want to remember.”

“Uh yeh sure,” I answer not knowing what else to say, I have no clue about what she’s saying.

“Are you sure you want to go alone?” I ask as I stand up to leave.

“Yes I’m okay with that I’ve been doing it from the very beginning, I don’t want to go with my daughter, she’ll just start the drama about leaving this apartment, my home, she wants me to move in with her and her husband, like I would do that, this is my home, she’ll start with her tears and whining, oh and then she’ll go on and on about how much money I can get if I sell this place, it’s always about the money for her, or maybe it’s that husband of hers that making her do this, she says she doesn’t want me to be alone and wants a better place for me, what better place is there for me then a place with my Harry’s memory? She just won’t listen...”

“Uh Mary you’re getting late,” I interrupt her before she goes into a never-ending rant. Just like any old lady once Mary starts she won’t stop until she’s interrupted or is distracted by something. Mary then takes her purse from the coffee table and walks to the door, I follow her while I Coco.

“Take care Mary,” I say as I walk out the door,

“Yes I will dear,” she locks the door and walks out the building.

I take Coco in my apartment and walk straight to the kitchen where her bowl is. I fill up her food bowl that I kept for her. Some of Coco s things were in my apartment; Mary doesn’t always give a warning before she has to go. I watch Coco eat. Sometimes I feel like Mary forgets to feed her, but that’s impossible looking at how chubby and heavy the cat is.

Shrugging I leave Coco to eat and sit in the sitting room. My phone rings from my room; I get up and rush to my phone. It’s a call from Norah, I press answer and out the phone to my ear,

“FINALLY, took you long enough,” Norah yells through the phone and I move the phone away from my ear cringing.

A few seconds later I put the phone back to my ear. “Seriously Norah, you have to stop screaming my ears will stop working,”

“Sorry, anyways it’s Saturday!! What you doing?”

“I’m cat-sitting.”

“Why are you sitting on a cat,” I hear her gasp dramatically.

“Um Norah,” I start

“I’m just messing.” She interrupts before I could explain to her what I meant by cat sitting

“So yeh I’m cat siting.”

“Nooo we have to go out just ditch the cat and let’s go,” she orders making me rolls my eyes.

“Not happening, anyways wassup.”

“I wanted to go to the mall.”

“The mall?” I’ve never been to one here, there’s a mall here?


“Yeh hello, sorry wait there’s a mall here?” I question.

“Of course!”

“Wana go?”

“Well not today, I’m kind of busy how about tomorrow?” I suggest.

“It’s Sunday, but only the restaurants will be open, since I love the fast food there we can go. Have you received your salary? I hope you have saved some of it, but don’t worry the food is affordable, that’s why I love it,”

“Yes I have, okay so let’s go tomorrow.”

“Great, so have you spoken to Ethan yet?”

“Nope, maybe next week, I’m not up for a confrontation yet.”

“Hmm take your time, he can wait,” She drawls.

“Eh I’ve been ignoring his calls and texts.”

“How do you even have the heart to do that?”

“What heart?” I question as I laugh making her laugh too.

“Sure no heart I get it.”

“Anyways I’m going to get back to Coco I’ll talk to you later,” I state

“Who the hell is Coco?” she screams making me cringe.

“Ughhh Norah it’s the cat for crying out loud, would you stop screaming?”

“You’re doing it too,” she mumbles.

“Urgh, bye now, I’ll see you tomorrow anyway.”

“WAIT!” she whisper yells

“Why are you whisper yelling?” I ask confused.

“Because you told me not to scream” she says in a duh tone making me roll my eyes.

“Whatever go on you goof ball,”

“I wanted to say, don’t let Ethan suffer too much, sometimes men get fed up too.”

“Hmm okay, you are right, anyways bye now.”


I cut the phone and walk out the room to check on Coco, I walk to the sitting room since I didn’t see her in the kitchen.

“Hey Coco,” I say as I see her sitting on the sofa looking bored, cats and their expressions, cute but murderous at the same time. Shaking my head I sit next to Coco and pet her. Ethan’s texts and calls have become less and less, I wonder how long it will take until he stops, and will he stop?

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