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Chapter 26. The Mall

Press send Summer.

Press send.

Urgh, why can’t I just press send?

I stare at the text I typed to send to Ethan.

“Let’s meet up.”

What if he ignores my message? What if he refuses? Okay okay just do it Summer! You won’t know until you don’t send it.

Taking a deep breath I press send and quickly lock my phone. I close my eyes and bite my lips. He’s going to blank me, he’s going to have his revenge I just know it. Oh no, I need to call Norah, she’ll make me feel better. Wait she’s coming home to get me anyway, I’ll just wait for her she’ll make me feel better yeah she always does, that is what true friends do right? They make you feel awesome.

I need to get my mind off of this. I get up and walk out the door, maybe sitting with Mary and coco will help me feel better I walk towards Mary’s apartment and lightly knock. I wait for a minute, for a response or for her to open the door. Hearing no response I knock again.

A minute later Mary shouts. “Who is it?”

“It’s Summer!” I shout back.

“I’m coming!” I hear her footsteps coming closer and the door finally opens.

“What do you want?” she says grumpily. Uh oh she’s not in a good mood.


“I just wanted to meet you?” I utter unsurely. What if she tells me to go back?

She looks at me contemplating her answer. Finally she sighs and moves to the side. I stare at her waiting for her to say something.

“Well you want to come in or not?” she says and I quickly walk in.

I sit in the sitting room and watch her immediately go to the kitchen. A few minutes later she comes back with a tray of sandwiches and tea; she places it on the coffee table and sits on the sofa opposite me

“Wow you didn’t have to do all this,” I say

“Don’t get all happy, I made these earlier, my daughter is coming to visit me, she finally realises she has a mother.”


We sit quietly while I munch on the sandwiches not knowing how to start another conversation. What was I thinking coming here?

“So, what’s your daughter like?”

“A whiny little b***h,” she answers making me almost spit the tea I just sipped. I control my laughter, it’s not every day you hear old ladies say that.

“Uh, why are you saying that?”

“I already told you, she wants me to move out and sell this place, says it’s for the best.”

“Maybe it is?”

“Unless this building gets demolished or sold but there’s no way that is happening. Not on my watch.”

I decide to change the topic before she gets upset and the memories of what Ethan wanted to do dampen my mood.

“So tell me more about Harry.”

“Oh Harry was a darling, the love of my life,” she sighs in content as she talks about him.

“Do you have a picture of him?”

Call me nosy but I really wanted to know what the person that makes Mary so happy looks like.

“Of course I do.” She gets up and goes to get the picture. A minute later she comes back with a picture frame. She hands me the frame and I stare at the picture.

The man in the picture looked really fit, dressed in a suit and tie he had his arms wrapped around Mary and was smiling towards the camera. Mary and he were both wearing shades. It looked like they were going to some kind of event.

“My daughter looks just like him, same eyes, nose and lips; just she has my brown hair and not his blonde.”

“Oh you can’t see the eyes in this picture, he had blue eyes, and every time I looked into his eyes it was like I was looking at the crystal waters of the ocean,” she says closing her eyes.

We chat a little longer, I check the time a few minutes later.

Norah will be here anytime now.

“Alright Mary I’ll be going now, hope you have a good time with your daughter.”

“Sure dear, but if she makes me angry she’s definitely getting the pan,” she says seriously, making me laugh.

“I hope she doesn’t make you angry then, speaking of pans, did you hit Ethan with your pan,” I ask curiously.

“Who’s Ethan?” she asks confused and squints her yes.

“The uh man who wants to buy your building?” I say and bite my lip waiting for her to answer.

“Oh him, I was just about to hit and he just engulfed me in a big hug.”

“He hugged you?” I ask smiling.

“Yes if he wasn’t so strong I would have hit him with a pan, but he just hugged me with those strong arms, I was boggled, and then he immediately left without glancing back, he must’ve gotten scared I would pan him, I just went back to my house after that,” she explains in daze.

That was a good strategy; hug her before she hits you. Smiling I shake my head at Ethan’s weird tactics and walk home.

As I reach my door lady rushes passed me, I turn my head to check who it is, but she had already reached Mary’s apartment and walked straight in. I could only see her curly brown hair, just like Mary’s. It must be her daughter. Shrugging I open my door and stroll straight to my sitting room.

“Honey I’m hoooomeee!”

My eyes snap open and a yawn escapes my mouth. Is Norah here already?

Turning my head toward the clock I check the time.

Oh! I must have fallen asleep.

“honey?” Norah screams.

You have got to be kidding me!

I jog towards the door before she creams, pulling the door open I quickly grab Norah’s arm and pull her in.

“Hey!” she says surprised.

“Yeah hey,” I say.

“Oh, well summer lets go you ready?”

“Yes I’m ready, let me just grab my phone and my purse. Oh my god, you know what I did?” I say as I remember the text

“What?” she questions looking at me wide eyed.

“I texted Ethan!” I say as I rush to get my phone to see if he has answered.

“Omg, did he reply?” she shouts rushing behind me.

“I’m checking!” I shout back.

I unlock my phone only to see no texts from Ethan just from Norah saying she’s on her way.


“He didn’t answer,” I mumble.


“He hasn’t answered yet,” I repeat loudly this time.

“Oh,” we stare at each other for a few seconds and she bursts out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I ask confused.

“You look so glum, chum.”

“I’m not.”

“You so are, you look like a high school student who gave the schools mister popular her number but never got a call back.” She says as she laughs even more.

“Excuse me! You are so wrong, let’s go before I change my mind,” I sass and grumble and the same time.

Laughing she answers, “let’s go, I already know what I want to eat.”

15 minutes, that’s how long it takes to reach the mall from home. How did I not come here before?

I stare at the huge building in front of me and watch people walk in and out with their families, dates and friends as Norah pays the taxi driver.

“Let’s go,” Norah says as comes from behind and we walk together towards the mall.

We get into the elevator which was made up of glass so it we were able to see everything around the mall. People were staring into the closed shops, probably window shopping, something I always do. As I look closer I see a man with brown hair standing staring at one of the shops he turns to the side and my eyes wide.

Is that Ethan?

“I love how we can see everything from here,” says Norah, I look towards her and I nod in agreement. I look back and see the man I was looking at is no longer there.

“Did you that the mall is called the mall because all the shops and stuff are here? Get it them all, the mall?”

“Right I’ve heard that one before,” I say as I look back down.

“Right,” she mocks from behind making me laugh at her.


I turn back and follow Norah out of the elevator; it must have been someone else.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“I think I saw Ethan,” I say, she stops and turns around to look at me.

“You really do act like a high schooler, you’re even imagining him,” she giggles

“Hey, I said I think!”

“What would he be doing here anyway; you think he has the time to go around the mall?”

“Of course he would, he’s a boss he can do whatever he wants to do.”

“Right okay, so I want a chicken wrap and a calzone, you?” she says as she takes a seat in the food court. The place was packed with families.

“Uh I’ll have the same.”

“Okay just sit and relax while I go order our food, maybe you’ll find Ethan too,” she winks at me before leaving.

Shaking my head I sigh. She’s never going to let that go.

I take my phone out and unlock it, hmm no notifications.

Hmmph maybe he really is busy.

Busy taking revenge.

“Hey get away from your phone,” Norah chides as she sits opposite me.

I put my phone on the table and look at her.

“The waiter will bring our food in a few minutes.”

“Great, so Norah how’s work?”

“Eh its work,” she shrugs.

“You live alone?” I ask curiously.

“Yeah I do, I used to live with my husband but I left him.”

“Woah, you were married?”

“Yeah, I know, hard to believe right?”

“What happened then?” I ask still in shock and she gets a little uncomfortable avoiding my gaze.

“Okay no need to answer, tell me when the time is right okay?” I say making her smile gratefully.


“So did he reply?” she questions making me groan.

“I’ll let you know okay?”

“fine.” She rolls her eyes.

*bzzzt* *bzzzt*

My eyes widen, and I stare at her then back to my phone. She follows my actions and quickly snatches my phone before I could grab it,

“Give it back!” I order as she pulls it away.

“I want to see it first.”

“You can’t see it!”

“Oh yes I can,” she stubbornly says as I move to get my phone but she pulls it away.

I give up and sit back crossing my arms and staring at her.

She smiles victoriously and looks downs at my phone. Her smile falls and she looks back at me then back at my phone. She stretches her hand to give me back my phone. I make no move to take it back.

“No no, go on check the message,” I tell her with a straight face and she keeps her hand stretched towards me.

“What happened?” I ask as I stare at her and she mumbles something.


“It’s locked,” she says a little louder.

“I want to see it first,” I mock as I snatch my phone out of her hand making her pout.

“Stop you look ugly,” I say making her glare at me.

I laugh and unlock my phone.

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