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Chapter 29. See You Soon

Once I reach home I walk straight to my room and jump into bed after getting rid of my shoes of course. Changing my clothes is out of the question, I’m beat. Maybe after a while. Sighing I check the time to see how long I get to sleep for before letting my eyes close.

Hmm enough time.

*ring* *ring*

Huh? My eyes slowly open at the sound of the phone ringing when it stops I close my eyes again.

*ring* *ring*

Urgh who’s calling me at this time? I wish I put the phone on silent. I squint a little and grab my phone. Ethan?


“Hello?” I croak out, my voice still crackly from the sleep.

“Summer,” I hear him breath out.

“Hmm?” I mumble out my eyes drooping again.

“I’m so sorry for waking you up, I just got the news of the picture, and I wanted to explain.”

“Hmm yeah,” I answer.

“Maybe now isn’t a good time you sound extremely tired. I’ll call you again alright.”

“Yeah,” I mumble not contemplating a word he’s saying. Sleep clouding my mind I turn towards my pillow and breathe.

“Okay, sleep well summer, I miss you,” he says softly.


“Summer?” He sighs and cuts the phone a few seconds later. Not having the energy I push the phone away from my face.

Facing the mirror I brush my hair slowly taking out the knots from the bottom. Pulling all my hair back I tie it into a ponytail.

“Hmmm done.” I say satisfied with my hair. I walk into the kitchen and take out some milk to make myself some coffee. As I place the milk on the table my eyes glance towards the flowers for a second. I move towards the cupboard in search for the coffee. Stopping midway I turn back towards the flowers and tilt my head.

Oh! I rush towards my room and pick my phone. I unlock it and go straight to the call log ignoring the message notifications He did call! Oh man! I really hope I didn’t say anything silly, I was way too sleepy to even realise what’s going on. I check my phone to see if he’s left any messages. 3 messages from Norah and from Ethan. I check Norah’s first.

Norah: "hey we need to talk. "


"Okay just kidding I totally understand. "

"Miss you xx "

I begin texting back.

“Xx yourself, message me when we can meet up. I’m never too busy for you."

Moving on I click on Ethan’s message

“Hey summer sorry for calling so late at night; we couldn’t really talk much, obviously because you were way too sleepy to say anything coherent. Let’s meet up? I can explain everything. I swear.”

Hmmm I’m not going to delay us meeting like last time. So I dial his number immediately. It rings for a minute and he doesn’t answer so I leave a quick message.

“Hi, uh yeah I was tired last niht, had a late night. When can we meet up?”

“Night*” Urgh I hate typos. I head back to the kitchen and make my cup of coffee and have a cupcake I saved from the bakery.

*ring* *ring*

‘Unknown caller’ Huh who’s this? “Hello?”

“Hey summer this is joe sorry for calling you at this time, I called to inform you that you don’t need to come to work today were keeping the shop closed.”

How do I not have his number saved?

“Oh okay, I guess that’s okay, is everything alright?”

“Yes everything’s good, just needed a break for today, after last night. Sorry to inform you at these times.”

“Oh no that’s okay, have a good day,” I say, doing the happy dance on the inside.

“You too.” he says lastly cuts the phone.


Yes more time to sleep Whoop! I wish he told me last. Night though so I wouldn’t have to wake up so early. I head to the kitchen put away the milk the walk to my room, change into my pjs, untie my hair and slip into the comfort of my bed. Sleep over work? Yes any day! With a contending sigh a close my eyes read for sleep to take over.

*ring* *ring*

For god sake!

*ring* *ring*

“Hello?” I answer reluctantly without checking the phone.

“Hey summer.” Ethan answers. I sit up begrudgingly and hold in a yawn.

“Ethan, did you get my message?”

“Yes that’s why I called, I’ll be back next week, will meet up then?”

“Sure sure, just text me the details.”

“Oh thank God, I thought that you’d be stubborn like last time.”

“Hmm maybe I should be,” I suggest teasingly.

“No no, your decision’s fine...” he says I hear him being called.

“I have to go; I’ll see you soon alright?”

“Hmm okay, bye.” I answer and move the phone away from my ear and cut the call.

Getting up I head to the kitchen and make myself some breakfast, before deciding to clean my house. I can’t deal with a dusty house. I need some to buy a vase; some show pieces to make this place feel like a home. Maybe I’ll just ask Mary for advice on where to buy them from, and ask her to get the door knobs and locks replaced if she can or else I’d have to pay for that.

After finishing my breakfast I start cleaning my house starting from the kitchen to my room. I should probably call Norah to check on her, I hope she’s okay. I wonder what she wanted to tell me. Grabbing my phone from the counter top I dial her number.

“Hewo,” she answers immediately in a childish voice making my look up at the sky.

Patience Summer patience. Friend!

“Don’t start please, how you doing?”

“What I do?” She asks innocently.

“Urgh fine, I’m okay, so you know what happened?”

“What?” I curiously ask.

“Guess!” She says excitedly.

“I give up.” I say bored and wipe the little stain on the countertop.

“I have a date!”

“You do?” I say perking up.

“Yes, his name’s Hayden.”

“Okay, So when did you two meet? And why am I hearing about this now?” I inquire.

“Well, I met him, well actually bumped into him a couple of days back, and then he flirted with me, and we talked, he said he wanted to get to know me. So I was like sure let’s meet up then we decided a date. I’ll meet him in a week.”

“That’s great but isn’t that too fast oh and I uh spoke to Ethan, he’s coming in a week too, said he’s going to explain stuff.”

“Yes I guess its fast, but it has been a while but it’s now or never, you know what I mean? And why didn’t Ethan just explain on phone?”

“Oh that’s good for you I guess, you better give me details. I don’t know, maybe it’s easier face to face you know.”

“Hmm you’re right, this way you can see his facial expressions too.”

“Right.” I agree.

“Okay I gotta go, duty calls.” She says hurriedly

“Alright bye.” Cutting the phone I place it on the counter and continue cleaning the rest of my house.

See you soon Ethan.

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