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Chapter 3. Memories


“Summer!” I hear someone call out.

I can’t let them find me, I’ve had enough. They never believe me. I didn’t do it, I never would.

Blood rushed to my ears, my heart felt like it’s going to explode. They love to torture me, I try to fight back but I’m too weak. A drop of sweat fell from my forehead; my hands began to tremble to become sweaty. Wiping the sweat with the sleeve of my shirt I run out of the house and into the forest, which would lead me to the main road.

I’d get to the police, yes, the police they’ll protect me. If they hadn’t taken my phone I would’ve called them.

The sun had long set, making it harder for me to see where I was going. Rushing past the trees I could barely make out anything and the tears made my vision even more blurry.

Even though it was windy and the leaves were rustling I could still hear footsteps approaching from behind me, the thumping of their feet were beginning to get closer. Stretching my short legs as much as I could, I tried to run faster which made my legs burn. The muscles on my legs ached even more, making my pace go slower.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, until one of them caught up and jumped on me, making me fall flat and landing on my hands. The stones scrapped my hands and knees, digging into my skin leaving a burning sensation.

“Aaaaaah! Let me go! Get off!” I screamed.

Struggling to push the person I turned and I quickly kicked them in their stomach making them groan. As the person moved I got a good look at their face.

“Gina? Why can’t you just leave me alone? What have I ever done to you?”

Glaring at me Gina, my so-called friend got up making me take a step back.

Before she could answer the others that were chasing me caught up, surrounding me in a circle. My friends, no, enemies now, Gina, Lia, Edina and Zoey, all looked at me with venom in their eyes.

“Well, well, not so fast now are you little Summer?” sneered Lia.

Tears were flowing down my eyes making my sight blurry, followed by the trembling of my lips and runny nose. Blinking harder I tried to clear my vision.

My throat felt clogged.

“What have I ever done to any of you?” I screamed, swallowing hard.


My head whipped harshly to the left. I raise my hand to my cheek feeling the throbbing pain.

“The question is what haven’t you done, you just love acting innocent,” snaps Edina.

“You tried to kill my brother!” accuses Gina.

“You’re such a whore! you tried to trap him, even though you knew I liked him!” screamed Zoey.

“No that’s not...”


“Don’t lie!”

“I never tried to kill him, I love him as a friend, believe me, please Gina please,” I plead looking at her.

“Oh please nobody is going to believe you, you even tried to steal my boyfriend!” snapped Gina.

“No Gina, he was the one who tried to flirt with me, please don’t let your jealousy cloud your mind, you know me better than that!”

Before I could say anything more someone grabbed my hair and bangs my head on the ground, my head starts to spin, black dots start to cloud my vision.

Without giving me a chance to recover one of them kicked me on my face making dust fly around me. I could feel the blood flowing from my nose.

I covered my face and curled into my body using my hands to try and protect me while they rained punches and kicks onto my body. Screaming for help, I knew nobody could save me but I still try.

I lift my hands to defend myself, attempting an attack, but before I could take action arms wrapped around both my wrists stopping me and holding me down. I then lift my leg getting ready to kick, whoever it was but my moves are sloppy because of the pain and lack of energy. They quickly saw it coming and held my legs down too.

My body ached all over it was getting difficult to breathe. The attacks stopped. They’re probably done, but why haven’t they let go of me yet.

Through my blurry vision, I see someone’s hand holding something and approaching me. I try to make out what it is. As the person moves closer the object reflects light from the moon making me realise it’s a knife being held by Gina.

Gasping I begin to thrash.

“What are you trying to do? Please, haven’t you done enough? Let go!” I begged.

“It’s an eye for an eye,” Gina says and raises her hand bringing the knife closer to my skin, she presses the knife deep enough to let blood flow and leave a scar, dragging the knife from my collarbone down to the centre of my chest until she reaches my stomach. Satisfied she lifts the knife.

Unbearable pain is all I felt, like a fire slowly spreading to each part of my body. The pain didn’t stop, nor did my tears and the ache in my heart.

The feeling of pain being caused by the people you trust and love is the worst.

I could hear their footsteps fading. I lay flat on the ground breathing heavily. I guess this is how I was going to die. Feeling my energy beginning to drain, dark spots start to appear, fading my vision slowly my eyes begin to flutter close but I try to stop them not wanting to give up.

“Help!” I cried out one last time with a pain filled voice, a series of coughs following after, feeling my breathing slowly becoming shallow, energy drain I know I can no longer keep my eyes open. I let them slowly close, hoping someone finds me and I wake up again to prove my culprits wrong because I’m innocent and always have been.

*Flashback ends*

Tears were flowing down my eyes. The coolness of the mirror met my palm. Snatching my hand back I quickly turn around and raise my hand to my chest feeling my heart beat faster.

My breathing was getting heavy. I tried to normalise my breathing, taking deep breathes. Slowly breathing in and out, I feel my heart begin to slow, getting back to normal.

A slow breeze swept past me making me shiver, realising I’m still in a towel, I quickly dry myself and look for clothes in my bag.

Grabbing a pair of underwear and my PJs I quickly put them on.

Picking up the towel I hang it on the drying rack and head back to the bathroom. I pick up my dirty clothes put them in the laundry basket.

Walking to the bedroom I lie on my bed. The mattress is so soft; it definitely won’t be hard to fall asleep. Letting out a contented sigh, I close my eyes.

Knock knock.

My eyes snapped open.

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