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Chapter 30. Awkward moments

One week later

“I can’t believe you’re ditching me to meet up with Ethan,? ” Norah grumbles making me roll my eyes as I continue to put my pink lipstick.

“Are you ignoring me?”

“Oh I see now I am being annoying.”

“Fine have it your way,” she finally says.

Sighing I calmly answer, “Norah stop being ridiculous, you already knew about it before you came over,”

“But I forgot!” She explains.

“You Did?” I let out a fake gasp and widen my eyes at her mockingly.

“Summer!,” she whines.

“Would you calm down? I’m already ready and I’m leaving in 5 minutes. You want anything till then?”

“Nah, I’m good you’ve given me enough of shit anyway,” she jokes making me smack her hand.

“Anyways how is it between you and Hayden?”

“Oh we’re good he’s really sweet, but like I just met him so I’m not going to judge him so soon, So we’re still getting to know each other.”

“That’s good, small steps,” I comment.

“Yeah, we should all meet up,”

“I am not into being a third wheel,”

“Urgh you won’t be!” She rolls her eyes.

“That’s what they all say ,” I retaliate.

“Not with me okay?” She justifies.

“Hmm we’ll see,” I say as I stand up and she stands up too knowing I have to leave.

I walk to the door after grabbing my keys and purse, Norah following behind me.

“I’ll see you later, I say to Norah,”

“Alright, call me if you need anything and if he says anything stupid call me, I’ll smack him for you.”

“Why would I call you to smack him?”

“Because I’m good at smacking people.” She says in a duh tone.

“Don’t worry Norah, I’m good at smacking too!” I say and we both laugh.

We walk out of the building together and
Norah goes her own way, while I go towards the opposite direction.

I wonder what Ethan is going to say, I really don’t want him to lie because that would just be the end.

I hate liars.

The slight breeze makes my hair fly and I wrap my coat around me tighter. Although the breeze is calming, my nerves still didn’t calm down. I don’t know why I’m so nervous.

Maybe I don’t want anything to go wrong again. But then again that’s just how life is, full of ups and downs.

I walk silently to the restaurant which is about 15 minutes away.

A couple of minutes later I reach near the restaurant and just as I enter my shoulder bumps into a stranger.

“Sorry,” I mumble looking sideways and continue to make my way into the restaurant and the hostess approaches me immediately.

“Hello and welcome, how are you?” She greets with a small practiced smile.

“Hey, I’m good thanks and how are you?” I ask politely.

“Im Fine thank you, how may I help you, do you have any reservations here?”

“Uh yes actually, there’s a reservation under a man named Ethan?” I asked unsurely.

“Okay let me check, is that his last name?”

“Uh no.”

“Do you know the last name?”

“Uhh.” Holy shit! I don’t even remember his last time. Oh man!

She looks at me expectantly, waiting for an answer. I shook my head and she nods walking to her laptop which is placed on the desk behind her. She stares at it doing some typing and she nods.

“Yes there’s a booking under his name he hasn’t reached yet but let me take you to your table.” She says and starts walking, I follow her as she leads me to a pair of closed doors, she pushes it and holds it for me so I can pass.

The setting of the restaurant is beautiful. Round tables decorate the place with the most elegant looking tableware.

This is your table she says as she walks past me and stands near the second last table facing the window.

People were already seated on some of the tables I smile and nod as I walk and take a seat.

“Do you need anything while you wait?” She asks politely.

“No that’s okay, I’ll just wait,” I answer and she nods and walks back to the front.

I take my phone out of the purse and text Ethan.

“Hey, I’m here, waiting.”

“Hi, Almost there.” He texts back.

I put my phone down and take in the rest of my surroundings.

A few minutes later the doors I came through opens and Ethan walks in with a lady right next to him.

Who’s this lady?.

He comes and stands by the table and I stand. Staring at the lady, I take in her appearance. Her dark brown hair flows till her waist she’s wearing sunglasses that cover half her face and had blood red lipstick on.

Who wears sunglasses indoors?


“Huh yes?” I look at Ethan and answer. I can feel the stare of the lady burning into me. Not knowing what to say I keep my gaze locked on Ethan.

“This is the woman you saw me with on the newspaper,” he says. And my eyes snap towards her again.

Her hair isn’t red, but the lady in the picture had red hair...

I stare at the woman awkwardly not knowing what to say. So who is she to him?

“Hi I’m Ethan’s friend Bianca, we went to college together,” she introduces her self.


“So I wanted to tell you about her, she’s my friend, when I went into the elevator that day I bumped into her.”

“When I saw him I immediately jumped on him and hugged him.” She continues.

“I had no idea someone would take a picture and just publish it.”

“It’s true, and you must be wondering about the hair, I actually love dyeing my hair. My natural hair is just like yours ” Hmm that explains the hair.

“So uh, Ethan is she the same person you were talking about?”

He looks at me for a moment probably trying to remember when we talked about his “redhead friend”.

“Oh, yes this is her, my long lost friend,” he says causing Bianca to laugh lightly.

“Let’s sit,” Bianca says as she takes the nearest seat. I sit opposite her and Ethan sits between us.

“I’ll go call a waiter,” Ethan offers as he gets up from his seat.

Thanks Ethan!

I smile at Bianca and she smiled back.

Well, this is awkward. I’m not really good at introductions and all.

“So, where have you been all this time?” I ask her trying to make a conversation.

“Oh I love to travel so I’ve been here and there.” She answers and it gets quiet all over again.

Ethan comes back with a waiter following behind with the menus. He takes his seat while the waiter greets us and gives each of us a menu.

I grab mine and check the menu.

“Did you two meet up in Zanzibar?” I curiously ask and they both look at each other.

“Actually she was staying here, I called her as soon as I came back so we can meet up with you and clear things out.”


“Yes I wouldn’t want you two love birds to have problems over a silly picture,” she adds as she smiles at me.

“Right, so how was your trip Ethan?”

“It was exhausting, I couldn’t wait to come back to you,” he winks making me roll my eyes at him. As if!

“I'm serious!” He says noticing my eye roll.

“Yeah yeah I get it,” I say laughing at his expression.

“Did you get the flowers I sent?” He asks.

“What flowers?” Bianca asks.

“Oh I sent her flowers while I was away.”

“Awww that is so sweet of you Ethan! What kind of flowers were they?”

“Uh they were roses.”

“Really? Those are my favourite! Do you love them too?”

“Hmm yes, they were really beautiful,”

I wasn’t going to tell them I don’t like those flowers. Ethan would just feel bad.

“I like your perfume, what kind is it?” I question Bianca.

“Oh it’s some brand named Poison, it smells really nice.” She answers. It really does. It's like a soft yet strong kind of scent.

The waiter comes to get our orders and I order a sizzling steak with some chips and rice. Ethan orders some sizzling prawns and Bianca orders the same. We all choose water to drink.

It gets quiet again, and nobody starts a conversation Ethan takes his phone and began texting someone, probably workmates. He gets up as he receives a call and excuses himself.

Bianca picks her phone and starts typing away. I hate when people are always on the phone. But I’m not judging because I’m going to do the same if she doesn’t put her phone down. I mean talk about being awkward.

Should I stare at her until she realises that I’m still sitting here?

Never mind. I look around to wait for the food the sooner we eat the faster we can get over this “get together”.

“Hey so tell me about yourself, where are you from?” Bianca asks after she puts her phone away.

“I’m from the other side.” I joke not wanting to tell her about myself and she luckily laughs it off.

“You and Ethan seem really close, do you like him?” She teases and I just shake my head.

“We’re getting to know each other,” I simply answer and sigh in relief as Ethan walks through the door. I smile at him grateful that he came back before she starts asking me about the rest of my life and history.

This is going to be a long day. I sigh.

“So are you two getting to know each other?” he asks enthusiastically as he sits down.

A little too enthusiastic.

“Yes I was just asking Summer about the two of you,” Bianca says.

“Oh what about us?”

“Hmm just if you two are together.”

“Well we are getting to know each other,” he Answers.

“Aww that’s what she said,” she says.

Because it’s true.

“So you like her?” she prods.

Let it go Bianca let it go.

“Of course I do. Or else we wouldn’t be giving each other a chance.” He Answers then looks at me.

“Right summer?” He questions me.

“Yes uh of course,” I answer.

“Aww you guys are the sweetest let me take a picture of the two of you.”

She takes her phone and faces the camera towards us.

Is this really necessary? I stare at her dumbfounded. Please be a joke.

“C’mon, sit closer she tells Ethan.”

Ethan willingly scoots closer to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder and smiles at the camera. I stare at him and hear clicks of the camera.

“Smile Summer I need it to look super cute,” she urges.

Save me Lord!

I smile and move Ethan hand.

“I hope we're done.”

“yup I got the perfect shots I’ll send them to Ethan he can send them to you.

“Right,” I answer

The waiter arrives with our food and places it in our tables. The smoke surrounded the place. The scent of the sizzling made my mouth water.

I open the bottle of water the waiter placed next to my food and took small sips while waiting for the food to cool down a little.

Ethan and Bianca are having a conversation of their own. Bianca is telling Ethan about all her trips and he listening attentively.

When my food cools down enough I quickly dig in. I can’t wait for lunch to be over. Bianca is just overly sweet, too sweet for my liking. Fake sweet. Hmm maybe sweet poison.

You’re just jealous summer.

Okay I’m not jealous. She just has some weird vibes coming out from her I argue with myself.


I finish my meal in record-breaking time and the two of them have barely eaten there’s. I get up and Ethan turns to see me.

“you already ate?” He asks amazed.

“Ha-ha yeah I’m a fast eater you know me,” I answer faking a laugh.

“Oh yeah,” he chuckles.

“I’m going to go wash up,” I say and he nods while Bianca smiles.

I take my time in washing my hands in the sink that’s located on the other side of the room and start walking back so my hands are dry.

Maybe I can leave now? Or will that be rude? Walking towards the table I notice Bianca missing.

“Hey where is Bianca?”

“Oh she received an emergency call and had to leave immediately.”


“It’s just you and I now.” He smirks at me and I stare at him blankly.

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