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Chapter 31. Warning

“What’s with that stupid face,” I say to him and he loses his smirk making me laugh on the inside.


“So tell me about your trip,” I ask him feeling comfortable after Bianca left.

“Eh was alright. I’m used to moving around places for business.” He Answers nonchalantly.

“Just like Bianca, the only difference is that she goes around for fun and you for work.”

“Hmm I guess you could say that.” He says thoughtfully.


The waiter walks in and takes the empty plates.

“Bring the bill,” Ethan demands arrogantly making me look at him annoyed.

“What?” He asks innocently.

“Bossy much?”

“Oh they’re used to it,” he says nonchalantly.

“Really? And that makes it okay?”

“Uh, no?” He Answers unsurely and making me glare at him.

The waiter comes with the bill; Ethan takes his wallet out pulls out the money and hands it to the waiter.

“Thank you and keep the change,” he says attempting to be polite this time.

“Thank you,” the waiter responds kindly and walks away.

Ethan turns and looks at me seemingly proud of what he just did.

I roll my eyes and shake my head.

“What? I was polite!” he whines.

“Yes you were, good job Ethan, let’s clap hands for Ethan he was nice for the first time ever,” I mock and clap light and this time he rolls his eyes making me laugh. He looks at smiles and me. His eyes sparkling.

“I really missed you”


“At least say you missed me too!”

“Did I deny it?” I question haughtily.

“No well...”

“So then?” I cut him off.

“We’re back at this again?” He says exasperated making me laugh evilly on the inside.

“Back at what?” I ask innocently. I love doing this to him.

“Back at cutting me o...”

“Would you rather I cut you off of my life?” I suggest cheekily.

“Nope I am good” he grumbles make me smirk at him.

Take that!

He looks into my eyes and stares I stare back at him questioningly.

“So, Summer will you go out with me?” He asks full of hope completely taking the conversation to the something else.

Hmm he did not say plea...


“Uh, okay,” I answer not caring about the randomness of this man. Just give the guy a chance right? His been at it for too long,

“Yes.” He sighs in relief.

“You’re acting like I torture you.”

“If you don’t call this torture I don’t even want to know what your torture is like,” he deadpans.

You really don’t want to know.

“Whatever, let’s go now we’ve sat here for too long,” I say getting up and he nods and follows.

He passes by me and walks towards the cars parked. I grab his hand making him stop and turn his gaze towards me.

“Why don’t we walk?”

“Are you serious?

“Yeah, we can walk around for a bit then come back?” I suggest.

“Okay,” he shrugs and I smile widely.

We walk side by side passing by a few shops. People stare at us while we walk and I huff.

“Why are people staring so much?” I question and he looks around and shrugs.

“Maybe because you look to pretty.” He answers making me stare at him.

Don’t blush don’t blush!

“No seriously.” I say, he stops walking and looks intently into my eyes.

“Maybe because you look out of this world.”

“Urgh, wait is it because you’re famous?” I ask finally realising why people are looking; I am surprised they are not taking a video or pictures.

“Well done,” he says sarcastically and claps his mockingly.

“Hey!” I smack his hand making him laugh; I just shake my head and continue walking with Ethan.

Maybe now is a good time to ask him about his surname, what if he gets offended? Wait I am sure he does not know mine either. Did he already tell me it and I just can’t remember?

“So what kind of date would you like?” He asks out of nowhere.

“Figure it out,” I answer in return.


“Yup.” Can he not come up with something on his own?

He groans and continues walking, we continue walking silently, we walk further down the street the people we getting less, and the area was not crowded anymore. Hmm maybe we should walk back.

“Hey Ethan let’s start going back its getting creepy,” I say as I stop walking. He stops and looks around nodding in understanding,

“I didn’t even realise we walked this far.” He says making me smile.

As I turn to walk back, I feel a heavy hand land on my shoulder making me look back at the arm, thinking its Ethan I turn ready to smack him jokingly. Only to realise it is not Ethan.

A man looks at me fiercely; the rest of his face is not visible as it was covered with a black mask. I look around to in search for Ethan. Two men were holding him covering his mouth.

“Ethan!” I scream and his eyes snap to me. Seeing the panic in my eyes, he starts to struggle and screams.

“Run Summer!” my eyes widen and I begin running towards him to help him only to be stopped by the man. He grasps my hand tightly and pushes me towards a nearby wall.

My back slams into the wall and I gasp feeling the air rush out of my body.

What is going on?

My head snaps towards the left as paint spread through my face. Fear and anger begin to rise in me as I see the man try to strike me again. I quickly duck and swipe the man’s feet using my leg. The man falls back, looking at me with surprise that quickly turned into anger.

The self-defence classes rushed into my head as I remember each move I was taught and learned. The man gets up to attack my again and I dodge his hit and punch him on his jaw. Making his head snap. He lets out an infuriated scream, runs at a speed grabbing me through in a tight grip, and forces me backwards to the wall.

His grip is so strong I couldn’t even let out a whimper. I scratch his hand and kick his legs but he dodged it. Tears fill my eyes as I struggle to breath

“Summer!” I hear some scream the voice begins to get faint. The man’s hand is knocked off me making me collapse on the ground. My throat burns and I cough tying to take in as much air as I can. I wipe the tears off my eyes and watch Ethan and the man struggle. I look around noticing the two men Ethan was being held by were missing. The man hits Ethan on his jaw, which causes Ethan to fall back, and he groans in pain. The masked man gets up and punches him again, Ethan dodges the second attempt but the man quickly retaliates and punches him.

I get up to try and help Ethan but was too slow, I watch as the man kicks Ethan one last time and he gets up rushing towards me making me stare wide-eyed. He grabs my hair and pulls it so I face him. Not having any energy I just look at him blankly.

“This is just the beginning,” he warns and bangs my head to wall, I watch in excruciating pain as he runs off.

“Summer!” I slowly move my head towards Ethan ignoring the pain; his voice seemed distant even though he was close by.

He rushes towards me as my vision begins to get blurry and my eyes were getting droopy. He wraps his arms around my shoulder and pulls me up.

“Summer don’t close your eyes,” he says panicky

“I can’t help it,” I whisper as tears fall down my eyes. I could not hold my eyes open and I let them close, just for a few seconds.

Ethan shakes me and my eyes slowly open, he looks at me worriedly.

“I’m okay,” I say in a low voice.

He moves his hands under my knees and shoulder, I feel him slowly lift me up and push me closer to his chest. Hmm I sigh and close my eyes as I hear a distant voice.

“Hang on Summer,” is the last thing I hear before I give up and close my eyes.

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