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Chapter 32. Awake

“Summer, Summer …”

I could hear a small voice call out to me.

“Summer please open your eyes. Come on cupcake,” I hear the voice plead.

I’m tired. Please go away!

“When will she wake up?” I hear the annoying voice question.

“She needs to rest, she was hurt pretty badly. Especially the wound on her head…” someone answers gently and that is the last thing I hear before I drift off into a deep slumber.

“Miss Summer? Can you hear me?” I hear someone call out to me and I groan internally.

Not again!

I feel someone tapping my face. Do they want to get whacked?

“Miss?” I scrunch up my face annoyed. “Miss Summer, can you hear me?”

I gradually open my eyes but they automatically get closed again, too tired for them to open.

“Please keep your eyes open for a few seconds miss Summer,” someone says as they tap my face again.


I feel someone gently grasp my hand and give it a light squeeze.

“Summer, cupcake?”

I try and open my eyes again, why is it so difficult to open my eyes, and what is going on? My eyes finally open making me see and stare at the people who the voices belong to. A doctor stared at me smiling gently.

Too tired!

I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and they only flutter closed again without any more thoughts.

After what seems like ages my eyes flutter open and this time I feel more energetic compared to before. I push my head the side and look around. Urgh, I hate the hospital. The room seemed empty and the sound of a machine beeping fills my ear. Huh how come I never heard it when I woke up the first time?

I breathe in deeply and try to remember what happened. Flashbacks of the previous events fill my mind sending me into panic.

Where’s Ethan? What if those men took him?

The machine besides me begins beeping loudly, the door bursts open and a nurse rushes in.

“Calm down miss everything is okay,” she utters as she urges me to call down.

“Where’s Ethan?” I rasp in panic.

“He’s around, he’s just gone to freshen up,” she states and I begin to calm down a little.

He’s okay.

Sighing in relief, I look at the nurse as she moves towards the side, and presses some buttons, my bed begins to raise from the back putting my in a sitting position. A few seconds later she places a glass of water and a straw in front of me.

I drink some water, which soothes my dry throat and move away. She places the glass back into its place.

“You’re very lucky you know,” the nurse speaks while looking at me.

“What?” I ask confused. How does being in a hospital make me lucky? I’m surprised I can’t feel any pain. It’s obviously the pain killers.

“Oh not because you’re in the hospital,” she explains as she shakes her head and I look at her questioningly.

“Well Mr Smith was here all the days you were unconscious.” Days? Mr Smith?

“Who is Mr Smith?” I question and she stares at me with wide eyes.


“Uh, Ethan Smith?” she says unsurely, and this time my eyes widen. So that’s his surname! Great, I find out his surname in a hospital.

“Oh right, ha yeah.”

She looks at me weirdly and just then Ethan walks in while talking to the doctor, unaware that I’m awake, he keeps the conversation with the doctor going.

“Ahem, sorry for interrupting you but Miss Summer is awake,” the nurse says looking at the doctor and Ethan. She probably forgot to inform them.

Ethan’s head snaps towards me, we make eye contact and he rushes towards me, I smile at him.

“Thank god you’re okay cupcake,” he says as he sits beside me and holds my hand.

“Good to see that you’re doing okay,” says the doctor as he approaches me with a clip board.

“Thank you.”

“Well I would like to ask you a few questions and do a short check-up, do you want some privacy,” he asks as he glances towards Ethan and he squeezes my hand a little.

“Uh no that’s alright, you can ask whatever you want in front of him,” I answer while looking at Ethan.

“Okay. Before I begin, let me enlighten you on your condition, you’ve been asleep for 3 days, we tried waking you up, and you did for a few seconds which was good. Also you have two bruised ribs, a cut on the side of your hide which was bad we had to shave a bit of your hair so we could stitch it.” He says and looks at me. I nod at him to continue. I can’t believe he had to shave my head, a bit of it but still! Ethan rubs small circles at the back of my hand, trying to soothe me.

“Right and lastly you sprained your left wrist and right ankle, that would be all, Mr Smith handled the police he can speak to you about it after your check-up,” he explains lastly.

He then moves forward and grabs a small flashlight from his white coat, he flashes the light in my eyes making me wince, he writes down whatever he is supposed to write. He gently unwraps the bandage that’s wrapped on my forehead and replaces it with a new one. After checking the readings on the machine he writes something down and finally nods.

“Here is the prescription of the medicine you’ll need, I’ve written down how many times a day you need to drink the medicine and which one. Also I suggest you have them after your meal, they’re quite strong” he explains and hands the prescription to Ethan.

“Will that be all?” I ask the doctor.

“Yes, you seem to be doing fine, if you get frequent headaches or feel unwell you can come see me immediately. Also you may have to come back in two weeks so we can check if your leg is doing better.”


“Although you need complete bed rest, you will need to wake up or be woken every 3-4 hours, so you can have your medication,” he states.


“That would be all we can prepare for your discharge now.” He says as he walks out and the nurse follows him.

While the doctor was talking Ethan had been awfully quiet, but he seemed to have been quite attentive when the doctor was talking.

“Uh Mr Smith?” I ask lightly. He looks up at me questioningly.


“So I hear you’ve been staying here watching over me like a creep?” I ask jokingly and he sighs.

“Well...” he starts and gets up turning his back.

“I’ve never been so terrified in my life.” He moves his hand towards his hair and pushes it back, turning around he walks back to me,

“I don’t know what I would’ve done Summer, if anything happened to you…” he closes his eyes and shakes his head. I listen to him quietly, I guess this affected him a lot, besides his visible physical injuries he was affected mentally.

“Who were they?” I ask a few seconds later

“I don’t know, I thought you would know.”

“I don’t.”

Staring at his tired and beat up face, I kind of feel bad. What if all this is because of me? What if my past is catching up to me again?

No it can’t be, they’re all in jail, there’s no way they’re out.

Why can’t my life be peaceful for once, was there even any point in leaving my old home?

Trading one hell for another?

No I can’t do this again.



“What are you thinking so hard about?”

“I can’t do this anymore,” I state and look straight into his eyes.

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