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Chapter 38. Back to work

Two week later.

It’s been two weeks since my visit to the hospital, my hair has been growing a little and is now covering the bald patch.

“Well it could’ve been worse,” I say as I look into the mirror and stare at my reflection.

I huff and grab my bag.

Today I resume work. Joe must’ve found it so difficult without me.

I get ready for work and head out. Tonight I have dinner plans with Ethan. I’m finally meeting his mother. I’m freaking out on the inside but it’s not like I’m going to tell him that.
I was the one who asked him anyway.

Who does that?

After the attack I didn’t think I would be staying here. I wouldn’t have been here if
If Ethan wasn’t so convincing.

I walk out the door ready for work greeting Elijah on the way. It’s weird how I barely talk to my neighbours. Except for Mary of course.

It’s not my fault they’re not so friendly. They just like to greet and that’s the end of it.

Shrugging I start walking down the street.

“Hey cupcake,” Ethan says from behind me.

“Oh hey, what are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d walk with you to work,” he says casually.


We walk together and passing the jewellery store. My eyes stop at the window as I see the beautiful jewellery.

“See anything you like?”

My head snaps towards Ethan.

“They’re all pretty aren’t they?” I question.

“Hmm not as pretty as you though,” he says and I just stare at him.

Really now?

“Sheesh, you’re so hard to please, don’t look at me like that,” he says.

I narrow my eyes at him

“What did you say?”

His face changes from jokingly to nervous in a few seconds.

“I’m just kidding cupcake c’mon,” he says.

I roll my eyes at him and walk away.

As I reach the store I walk in and greet Joe.

“Summer welcome back,” Joe says ecstatically.

“It’s great to be back Joe I really missed you and this place,”

“Hello Ethan, nice to see you,” Joe says as he sees Ethan.

“Hello,” Ethan says nodding towards Ethan.

“Are you here to help us catch chickens?” Joe asks in amusement.

“No, no I just came to drop Summer, I’ll be on my way now,” he answers hurriedly and walks out without looking back.

Joe and I end up laughing at Ethan’s reaction.

“So Summer I guess you can start the same routine, I had recruited someone to take over your job for the week but they just weren’t good enough so I had to do all the work on my own.”

“Aww, I guess I’m irreplaceable,” I say teasingly and he chuckles in response.

“But on a serious note, it’s hard without you.”

“Okay, I guess I should get started if I want to finish on time.”

“Yes, I’ll be at the front desk finishing some paperwork.”

I get started with my work until it’s time for a lunch break.

*bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt*

Grabbing my phone I answer it as I see Ethan’s name on the screen.


“Hey Summer, have you had your lunch yet?”

“Uh no, j was going to in a bit,”

“Okay wait for me I’m coming to pick you up,” he says and cuts the phone.

“Okay then.”

A few minutes later I hear the bell to the front door chime.

I walk towards it and see Ethan.

“Ready to go?”

I nod my head

“I’ll see you after lunch break!” I call out to Joe

“See you Summer!” Joe answers back.

Ethan holds my hand and pulls me with him

“So where are we going?”

“To my restaurant,” he says nonchalantly.

We reach his car and I let go of his hand. Getting into the passenger seat I put the seatbelt on.

Ethan switches the car on and we make our way to his restaurant.

I take in the scent of his car.

Hmm, the same perfume scent.

“Are you ready for tonight?”

“Nope, but I have to be,”

“True, because you want it,”

“Don’t you?” I question as I look at him.

“I do, but let me warn you, she isn’t going to be easy to deal with.”

“How bad can she be?”

“You have no idea, she says too much, ever since grandma had an accident she’s constantly angry,”

“Oh, it’ll be okay,” I reassure myself and he just shrugs.

We reach the restaurant in 5 minutes. Hmm another one of his restaurants.

Ethan and I chat throughout our lunch. After lunch, he drops me back to my workplace.

I continue my work. Customers came and went.

“Summer, come handle this customer his asking for you,” Joe says.


“Yes, head to the front I’ll finish up here,” he says as he takes the bag of dog food from my hands.


Heading to the front I greet the man whose back is towards me.

“Hey Summer,” he answers as he turns.


“That’s me, how are you doing Summer?”

“Oh, I’m good.”

“Norah told me you started work so I came to see you.”


“Okay not just that, I need your help.” He says nervously.

“My help?”

“Yes so you see, I want to get Norah a surprise, what better surprise then to get her a pet right?

“I guess.”

“But you see I don’t know what kind of pet she would like, and I made a bet with my brother on getting her the best gift ever.”

“A bet?” I say quizzically and he nods.

“What’s there to bet about?”


“Yeah you’re right but you see my brother and I have are very competitive and also I’ve been wanting to get Norah a present for quite a while but I haven’t known her for as long as you have so I’m not sure what to get her.”

“Well, I haven’t known her for that long either.”

“Really? But you two are so close according to what she’s been saying.”

“Well yeah we’re close but I haven’t known her for long because I’ve just moved here recently, and met her a couple of days later.”

“Oh? Where were you staying before?”

“A different city, I took the bus to get here.”

“Nice, so you like to travel?” He says.


“Oh, anyways back to the topic, so will you please help me?”

“Sure I’ll discreetly ask Norah about her likes.”

“Thank you so much,” he says gratefully.

“So you don’t want to adopt an animal?”

“Not really,”

“Oh.” I say not knowing what to say to him.

“I guess I’ll get back to work then.” I tell him and I guess he gets the hint

“Right okay, see you around then.”

He turns around and walks out the door. Shaking my head I smile at him, he reminds me of Nicholas, so competitive for no reason. A bet? Seriously?

“So what did he want?” Joe asks.

“Like you weren’t listening,” I tease.

“Okay okay, sorry I couldn’t help it, how’d you know?”

“I have eyes on the back of my head.”

“Very funny.”

“Just kidding I heard your footsteps following me and stop at a little distance.”

“Sorry about that,” he says sheepishly.

“It’s alright, why were you eavesdropping?” I question.

“I was curious as to why he specifically called for you,”

“He’s my friend’s boyfriend,” I explain.

“Yeah I got that, I’m sorry again, I’ll just continue my wok and you can too.”

“Hey Joe?”


“Did that lady come back again?”

“Which one?”

“That one,” I say giving him the look.

“Oh, thaaat one,” he drags.

“Yeaaaah,” I drawl out

“Yes she pops in every once in two days, pisses me off then leaves like she owns the place,” he explains angrily and I let out a laugh.


“Yes, and who wears sunglasses and a hat indoors?” he says exasperatedly.

“I don’t know.” I laugh.

*bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt*

My phone buzzes in my pocket.

“Sorry let me just check this,” I apologise to Joe and he just nods his head smiling.

Ethan: Don’t leave without me I’ll pick you after work.

Me: okay!

After replying to Ethan’s text I put my phone away.

“It was Ethan,” I tell Joe.

“Ah the future potential ey,” he jokes.

“Maybe,” I joke back and laugh.

“Where’d you meet Mr Rich overnight anyway?” he asks getting curious.

“Mr Rich overnight?” I laugh at his humour.

“Literally though.” He says seriously.

“Oh,” I say.

“Oh yeah I remember Norah saying something about it”

“Yup it’s been a few years but the words are catchy so they stayed,” he chuckles.

“Actually I bumped into him when I was leaving the bakery on my first week here, and since then I guess he’s been around.” I say.



“Well, good luck with that,”

“Thanks I guess I’ll need it.”

“Yup just don’t believe everything the internet and newspaper says, people can say and write about a whole load of bullshit just to get attention.”

“You’re right, I guess we should get back to work now,” I say and he nods in agreement.

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