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Chapter 4. Cupcakes

“Urghh, who is it now? Can’t I get some peaceful sleep for once?” I huff looking up at the ceiling.

Moving my blanket, I walked to the door.

Knock knock!

“I’m coming!”

Reaching the door I held the doorknob and with a quick twist, I pulled the door open.

“Hello dear, I see you’ve settled in, sorry for disturbing you,” says the old lady politely.

She was holding a dish in her hand. Be nice Summer she has food.

“Oh it’s okay, how may I help you?”

“I thought you might be hungry, after the long journey so I made you some mashed potato pie.”

“Aww you didn’t have to take the trouble,” I say as I stretch my hand out and take the dish. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem dear. I’ll be going now, have a good rest.”

I nod my head at her smiling sweetly. She returns the smile and turns to head back to her apartment I wait for her to enter. Once she’s inside I close the door and head inside to the kitchen.

Taking in the scent of the freshly baked pie, my stomach begins to grumble.

Maybe the old lady, I mean Mary isn’t so bad after all.

Placing the dish on the table I head to the drawer and grab a fork and a plate from the cupboard.

Feeling my mouth water, I quickly dish out the pie and take a bite. Heavenly, just what I needed. Eating a good meal after so long made my eyes fill with happy tears.

After taking a few more bites and finishing my plate, I wash the plate and fork, put the leftover in the fridge and head to bed.

Laying down I checked the time, it was almost 7 o’clock. The sun had already set; I could see the dark sky from the window in the room.

Sighing I got up and closed the curtains, I don’t like when the windows aren’t covered at night.

Tucking myself into bed I close my eyes waiting for sleep to take over.

“Little summer, come out come out wherever you are,” I hear someone call out.

“No, no please don’t find me, please,” I whisper to myself.



“Aaaaaaah!” I screamed. My eyes snapped open I got up and sat mumbling to myself “it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream,” taking in a deep breath I checked the time. Huh, 8 am, I’ve never slept that long. Getting up I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth.

There’s so much to do today, I need to get a job, buy some groceries get a few more clothes.

I unpacked my bag placing my clothes in the cupboards and underwear in the drawer. I put the documents in the cupboard with the keys and, my toiletries in the small cabinet that’s in the bathroom.

Finally done I took clothes for today and headed for the shower. Quickly scrubbing soap all over my body I got out dried myself and changed.

Feeling my stomach grumble, I enter the kitchen and heat up last night’s pie.

After clearing up the table, I head out.

Let me go check the bakery out. Crossing the road I stand outside the bakery looking through the glass door.

Not many people are here, just a few probably because it’s too early.

Pushing the door open I enter. The scent of baked goods engulfed me. Cupcakes of all colours lined up in the display cases. Oh my god, I need to have one of those, checking my wallet I saw that I have enough for one. I’ll have more once I start a job. I need to save up

“Good morning welcome to City Bakery, how may I help you?” Greets the employee.

“Good morning, ummm can I please have one strawberry cupcake?” I ask.

“Sure, anything else?”

“No, thank you.”

“Would you like me to pack it for you?”

“Er, no that’s okay, I’ll have it now.”

“Alright, here you go.”

“Thank you.”

Taking my cupcake I stare at it in awe. I love cupcakes they are my weakness. Feeling my mouth water, I turn around not wanting to embarrass myself by drooling. Imagine the disgusted look the man would have.

I lift my hand to take a bite scrumptious Cupcake, not noticing someone walking in. We bumped into each other making my cupcake smash into their outfit and my hands.

“My cupcake!” I gasp staring at it in disbelief.

“My shirt!” he says at the same time.

Looking up his frustrated blue eyes met my angry brown eyes.

“You wasted my cupcake!” I snapped at him

“You ruined my shirt!” he snapped back.

“Urgh, you despicable man.”

“Hey, you should’ve watched where you’re going.”

“Me? You dream crusher, that cupcake would’ve been in my mouth by now if you were watching where you were going!” I state frustrated.

He stared at me amused. “Dream crusher huh.”

“You know what? Never mind, I’m outa here,” I say, not in the mood to waste any more time. Man I can’t believe I didn’t get to have that cupcake

I started walking out, just as I was about to reach the door someone grabbed my wrist turning me around. Looking at my hand I see it was the blue-eyed man holding me.

“Urgh, what do you want now?”

“You never apologised,” he said seriously.

“Are you serious right now?”


Man do I have to. Urgh if I don’t he won’t let go of my wrist. If I scream I’ll make a scene, nope that’s a definite no. Fine, I’ll just apologise. End the matter. It’s not like I’ll meet him again anyway.

Looking up at him, he raises his perfectly shaped eyebrow waiting for an answer. Freaking show off.

“Fine, I’m sorry,” I say. Rolling my eyes on the inside.

He still hadn’t let go of my wrist. Just as I was about to tell him to let go. He started to move to the display cases dragging me along with him. I try to tug my hand but he tightens his grip.

“Hey let go!”

“Shhh,” he says while turning around.

“Did you just shh me? Don’t you shh me!”

Rolling his eyes he asks the man behind the display case something, but I was too busy trying to get my hand out of his grip to pay attention to what he was saying.

Man, he is strong as hell; maybe I should bite his hand and run or pinch it. What the hell does this man eat?

Before I could think any further, a cupcake appeared in front of me. A strawberry flavoured cupcake, looking up at the owner of the hand; it was the blue-eyed man.

“I’m sorry too,” he says with a smile.

My mouth opens and closes, causing him to chuckle. Shivers ran down my spine, nobody has ever gotten me a cupcake before, okay maybe they have, but still!

I reach out to get the cupcake, but I stop. Wait a minute.

“I’m not getting you a new shirt,” I say firmly looking at him dead in the eyes.

He chuckles, “you don’t need to.”

Letting go of my wrist he hands me the cupcake.

“Thank you,” I say looking at the cupcake.

Not waiting for an answer I quickly bite down on the cupcake.

“Mmmm, this is amazing,” I moan.

“The name’s Ethan by the way.”

“Summer,” I say not paying attention to him and just concentrating on my cupcake.

I turn around and head out. I still need to find myself a job.

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