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Chapter 5. Date

That was the most amazing cupcake ever. Since I’m going to be living here for a long time, might as well take a look around. This way I’ll find a job if people are hiring and check the places out at the same time. It’s a win-win.

I walked along the street watching the cars pass by. The shops were getting cleaned, the windows were getting wiped.

The street had a line of shops, from clothing, shoes to jewellery. All the things I can’t afford. Maybe once I start earning and they have sales, I’ll get to buy more clothes. Or I could look for shops with cheaper clothes. Well, something is better than nothing.

Stopping outside the jewellery shop I glance inside through the window. A pair of blue earrings catches my eyes, reminding me of the blue-eyed man, Ethan. At least he apologised too.

“Nice earrings.”

I whipped my head to the right, it was Ethan, speak of the devil. I must’ve been staring too long at the earrings, he has a box from the bakery, and it looks like a cake box.

I take a good look at him. He’s wearing a blue shirt, which now has a stain because of the cupcake. He had on a clean, expensive looking pair of shoes and a branded watch. Hmm looks like he’s loaded. I looked like a beggar in front of him, with my faded jeans and worn out shirt.

“The correct word is pretty, and are you following me? Should I call you creepy stalker?”

“What? No, I’m actually here to collect a gift for someone.” Huh, I wonder who.

“Oh, good then,” I say, slightly embarrassed. Not noticing my embarrassed face he continues to speak.

“Hey Summer, I’ve never seen you around here, are you new?”

“Er yes I just moved here yesterday, I wanted to check the area out. So here I am” I say, not wanting to let him know I was looking for a job too.

“Oh maybe I can show you around, we can get to know each other too if you know what I mean.” He winks at me.

Oh my god, the nerve of this guy, and he even had the audacity to wink at me.

“Excuse me?” I glare at him, seeing my glare his eyes widen. Oh yeh, you better be scared.

“I, I was just kidding,” he chuckles nervously.

“Ahuh” I roll my eyes and begin walking away.

“Hey!” He calls out. Urgh, what now.

“What?” I answer turning around.

“I wasn’t kidding about showing you around though.” He states

Sighing I look up. Why don’t people get the message with just actions?

“Look, Ethan, I just met you, how can you expect me to trust you? And that too to show me around. You really are funny huh,” I say crossing my arms and looking up at his blue eyes.

“You’re right, it was silly of me, it’s just that your hair reminds me of someone I know, so I just really wanted to get to know you, maybe we can meet up somewhere for just a coffee, please?” He pleaded.

He does look sincere, but looks can be deceiving. Maybe I can meet up with him at a public place, that doesn’t mean I have to trust him. But I need friends in this new place anyway. Just as I was about to answer he speaks.

“Okay I get it you don’t want to it not a pro...,”

“Okay.” I cut him off.

“What? Really?” He asks looking hopeful.


“I can’t believe you said y...”

“You want me to change my mind?” I cut him off again.

“No.” he pouts. I can’t believe he just pouted. I try to hold in my laugh buy I end up letting out a short giggle.

“Oh and it’s not a date,” I say looking serious.

“Hey that’s not funny; give me your number so we can decide where and when to meet up and yes it’s not a date. Just a friendly meeting.” He says while rolling his eyes.

“Here you go,” I say giving him my phone so he puts in his number. After he puts in his number I take my phone and give his number a call. His phone begins to ring and I cut mine.

“That’s my number, I’ll message you the place, see you around,” I smile at him.

“Alright. See you,” he says before entering the jewellery shop.

Turning around I continue my journey. I wonder who he’s collecting the gift for, jewellery and a cake, must be someone special. Why am I even thinking about all that, who cares? It’s definitely none of my business.

Forget about that. I still need to find myself a job, unless I want to start feeding on air.

Man, how can I forget to buy groceries? Slapping my head lightly, oh thank goodness I remembered, or else I would end up going home without groceries.

Home. It’s so weird calling the place home. It’s been a while since I’ve had an actual home.

Urgh forget all the negative stuff; think about the job, what kind of job should I get? Maybe I should get a job at a pet store. I do love animals; there must be a pet store around here somewhere.

Walking down the street I look for a pet store hoping to find one. Crossing an alley I suddenly hear whimpers, coming to a stop, I wait to hear another sound but I don’t. Maybe I’m just hearing things it’s probably in my head.

Just as I was about to continue walking I heard another whimper. Moving back I stand in front of the alley.

It’s too dark to see. The stench of garbage was so strong it made me cringe, and my eyes tear a little. I really don’t want to go in there. Taking my phone out I switch on the flash and point it towards the alley. Staring into the alley I try to get a good look at the area, but find nothing. Where is that sound coming from?


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