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Chapter 7. Work Work

Before I go home, I stop by a grocery store to get myself some groceries. Everything is so close by, I love this place. After buying the groceries I head home. Once I reach the apartment I get in and stop by the door to see if everything’s the way it was before I left. Satisfied that it’s the same I head in and start putting the groceries into their places.

Time to cook, although I’m not a big fan of cooking, but I need to if I want to survive in life, I think I’ll just make some rice and chicken, I’ll send some to Mary too.

Switching on the stove, I put the pot of water for the rice to boil. I then take another pot and add the spices, oil vegetables and water for the chicken gravy. While waiting for the gravy to cook I cut the chicken, wash and put it in the gravy.

Checking the pot for the rice, I see that water has begun boiling. I wash the rice and put it in the pot adding a bit of salt. After mixing the gravy, I walk to my room so I can shower and change.

Quickly finishing my shower, I change my clothes quickly not wanting to delay going to the kitchen. I don’t want the food to burn, I always end up burning the food, and if it’s not the food getting burnt, it’s me.

The scent of the gravy hit my nose, making me rush. I’m sure it’s cooked. Taking a teaspoon, I scoop a bit of gravy and wait for it too cool so I can taste it.

Hmm needs salt, I forgot to put the salt. Sighing I put in a teaspoon of salt and mix the gravy. Checking the rice I add a bit more of water since it looks undercooked and the water is less.

*bzzzt* *bzzzt*

Huh? Oh, my phone. I forgot I left my phone by the counter. Taking my phone I unlock it and see it’s a message from Ethan. Mmm, what does he want now?

Going to the sitting room I plop myself on the comfortable sofa and sink in.

*bzzzt* *bzzzt*

Urgh calm down, I’m answering.

“Hey, Summer, I know it hasn’t been long since you last messaged but, I felt like talking to you, so what are you doing?”



“SUMMER! are you ignoring me?”

Seriously this man needs to chill. Shaking my head I start to reply.

“Hey, I was just making myself some food, and no I wasn’t ignoring you! You’re just an impatient cat!”

“Did you just call me a cat, wait you cook???” Ethan instantly replies

“Of course I cook, you idiot, how else am I supposed to survive, you want me to starve? And yes I did call you a cat. I shouldn’t have though; it’s an insult to cats.” I type back while I laugh.

“Ouch, okay, I feel the love *wink*, it’s cool you know how to cook, don’t you have someone to cook for you? Or do you live alone?”

Should I tell him I Iive alone? he’ll know about it eventually anyway.

“Uh no, I live alone.”

“Oh, cool, so what are we doing tomorrow?”

“Hmm, you’ll see tomorrow. I’m going to eat now, bye we shall talk tomorrow.”

Not waiting for his reply I get up and serve myself some food, after eating I take some for Mary, and put it in the dish she sent me.

Walking out the door I pass by the other apartments

Knock knock!

As soon as I knock on her door, I back away from the door definitely don’t want to get attacked again.

The door swings open and there you have it, Mary with her pan.

“Oh, it’s you, what do you want dear?” She asks kindly.

“I made some rice, chicken and gravy, so I brought you some,” I say while handing her the casserole. She takes the dish from my hand and takes in the scent, breathing deeply.

“This smells amazing; you have to teach me how to make it.”

Heat rises up to my cheek, no one has ever complimented my cooking before.

“Thank you, enjoy your meal,” I say, I turn around and head back just as I heard the door close behind me. She’s not good with pleasantries. Lesson learnt the first time.

Entering my apartment, I tidy up and get ready for bed. Closing the curtains in my room I tuck myself into my bed. Tomorrow’s going to be good. Sighing in contentment I close my eyes.

chirp chirp.

I woke up to the sound of birds singing, this is actually the first time since the incident I’ve slept so quietly, and have been woken up by the delightful sounds of the birds instead of my own screams. The thought makes a smile appear on the face.

Kicking the blankets off I get ready for work. After showering and changing I make myself breakfast.

Finishing my morning routine I grab my phone and start my walk to work. I really want a cupcake, but I’ll skip it for today. The weather was the usual warm. I don’t think it’s going to rain anytime soon, but then again the weather can be unpredictable.

When I reach the jewellery store, I stop and look through the window; the earrings I was looking at yesterday weren’t there anymore. Someone’s definitely bought them, they were too pretty not. I kind of feel a little disappointed; I wish I could’ve bought them.

Urgh, it’s alright Summer, don’t be an idiot, feeling bad over material things. Shaking my head, I pass by, walking past the alley, turn the corner and reach the pet shop.

Opening the door, I walk in.

“Good morning Summer, right on time, I hope it’s not just because it’s your first day” Joe greets with a chuckle.

“Good morning Joe, no I’m actually quite punctual, you’ll like that about me,” I say back with a giggle.

“Alright let’s get to work shall we, here’s the list of jobs, I want you to refill all the animals’ bowls with food, and replace the water, its best to always give them fresh water. Also don’t forget to clean their litter box, once you’re done let me know I’ll tell you what to do next. ”

“Got it”

All the animals are so adorable; I have to stop myself from squealing and awing at each of them. Nobody wants to come off as a creep who can’t handle their emotions.

I begin by clearing the litter box; of course, I wore gloves, because I definitely don’t want to accidentally touch shit, that’s a no-no. After replacing the sand I refill their food and put fresh water in them. The cats loved to cuddle, if I stay any longer in the cattery I won’t be coming out anytime soon. So forcing myself I get up.

Moving to the hamsters I pick up the little bowl, wash it and fill it up with food.

They’re so little, but they can eat.

Alright, now for the chickens, I open the door to the back, and just as I take one step in I was knocked back.

Arf! Arf!

Feeling something wet my face, I move it, I realise it’s Toby.

“URGH toby, that’s gross,” I say while wiping my face,

“How you doing buddy, awww looks like someone’s doing much better now ey.”

Arf! Arf!

Giggling I scratch behind his as r, his fur is so smooth, it feels like your hair after you condition it, so silky.

Walking out I make sure to close the door behind me, I don’t want Toby attacking the chickens.

“Summer, I just finished giving the chickens their food, you can just refill the water, after that, you can take the dogs out for a walk, when you’re back we need to catch the chickens, the owner wants them today, all good?” Joe explains.

“All’s good. Oh, the volunteer will be coming today at lunchtime so he’ll help us with catching the chickens.”

“Sounds great, although its already lunchtime,” Joe says while checking his watch.


my phone rings just before I could answer. Looking at Joe apologetically, he nods his head allowing me to answer.


“Summer I’m outside the pet shop. Where are you?”

“I’m coming, just give me a minute.”

“Okay,” he says and I hang up.

“Hey Joe, that was the volunteer I was talking to you about, I’ll just take the dogs out for a walk with him, have lunch and come back,

“No problem, just make sure their collars and chains are attached correctly.”

“Okay,” I answer with a smile and go out to get Ethan.

“Hey Ethan, come on in” I greet while opening the door for him to enter

“What are you doing in here?” He asks looking confused.

“I work here and you are a volunteering today,”

“I am?” He asks pointing to himself.



“Let’s take the dogs for a walk, after the walk will have lunch and then we Wil come back and finish the rest of the work”


“You don’t want to spend time with me?”

“I do, ugh let’s just go,” he groans, knowing there’s no way he can win this one. I opened the dogs from their cages and put the chains on each of their collars

They were so excited, knowing they’re going for a walk. 5 dogs in total, they walked ahead of me ready to run out the door.

I give Ethan 3 chains and I hold 2.

“Let’s go.”

He walks in front holding the dog chains. Smiling to myself I walk next to him.

“So, when did you start working there, I thought you just got here?”

“Er yeh, I got the job yesterday, so I started working yesterday.”

“How’d you get the job so fast,” Ethan says while pulling the dogs’ chains so they don’t run away.

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you about it at lunchtime,” I smile at him and he smiles back, he has such an adorable smile.

“Well, are we supposed to just walk them?”

“Yup, also if they poop, you going to pick it”

“Yeh right,” he laughs.

“I’m serious,” I say making him stop his laugh half way.

“What? No!”

“Oh, so you’re going to make me so it?” I cross my arms and glare at him, daring him to say yes. He looked intimidated, I really wanted to laugh, imagine a grown ass man, about 6-foot man intimidated by a short woman, who barely reaches his shoulder.

Just as he was going to answer one of the dog pooped. Sighing in frustration he pulls his hair.

“How am I supposed to pick this?” He finally says. Giving him the gloves and the plastic bag I picked up before leaving, I hand It to him.

“Use these,” snatching the gloves and a plastic bag from my hand he bends down to pick up the poop.

“You’re gonna pay for this.”

“I’ll live,” I say while shrugging

He mumbles something.



After 10 minutes of walking Ethan leads us to a small diner. I attached the dogs to a pole making sure all their collars and chains are secured.

We enter the diner. Ethan walks ahead making me follow him like a lost puppy; he chooses the seat next to the window.

Sitting opposite him a take a look around, the place was clean. The scent of food makes my stomach grumble. I could eat a burger right now with chips and maybe a milkshake.

“Summer!” Ethan says loudly. I snap my eyes to him.

“Why are you so loud?” I say annoyed.

“Urm I’ve been calling you for the last 2 minutes. I think you spaced out.”

“Oh yeh. Hehe, it’s kind of a habit, sorry about that,” I laugh nervously.

“It’s okay; I was just asking you what you feel like eating.”

“Hmm I’ll have a chicken burger, with chips and a strawberry milkshake,” I say without looking at the menu

He states at my wide eyes and mouth slightly open.

“What?” I say slightly confused.

“Er nothing, I’ve just never seen a woman order that before, its usually just salad,” he says rolling his eyes.

“Oh yeh? Well, you’ve been hanging out with the wrong women” I say, making him chuckle.

Just then the waiter came, Ethan gives him our order and he orders the same thing as me, except for the milkshake. He orders a cola instead.

“So Ethan, do you live alone?”

“N... yes, yes I live alone.” He says looking slightly nervous.

“Were you about to say no?” I ask suspiciously.

Laughing he says, “I was but I uh was going to say that because the maid used to live in the servant quarters, but she just quit a while back, so now I’m alone.”

Although his answer sounded made up, I just let it slide.

“So how come you live alone, where’s your family?” He asks.

Damn, how should I answer this?

“Um, I don’t have a family.” I sadly say, lowering my gaze.

“Oh I’m sorry, what do you mean? Did something happen to them?”

Just as I was about to answer, the food came, interrupting me. Thank God for that. I didn’t want to tell him, at least not now, we barely know each other. His questions are so personal; I should’ve just asked him his favourite colour. Ethan looks so annoyed, looks like he really wanted to know. Oh well, shrugging I take a bite of my burger.

“Mmmm this is amazing,” I say after swallowing the first bite.

“It is, I wouldn’t have brought you here if it wasn’t,” he says looking smug and making me roll my eyes.

“Thanks your highness,” I say sarcastically.

“You’re welcome,” he says satisfied.

After we finished our meal, I told him about him about how I got the job, making him forget about his previous question, we then asked for the bill. Excusing myself, I went to go wash my hands. After drying them I went back to the table, Ethan wasn’t there, he must’ve gone to wash his hands too.

I looked outside, and stared at the people walking by, petting the dogs while they pass by. Right opposite, across the street, stood a man, he was wearing a dark brown coat and gloves, that’s odd, you don’t usually see people wear those kinds of clothes in such weather. I couldn’t see his face clearly because of the fedora he had on his head, and the scarf wrapped around his face of course. Maybe he’s waiting for the cars to pass so he can cross. I kept staring only to realise the man had raised his head slightly and was staring right back at me, I could see his green eyes sparkling in the sun, I felt hypnotized. The man raised his hand and made a shooting motion towards me.

Gasping, my eyes widened as I stared at him. My hands started to tremble, my heart started to beat faster, making me take short breaths. What the hell? A hand touched my shoulder making me jump.

“Uh, summer? Are you okay?”

I turn to Ethan and look back at the window. He wasn’t there anymore, who was he, what was he trying to say by doing that. I don’t know anyone here. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

“Summer? You look pale. Why are you looking out the window?” Taking in a deep breathe I try to control my breathing.

“I, uh I’m okay, it’s just, I thought one of the dogs are missing, so I kind of panicked. He was just behind the big dog.” I say while wiping the sweat from my forehead.

“Oh, hehe you don’t want to get fired on the second day?” He jokes making me smack his hand.

“Shut up,” I mumble.

“Ouch!” he rubs his hand dramatically.

Rolling my eyes I look out the window once again to make sure he isn’t there. The waiter comes with the bill, I paid mine. Ethan looks at me disapprovingly, not liking that, but says nothing, making me grin at him. Why should he pay for my meal anyway?

Thanking the waiter we head out and unchain the dogs from the pole.

While walking I check behind my shoulder once again, the slight fear still inside me.

“C’mon Ethan, we have some chickens to catch,” I say hurriedly.

“Let’s go, we have some chickens to... wait, what?”

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