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Chapter 8. Kiss

I keep walking towards the pet store with Ethan following behind me.

“Wait, Summer! Please tell me you’re joking,” he pleads.


“Oh c’mon!” He pouts.

Doubling over in laughter, I continue to walk. That’s not going to work. Shaking my head I continue. Ethan walks beside me with a pout.

“Aww Ethan it’s not that bad, it’ll be fun.”

Reaching the pet store, I put all the dogs back in their cages. While Ethan watches me. Creep!

“Back from lunch Summer? How was it walking the dogs, did they cause any trouble?” Joe questions.

“Yes, I’m back, no, they were angels they didn’t cause any trouble, oh and Joe this is Ethan, Ethan this is Joe my boss,” I introduced the two.

They both shake hands.

“Welcome Ethan, hope you enjoy working. We’re going to head to the back and start catching the chickens.”

Ethan forcefully smiles back, like as if someone’s forcing him to be here. Oh, wait he is. Hah, well he asked for it anyway.

Ethan and I followed Joe at the back.

The chickens were walking around, eating drinking water.

“Hmm, how hard can it be catching these little thin...” Ethan says, probably speaking to himself, but I heard it anyway.

“Chickens, not things, oh how hard huh, let’s see how many you catch,” I challenge.

“This place is cool though, regardless of the weird smell, it’s cool,” he says while walking towards one of the chickens.

I was about to follow him but Joe called from behind, telling me not to touch the chicks.

“You know how violent mums get when you touch their babies.”

Chuckling I say, “yes, got it, stay away from the little ones.”

Turning around l look at Ethan, oh no, he’s going for the little ones by the pond. He bends down to pick one. Just then the hen turns around.

*puk puk puk puk pukaaaak*

“Ethan no!” I scream as I see the chickens turn around looking as angry as ever.

Ethan gets up and turns around with a confused look; he looks at me then at chickens screaming. His eyes widen, his face paled, the look of horror adorned his face. The chickens run towards Ethan making him scream. My eyes widen, no not because the chickens were currently chasing Ethan, but because Ethan just screamed, like a girl! Oh God, I couldn’t control the laughter.

“Summer help!”

I was too busy laughing; tears were flowing down my eyes. I held my stomach in pain because of all the laughing.

“What’s that noise?” Joe comes next to me, he sees Ethan and his eyes widen.

Ethan runs around with chickens chasing him, he ends up stumbling and falls flat on his face. Ouch, that looks like it hurt.

*puk puk puk puk pukaaaak*

Oh no, the chickens jump on Ethan and start Pecking and scratching him.

Joe and I run towards the chickens, him with a broom, the chickens saw us and got spooked causing them to run away.


“Uh, Ethan? are you okay?” I ask unsure.

Joe helps Ethan up, he had a feather sticking out of his hair. His shirt was slightly torn, he looked traumatised, and I think that’s poop on his shirt. Gross!

“I’m okay,” he finally says, still looking dazed.

“You sure man?” Joe asks.

“Alright let’s continue catching, once you catch one put it in this cage,” Joe says while pointing at the cage he just brought in.

“Come on Ethan,” I say while dragging his hand along.

“Remember, do not touch the little ones okay?”

“Should’ve mentioned it earlier,” he grumbles pouting slightly and crossing his hands.

“Hey, I would’ve if you weren’t in such a hurry” I answer back.

“Whatever,” he mumbles but I still hear it. Rolling my eyes I continue walking towards a chicken, leaving Ethan behind.

I kneel down with some food in my hand that I grabbed from their bowls and stretch my hand out, waiting for the chicken to come forward.

A chicken notices and moves forward while pecking the ground, it reaches my hand and I quickly grab it.

Taking the chicken I quickly put it in the cage.

“Hah, summer 1 Ethan 0,” I sass, doing a happy dance and looking at Ethan, making him roll his eyes and lips twitch. He so wanted to smile.

“Good job summer,” Joe says walking with a chicken.

Continuing with the catching, I was able to catch three more, Joe caught five and Ethan, hah Ethan’s still trying to catch one. We needed ten in total, so I told Joe he could go in and I’ll just wait for Ethan to catch one. Joe looks at Ethan in amusement, knowing it will take forever, but he agreed nonetheless.

“So Ethan, planning on catching a chicken? Or is it too hard for you?” I taunt.

“Ha ha,” he laughs sarcastically.

“Well, you haven’t caught any, “how hard can it be?” I mimic his deep voice.

“I do not sound like that,” Ethan says offended, causing me to let out a giggle.

Ethan goes near the pond, and tries to sneak behind the chicken, moving closer he quickly snatches the chicken. Omg, he did it! His face lightens up, eyes sparkle and a huge grin adorns his face. Wow, I need to know what toothpaste he uses.

“I did it, ha I told you I would!”

The chicken starts to struggle and becomes violent, causing Ethan to move back and closer to the pond.

“Ethan watch out!”


“Shit!” Ethan shouts.

Ethan is completely drenched, luckily the chicken fell outside of the pond. He gets up wiping his face and combing his hair back with his fingers, his face held the look of disgust and anger. I, on the other hand, couldn’t stop laughing. Never celebrate too early, it doesn’t really end well.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” I bellowed. Quickly taking my phone out of my pocket I snap his picture.

“Hey!” Ethan shouts, he comes out of the pond and runs. I quickly run away from him laughing at him.

“Get back over here!”

“No!” I stick my tongue out at him.

He ran fast quickly catching up and grabbing my hand pulling me to him. Damn his long legs and athletic body. I was breathing heavily and so was he. He stared into my eyes, a drop of water fell from his hair causing it to drop down his nose and to his lips, I followed the movement and looked back at him. He was staring at my lips and moving closer, my heart started to beat faster, hands were getting clammy.

Uh oh, he’s getting closer, Oh God this is going to be so awkward. He moved closer making our noses touch.

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