Her Secret Scars

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Loyal Bailey, a girl who runs into a group of bad boys which is defiantly not her choice. What happens when she disrespects the leader? Will she be entering a game she has no idea shes playing? Loyal Bailey is your standard screwed up girl with a mysterious past no one knows about. If you were able to read her mind you'd be in tears. The weird thing is that she still gets straight A's and tries to avoid all human contact possible. One of her biggest secrets is that she struggles with major anxiety attacks, but how long do you think she'll be able to hide that for...? Especially meeting four bad boys. Sawyer Walker is the leader of the schools known bad boys and rumored to be in a gang. He acts as if he owns the place and if you were to look up the definition of player his name would definitely pop up some where in the definition. Whenever he enters the school he always turns heads and earns all the eyes. Guys cower and girls shudder while some take the risk of throwing themselves at him, some succeed and others don't. Most are scared of him and if your not, you will be. But what happens when Loyal surprisingly isn't? How does Sawyer handle not being feared? Sawyer gets annoyed at her behavior and finds out secrets that weren't his to know and pisses off Loyal. So Loyal takes what's most cherished from him, his pride. The game has begun..... Who will win?

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“Come on Loyal we gotta go” Stella whined in my ear.

You see, today is my first day at Emerald High school with my cousin, Stella Richwood. I mean yeah she is a goody two shoes, but that’s why she has me. So she can have fun, and break the rules a little bit because come on, how else are you suppose to have fun?

“Stella calm your shit, I need to drop off my notebooks to my locker” I whined back matching her tone.

“Stella calm your shit, I need to drop off my notebooks to my locker” she mimicked me in a high pitch tone.

“Is that suppose to be my voice?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. I love my cousin, but she can be hella annoying and rude.

“Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t” she slyly spoke with a hint of irritability.

As I walk through the school all I can smell is the shitty surprise from the cafeteria and desperation. As I trudge by I notice everyone has their own posse. For example, the nerds, geeks, jocks, bitches, cheerleaders, plastics, you know the same old stereotypical shit.

But let me tell you, my cousin use to be a studyholic that she would misses out on all the fun stuff that comes with you your high school experience!!

But now, she is the party. Also, she is now apart of the bitches/ Plastics crew which makes talking to her a little uncomfortable. She use to be so sweet and innocent and now she’s the complete opposite.

“Your lucky your my cousin or you would be wondering these halls with no idea where to go” she said with all seriousness. It’s so hard not to love this girl mostly because she’s a pain in the ass.

“Touche, but you love me” I said with joy as I hugged her arm tightly and laid my head on her shoulder.

“No doubt” she laughed while patting the top of my head gently.

“So have you done anything reckless yet?” I spoke while lightly pushing her shoulder with mine.

“Of course!” she said and tried to push my back harder, but I didn’t even move.

In this scenario it’s like a fly trying to push a bear. Where in fact, the fly wears crop tops and booty shorts and the bear wears sneakers and loose T-shirts.

Plastic Priss Vs. Badass Bitch (Not rudely tho)

Keyword: Tried! I’ve never done anything TOO crazy! At least not yet😈

“Girl, the strongest thing you’ve ever taken is tylonal” I laughed.

“Whatever” she whined in a laughing tone as we finally reached my locker. I walk over and try to remember the code that the bitch at the front desk gave me. After the sixth try I eventually get the damn thing open, I stuff my books in my locker and then slam the door shut.

“Ok Stells ready?” I said as I turned around dragging the last word out as she stood still watching something behind me. So you know the instinct is to turn around, which is exactly what I did. I mean how bad could it be?


They looked like they just came out of a movie screen, but only one of them caught my eye. And no, i’m not romantically drawn to him. This isn’t like the stereotypical movies when the screwed up girl falls for the bad boy that has an intriguing mystery past to match hers. We won’t be a power couple. We won’t be the perfect couple. I’m sorry if I killed your hopes and dreams, but I don’t want to be tied down or chained to a wall. I’m done feeling like i’m stuck in cage. It’s time I start knowing everything! How can you live your life if you have it set on repeat?

“What da fuck? Stella, what the hell is going on?” I looked over to her and she just stood still mimicking a statue. Why does she look like she will shatter into a million little pieces in seconds? I swear if I jumped up and screamed BOO I would need a broom, a dust pan and super glue to put her back together!

I observe my cousin as she gawks at the four mystery boys walking in slo motion. I watch as she fixes her posture and adds some sort of emotion in her eyes. She’s calling out to them in a hungry way and it’s absolutely disgusting.

“Ok here’s the deal, those are the schools bad boys, they are definitely not ones to mess with. Knowing you, I know you don’t give a shit on who they are, but trust me, and please god listen to me!” she said cunningly taking her bottom lip with her teeth as she turns her head to watch the boys in awe. Which just made me flinch and roll my eyes at my cousins slutty attitude.

“Also I would advise you to not look Sawyer Walker in the eyes!” she whisper yelled as they came closer.

“Why?” I questioned. What, are lazer beams gonna shoot out of his eye’s or something? Or I’ll do you one better, lava spews from his pupils!

“Just don’t!” she slightly yelled as she looked away with a glimpse of fear glistening in her eyes. “Cause he’s mine” she whispered under her breath. I don’t think she wanted me to hear that sentence, but I did.

Then it happened. My eye’s rose from his jeans, to his white shirt and jean jacket then to his face. Which is when he turned his head and met my eyes. I didn’t act like all the other girls and cower in his presence. Instead I stood tall and strong and didn’t flinch. I didn’t shake or hide my face. All I did was lift my chin challengingly and smirk.

Then the weirdest thing happened. The room went silent and everyone kept their focus on the intense stare between me and this guy. From the looks of this Sawyer dude and his posse, I would have to guess he’s the leader. It’s like their a pack of wolves following their alpha.

After a couple seconds the room filled to the brim with whispers.

“Oh my god, what is she doing?”

“Does she have a death wish?”

“He is so gonna beat her ass”

“Why isn’t she cowering?”

“She’s smirking?”

I watched as he ducked his head back in the cocky bad boy way and strut towards me.

So stereotypical. Hence the eye role.

He kept walking my way till he was right in front of me. We were less than an inch apart and he put his hand on the locker space right beside my head. Trapping me in this one spot.

“Hey darling, what do you think your doing?” he smirked. Haha really? That’s his line? Does he think if he turns on his pretty boy charm with a simple flirt I will melt into a puddle and be his kitten? Well I guess it sucks to be him today!

“Breathing, what about you?” I said intimidatingly slow while tilting my head to the side and crossing my arms over my chest.

“Smart ass, I sense” he observes looking me up and down.

So I do the same and look him up and down and utter “A prick, I sense”.

Which of course the typical thing is for the room to fill with “oohs” and “aahs”. Which is exactly what happened. It’s really sad that life is so predictable.

I watch as his pretty boy wall comes down and a pissed off jerk wad takes it’s place. He removes his hand from the locker and stands straight up in front of me.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he declared.

“Not interested” I mutter.

“Your getting on my nerves little girl. Who knew such a pretty girl could also be such a bitch” he smirked as his buddies chuckled and stood closer.

“You know, being a dick won’t make yours any bigger” I state leaning against my locker with my arms still crossed.

I glanced over at Stella who is leaning against the locker flaunting her cleavage trying to get their attention. I looked her in the eye’s with that look that is signaling her to chill out. Which is when I glared back at whatever his name is.

Jackass was it?

I watched as a smirk grew upon his face and he clenched his fist. He brought it up high in the best position to punch me in the face. I watched as he brought his hand back and brought it full force right at me. Just as it was coming at me I shut my eyes gently ready to experience this feeling all over again.

But that feeling never came?! All I heard was a huge bang from somewhere around my head.

All that happened was I heard him whisper in my ear, “The name is Sawyer Walker, sweetheart”.

I opened my eyes and his fist was planted right above my head. What? Why wouldn’t he hit me?

“Did you really think I was gonna hit you, princess?” he smirked as our faces were nearly inches apart.


“And why would you think that, baby?” he said with our nose’s so close I could feel his warm minty breath fanning my face.

“Because your an asshole” I muttered and pushed his shoulders. I studied and contemplate as everyone that was watching looked petrified. Of what though? Sawyer?

“Why do you have to be such a smart ass, shortcake?” he smirked and did that weird thing all “bad boy’s” do.

“Well I wouldn’t have to be such a smart ass....if you weren’t such a dumb ass. Oops....that was my outside voice wasn’t it?” I remarked with a sarcastic sad tone. I’m done with this guy, he thinks he can do whatever he wants by being intimidating. Which is not gonna work with me because all of my years of dealing with shit has really paid off for me.

Just as he was about to speak I cut him off. “Ok listen here, Sawyer. I’m done talking to you and being a show to everyone including the four bitches behind you. So i’m gonna go” I snapped and grabbed Stella arm.

Once I was a few feet away I let go of Stella’s arm and continued to walk. She just walked beside me speechless from what just happened. But that’s also when I felt a tight grip on my wrist. I stood still as I was transported back to a flash back I wish I could forget.

-Beginning of flashback-

I can’t believe Jacob would do that to me. I loved him with everything I had and I treasured him more than my own soul. I also can’t believe Tessa! My best friend, would sleep with my boyfriend. Even though when I talked back he would hit me or punch me and sometimes worse. I still loved him!


That’s an answer I don’t have but, I truly did love him. At least that’s what my heart told me...

I finally have all of my things packed, I’m leaving before he gets home because I’m not in the mood for another punishment for his wrong doings. I shrugged my grey hoodie on and stepped into my white converse sneakers. I grabbed my suitcase in one hand and my duffel bag in the other. I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed the keys to his car. Yes, i’m only fifteen, but I’ve driven before. Like when he was too drunk to or too high. I walked over to the door and stepped out of the house that is now filled with nightmares and my repetitive pleads for him to stop, yet he wouldn’t. I shake the thoughts away and wipe the single tear that made it’s way to my cheek. I open the trunk and load my things inside. I then walk over to the drivers seat and plugged my phone into the car charger and hopped in. Which also reminds me I moved to Alabama with him to do high school closer to his parents while mine are still in New York.

I guess I’m sleeping in my car.

I run back into the house and pack a bag of water and food so I can at least survive by the skin of my teeth. I go sit the bag on the passenger seat. I run back into the house for the last time and hop up onto the counter. I reach on top of the refrigerator and grab the tin can that holds the money I have saved from when Jake would give me money to go shopping for clothes. I count the money and.... it’s all here. All 200$. I put the tin can back and stuff the money in my pocket. I go to walk out the door and there he his.

The man I thought was prince charming was actually just an idiot wrapped in tin foil.

I go to walk by him but he grabs my waist and pushes me back.

“Why the fuck is the car packed with your stuff?” he slightly yells but, I stay silent.

“Answer me goddammit!” He demanded as he wrapped one of his hands around my throat and squeezed. I was so close I thought, I was almost gone, I wish I was gone.

Sometimes I wish I could just disappear....

He let go and I fell to the floor clutching my chest. So I quickly stood to my feet and ran past him, but he grabbed my wrist....

He spun me back to him as I slammed right into his chest. This once felt home to me, me lying in his arms. I remember the nights when we would cuddle and he would whisper beautiful things into my ear as he played with my hair, but now, as I lay in his arms...all i feel is....distress.

“I think I asked you a question and I want a damn answer Loyal” he whispered coldly in my ear.

“I’m leaving you” I chocked out.

“What?!” he yelled.

“I’M LEAVING YOU!! THERE ARE YOU HAPPY?! NOW I’M YELLING! You have me scared shitless every time you come home mad or drunk cause I know how the night will end. You will beat me senseless not caring that i’m bleeding everywhere! You cheated on me several times but, WITH TESSA!!! REALLY! I’m so done with you and this hell hole you call home” I screamed in his face while tears are running down my face revealing my weakness.

“I’m sorry! I will never do it again. I love you Loyal!” he pleaded.

“You’ve said that before” I said calmly.

“Well I promise this time” he spoke sweetly.

Promise. That’s what made me fall for his little game all the time. I thought he would change, for me! But it was always forgotten. I meant nothing to him, he never cared about me! And if he ever did, he has a weird way of showing it!

“YOU’VE SAID THAT BEFORE TOO!!” I yelled in his face.


“But you know what hurts the most? Not that you cheated or beat me. It’s that you became EVERYTHING you said you wouldn’t” I yelled with pain clearly showing it’s way in my voice. As it cracked with tears willingly ready to pour out. He broke me, he marked me has his own and he held the gun that shot and killed the old me.

“Well don’t blame it on me. You let your heart lead your brain” he shrugged as if I was nothing. Just like he always does. And i’m fed up with it! So I reacted like any other women would, I slapped him as hard as I could across the face. Little did I know he could do way worse.

His next move was, he picked me up and laid me over his shoulder and brought me to the bed we use to share. What he did to me that night made me so embarrassed to tell anyone. It was a night I will never be able to forget.

It’s a night that will haunt my nightmares.

He raped me that night. All because he grabbed my wrist. All because I didn’t try to get away. All because my heart started to beat faster because of him. All because my heart made me forgive him again!

-End of flashback-
That was the day I decided the romance seeker big-hearted, cutie pie that believed in love at first sight was gone, forgotten, dead!
And a cold hearted smart ass took her place. A girl who won’t be run over anymore, who won’t be a push over, the girl who actually believes in herself enough to stand up for herself!

My body froze, my heart stopped beating and my brain couldn’t think of what to say next. All I did was rest my dark mask on my face to hide everything I was feeling and I made my eyes so cold that the north pole froze. I turned around and met his eyes and I hope i’m not mistaken but it looked liked he flinched. I ripped my arm from his grasp and spoke with as much ice in my voice as I could “Don’t you ever, grab my wrist like that again! You hear me? I’m not scared of you because your a human just like me and all the other people in this room! If I slit my wrist I would bleed red and so would you! You and I aren’t that different! The only difference we have, is our past, and the shit that made its way in between!” and with that I walked away with all the eyes. I walked away with the power this time. I walked away with being heard. More importantly, I walked away!

Hey guys I hope you liked this first chapter!! I know it’s a little much but, I would do as much as I can for my fans!! I love y’all so much and never be afraid to speak up!! Here are some questions to keep those wheels turning while I write the next chapter!

-What else happened in Loyal’s past that was so traumatizing?

-Do you think she will be able to repair that massive case of broken heart?

-Will there ever be anyone that will climb that wall Loyal has built to help her from drowning on the other side?

Don’t forget to comment I love to hear from you!

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