High School Trauma

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What would you do if you could see the future? Knowing everything before it actually happens, that knowledge is power…great power. Being able to change and mould the future into whatever you want. You could prevent anything bad from coming your way, stop bad shit from happening to the people you care about, you could save people and just maybe be a hero…..

Mystery / Drama
The Prisoner
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Chapter 1 : The River

High School Trauma

What would you do if you could see the future?

Knowing everything before it actually happens, that knowledge is power…great power. Being able to change and mould the future into whatever you want. You could prevent anything bad from coming your way, stop bad shit from happening to the people you care about, you could save people and just maybe be a hero…..

“So that’s your power ? Time travel?” She said as she stared deeply into his eyes.

The Boy was in awe, frozen in place as he stared back with blissful longing. In her eyes, he could see it, two kids, a boy and girl obviously and a house by the lake. He glanced at their future together and it was magical.

“……I want you to be my wife.” He uttered, overcome with emotion by the vivid lucid vision.

The big wide smile and blush was all he needed to know that the girl felt the same. Impressed with himself the Boy moved in closer….(well shit happened pg 13 stuff made out)

In that moment the Boy experienced euphoria unlike any other and the universe noticed it too and like the grand jealous creep the universe is, she interrupted. The girl’s phone vibrated, it was a call.

The girl picked it up to the dismay of the Boy “Hello…”

After a short exchange, the girl handed the phone over to the Boy.

“……Boi where are you?” The caller inquired

“With my girlfriend…what?!”

Although his tone communicated hate, the Boy felt anything but for the caller. It was his best friend his fraternal twin from another mother. The two even shared a birthday.

“Oh so it’s cool…that makes everything ok?” his best friend retorted. The two shared a heated exchange about something. To the girl it all seemed incomprehensible.

“…..It’s tradition and you’re late.”

“There is still time….” The Boy explained “I haven’t seen her in weeks…I just need a few minutes.” He elaborated

His statement seemed to calm the situation as the caller subscribed to the bro code, he understood.

“Fine you got thirty minutes.” He replied


Although the girl couldn’t understand what the two were discussing she knew whatever it was, was important to the boys.

“Hey am sorry…” Before the Boy could finish she understood and waved him off.

The two shared an emotional goodbye. After finally gathering the strength to let go the Boy got on his bicycle and rode away. With his headsets perfectly tucked in and the cool weather giving him a sense of sombre, he found a certain uncanny comfort and an unusual calm in the haze. He rode through the narrow packed streets with confidence of an expert rider taking on the sharp corners with ease, the grit of the gravel aided him on that front along his journey. The Boys’ journey took him from a crowded housing settlement in the middle of the town to the sparsely wooded suburbs near the edge of it.

With the screeching of the tyres, the Boy reached his destination. He quickly unsaddled and parked his bike in a shelter near the house. Knowing that the clouds would soon open up to release their wrath upon the world, he dashed towards the house. Just as he was about to approach the door he saw lightning race across the sky, but weirdly it was slow. In that moment, his entire world came to a standstill. He saw everything in slow motion. The vista of slow moving light and falling water unnerved the Boy. He felt his knees grow weak and shortly found himself on the ground. As soon as he fell to the floor, his vision returned and everything resumed its normal motion. Although the incident was over the Boy was still dazed. The view proved too intense for the Boy to fathom.

“Get in here before the rain starts……” the resident warned but the Boy gave no response.

“Are you ok?” His best friend inquired

The Boy remained frozen, oblivious to reality…until an unusually large raindrop fell from the sky and hit his face. The water ball seemed to do the trick as the kid came to.

“Hey are you ok?”

“….Yeah. Just had one of those moments.”

Although the Boy downplayed it, he knew that something had changed. Something within and it was big.

After their usual nonsensical pleasantries, the boys dived deep into their prep work. They knew what to do, like every Saturday before, they prepared all the junk food they could think of and set up everything needed to make another epic bash possible. After every two weeks, the boys met to do random acts of whatever they deemed awesome. This time it was a pirated movie, some video games and to discuss the hotlist of girls at their school.

Later in the night after the boys had tired out their eyes and thumbs, they dug into the meat of the glorious festival…girls.

“….Have you seen Taoga from c? Mahn she’s hot. All the guys are planning on going after her next week.”

“Nah…not for me she seems high maintenance.”

“ So?”

“I mean dude have you seen my room. I haven’t cleaned it in months. Maintenance is a deal breaker for me.”

“Boi your just a bitch…. Hot girl ati high maintenance. In case you didn’t notice all goozers are high maintenance.”

The Boy looked at his best friend with a smug look and uttered “Well my girl isn’t…..” Like rubbing salt in the wound, the Boy showed no mercy.

“Fuck you.”

The rhetoric only managed to assure the Boy that his words had stung his single friend.

“Dick, why are you always trying to wiggle the fact that you have a girlfriend in every conversation”

“Because I can. It’s what we guys with girlfriends do!” He said, increasing his tone as he repeated the g word.

The conversation went like that for some time with back and forth jabs about each other. Although the words said would wound anyone else to the two it showed how close they were…beside what’s the point of having a best friend if they can’t use all your embarrassing secrets you shared in confidence against you.

“I don’t know what she sees in you?”

“Full honesty I don’t either.”

Upon uttering the words, the boys both broke out in laughter. It was one those unique, genuine moments life seems to lack in most of its iterations.

By the time their fun ended, the two boys had become tired and groggy. They prepped their beds and began their decent into dream world, a confusing and pulsating world. As they lay on their make shift beds, they talked about random stuff, it all culminated into a nostalgic conversation the two had previously. It reminded them of the first night the tradition started,

“I wish I could undo it all….”

Although the words were said suddenly and without context, the Boy understood his best friend’s words instantly.

“Some stuff is just out of our control…but we just can’t let it define us…”

The words uttered were completely cliché but said by a person one feels truly understands the situation, they words felt comforting and were well digested.

“…besides you’ve got me. Am not much of a replacement but you’re stuck with me for life.” The Boy added.

“Worst pep talk ever. Go to sleep you two.” Came an elderly voice. It was his best friend’s father.

“Yeah…yeah.” The boys muttered in unison, as they both shared the feeling of privacy invasion.

Silence would soon envelope the room as the boys went down the rabbit hole, commencing the start of their wonderland adventure. The rabbit hole had a special story to tell that night to one of the boys. A story that would alter the Boy forever…

I wonder why drowning feels so calm once you stop trying to fight it. Maybe it’s the act of giving up control that gives a person the sense of peace. I drowned once…it wasn’t cool but it sure felt awesome. It was the ultimate form of letting go. My best friend was there too. It wasn’t that bad…not the worst way to go. Then I went to his funeral. It was heavy the kind of heavy that makes you reconsider living itself. I also fucked my girlfriend that day…crazy way to lose your virginity. I guess the universe felt that was an appropriate trade off. Lose two things and gain something. I feel regret like I should have died with him but I feel happy I lived but now I want to die again…wired right? Why are humans such walking contradictions? My favourite is “Just because you do bad things. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person”….then what are you? Always made me laugh, that joke. People always try to comfort their psyche after committing an act deemed bad…I’ve done some bad things damn some even border mirror images of evil…..but that’s a story for another day. For now, I’ll just mourn my friend’s death. I Should have stopped him from getting on that boat……..

The dreamer awoke to a newfound reality, well his old reality were his best friend was still alive. The boy stared with disbelief as he saw his best friend snoring quite loudly while scratching his butt, a grandiose achievement if you ask me. He got up from his bed and stared through the window thinking about what he had just witnessed. The Boy had dreamt before but this dream felt different…it felt too real.

He collected his thoughts and walked to the kitchen. He proceeded to make a cup of tea using a can of coffee.

“Yo up already?” his Best Friend said as he passed by the dining room en route to the kitchen. He popped his head out back when no response came.

He noticed the Boy was entranced, he shouted “Boi!” several times but the Boy remained unresponsive. He approached his friend and as soon as he was in arms reach. The Boy’s trance finally broke.

“What’s today?” He said with a grim face. “Fuck You, I am asking you. What’s the date today?” The Boy repeated.

His best friend found his behaviour odd. It took him aback. He glanced at his phone before answering.

“15th January XXXX”

“Why do you ask?”

An answer never came. The Boys’ actions made an otherwise great sleepover end on a rather creepy note. The two boys stayed silent for the remainder of that morning with one of them continuing his strike on social norms of interpersonal relations. They sat in front of the couch and watched whatever didn’t instantly put them to sleep.

“Hey Mushota told me about this boat party his brother is throwing….want to go?” His best friend proposed.

The Boy remained silent for a while before uttering quite bluntly;

“No…Don’t go either. I think we both die if we go…”

The boys’ words choked out the oxygen from the room. His words created an eerie atmosphere that made his best friends’ body tingle. To the Boy the entire day felt like a movie he watched when he was younger…a blurry but unforgettable memory.

“Ok godchild. All you had to say was no…I’ll just go alone.”

The Boy put out his hand and held his Best friends’ wrist tightly, so tight that his hands turned red.

“You can’t go! You’re not leaving me…I can’t do this crap without you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

The Boy looked his best friend dead in the eye and without saying a word, he communicated a message so powerful that not even his counterpart could ignore. The fear and sheer terror in the Boys’ eyes were vivid for all to see

“Fine!” His Best friend responded, it was evident the decision made the boy peeved. He couldn’t believe he would be missing all that older side boob exposed by bathing suits two sizes too small.

The two continued their weird relaxation skit well into the night. The boys continued channel surfing until a peculiar thing popped out to both of them. The boys were shocked; their eyeballs froze, fixated on the television set.

….the town of Kaluushi is still in shock over the incident that occurred earlier today….50 people are confirmed dead……The dead mostly include teenagers…the capsizing of the a boat on the Mindolo Dam has caused shockwaves throughout town …

The room went quiet and a feeling of unease crept in. The boy although aware of the event seemed bewildered by it.

Boi I need some air….” The Boy said as he rushed out the door.

The other boy couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed and remained glued to his sit. The Boy existed the house and immediately went for his bike but before he could reach it he fell to his knees this time to throw up. The Boy poured his guts on the ground, it was a surreal moment for the teenager. His face was completely covered in tears as he continued to heath in an attempt to continue vomiting but his stomach was all out.

Later that night the Boy rode home. The cool air helped but nothing in the world could make him understand what was going on. He went straight home without making any stops and upon arrival went straight to his room ignoring his mother as he passed by the kitchen. The Boy jumped in the covers of his bed as soon as he entered the room.

He slept or more accurately floated in and out of consciousness for some time before awaking to a midday sunray shinning in his eyes. The Boy groggily escaped his bed on the fifth attempt. He was weak not surprising from the amount of food he let out the previous day. The churn and rumble of his stomach called out, this time indicating hunger. The boy slowly walked to the kitchen feed his needs.

“You’re up.” The statement came his way, to his surprise, he found his mother washing some plates. It was unusual for his mother to be home on a Monday at that time.

“Yeah…am sorry I missed school” He replied

“It’s ok” came his mother’s response. It was unexpected one but the boy just went along with it.

His gut rambled and churned again reminding him of the situation.

“Have you cooked anything?” He inquired “Insala Kapodo.” He added.

“Oh Namoba dropped by some fruits earlier. They are in the fridge.” She informed with a pointing finger towards the corner of the room.

“Cool. Now that’s a woman after my heart and stomach.”

The Boy ate through three bags of fresh fruits before the thought of the boat sinking suddenly popped back into his mind. The thought made the boy tremble as his paranoia took root and he felt like some big bad creature was creeping all over his skin.

“Mom…what happened to the people that died ku dam?” he asked though not wanting to truly know the answer.

“I think they are still fishing out some bodies…mu Zambia namwena. Things just take too long”

The Boy found his mother’s words odd. “But it just happened yesterday…I think they need some time before you judge them”

“The accident happened two weeks ago…”

The Boy seemed unnerved by the news, every hair on his body stood up. His thoughts run amok within trying to regain a semblance of sanity from the disorder the news had wrought.

“What do mean two weeks, I just saw it on the news last night….”

His mom noticed the Boy was getting agitated by the news so she calmly sat him down on the couch and explained what was going on;

“Honey you’ve been stuck, sick in bed for two weeks…”

The words pieced together a puzzle the Boy had been trying to solve since he regained his consciousness. It now made sense.

“You came back from Fuck You’s place feeling a little sick.”

Hearing those words paired with some foggy memories of someone talking to him in his sleep. It also explained the fresh fruits his old childhood friend brought by earlier.

“…Shi…I mean stuff!” The Boy promptly autocorrected his response in an attempt to avert the wrath of the omnipotent being sitting beside him.

After the clarification the Boy gathered forth whatever little strength he had left in him and went to the only person, he knew would help him figure out what was going on. He hurriedly mounted his stead and rode as fast as he could to his best friend’s house. As soon as he arrived, he rushed to the door this time not in pursuit of shelter from a coming storm but from one that was already raging inside.

The door was locked but clearly someone was home. The presence of some familiar footwear by the doormat made it so. Knowing where the spare key was hidden, in a crevice of the mango tree in the front yard. The Boy entered the house and noticed the TV was still on, confirming his intuition that someone was home. He walked to his best friends’ room but no one was present. The room was tossed, like someone was in a hurry to find something. Dirty clothes littered the carpet floor. It was in that moment he felt it. The sinking feeling of something bad about to happen……again.

Seems like a struggle occurred here…recently. What did they want here? Robbery? I need to get help!The Boy thought but before that conclusion solidified, he noticed a bright primary colour in his peripheral vision.

He approached the bed and picked up the seemingly simple cloth. Upon further investigation, the Boy identified the bright pink knickers.

What the fuck…are these wet…shit is this somebody’s cum…

In a knee jerk reaction, the Boy dropped the piece of clothing with a disgusted look painted over his face.


The situation was now clear to him. It was the good kind of tossing not the robbery kind. The Boy was both proud and frustrated by the development.

“Shit I can’t believe that guy lost his virginity before me.”

You know I was neither dumb nor smart. I was just average, I liked it that way….except in situations where a mind of high acuity was needed. Like solving quadratic equations…the answer can be found using three methods but only one of those methods gives it faster and with simplicity. It changes depending on the question so a guy with great perception thinks through all three methods before deciding to write one down, ends up saving a lot of time and effort….yeah but like I said I was never that kind of guy. I always preferred the brute force approach. It required less thinking. Always made me fill intellectually inept though…I remember those days fondly but life has quick way of teaching lessons that discourage laziness and life has always been one bitch of a teacher….

The Boy heard footsteps approaching from the corridor. The sound of someone stepping in shallow pools of water followed shortly after.

“Fuck You, we got water all over the place…” came a feminine voice.

“Don’t worry we can clean up later…my dad won’t be coming home today.” replied his best friend, who was still in the shower.


“You should sleepover….”

The exchange suddenly stopped as soon as the girl entered the room. The girl and the Boy both looked at each other in awkward silence. The two stood there a good few minutes before a word was uttered.

Now you know I was never a math genius but I had other skills like basic common sense. However, some common sense requires some highly advanced mental gymnastics to comprehend. If you flinch even for a second you end up crashing vital mental hardware….

The girl stood there frozen in place. Maybe it was the fact that she was completely naked in front of the Boy but the girl felt some immense complex confused emotions.

“B…..” the Boy said

“What?” The girl responded clearly confused by the lettering.

“I always thought your boobs were a C but now that I see them without the bra they are clearly a B.”

“Oh yeah. I usually wear a push up bra.” She informed the Boy, her voice cracked as she spoke.

“Can I touch them?”


The Boy approached the girl and tenderly caressed her bust. The encounter was clearly uncomfortable for the girl, as she looked the other way as the Boy grouped her breasts.

“I’ve seen better. Alexis’s looks better….and bigger.” The Boy candidly told the girl.

“Oh….did you sleep with her.”

“No she’s a pornstar. I would never cheat on my girlfriend….” The Boy let out a chuckle pausing mid-sentence. “….I would…Never cheat on my girlfriend. I love her…and not like that childish stuff of love were you think about other girls or browse through other girls’ profiles on Facebook….real love, the shit that would make Juliet envious.” He added.

“…Whoa…that’s intense.”

The Boy shed a tear after the girls’ response. In that moment something in the Boy just broke, the damage incurred felt irreparable and in that moment he knew nothing in world was worth it anymore. It all seemed dreamlike but he knew this was real because he tried the urinating trick to no avail.

“Anyway sorry for interrupting your day babe…oh fuck its night now…” He corrected after noticing the sunset. “I think I should leave before my denial turns into anger.” He said as he gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek before exiting the room.

Upon leaving the room, the Boy saw his best friend leaving the shower. He punched him so hard that he dislodged a tooth. As the dejected boy lay on the floor clenching his mouth he looked up to a face he never thought the Boy would ever show him.

“I should have let you go on that boat!” The Boy let out his newfound regret.

With that, our hero left the house he called his second home knowing it was no longer a place he could ever return….hey but at least he still had his bike. He mounted his faithful friend and servant and just rode. His destination unknown but in his heart knowing that it wasn’t final. He still had to find out the meaning his dreams and that thought gave him something to cling to in his all-time low moment. It provided comfort…a comfort he would soon come to regret.

So I ask you again. What would you do if you could see into the future? See both the good and bad that awaits. That knowledge is great power…power that might make you a formidable advocate of whatever crusade you chose. Would you try to change it and in doing so would you…

Help others or try to become something more than you ever thought possible? I made my choice and I paid my price

My name is Fube Fube

And this is my story….

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